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Only Remus knew of the Magic Closet in his room.

Not even his mother knew.

Not even his father knew.

Sometimes he wasn't even sure if he knew, and then he would always go back into his room, open the heavy closet doors with all of his strength, climb on top of the old TV box, the kitchen blender box, and piles of clothing, until he would finally get to the top shelf and look at the little door that was concealed white in the wall.

He wouldn't even have to open it and crawl through. He would just smile and stare knowing that it was there and when something got bad he would have his Magic Closet.

Remus used it for storage, for games, for playing, for reading, for running, for singing, for dancing, for writing. And for the first time ever, he would use it for friends.

"I've never seen you with this boy." Remus' mother said skeptically, examining Remus over her pot of tomato soup.

"He was in the supermarket, Mum," Remus answered promptly, sniffing the soup. "And I saw him at the park!"

"What's his name, again?" Mrs. Lupin asked.

"Serious, Mum." Remus answered again diligently, his eyes as wide as saucers.


"He told me his name was Serious Black."

Mrs. Lupin looked scrutinizingly at her son. "Sounds like a detective name, Remus. I've never heard of the Blacks. I should talk to his parents when he comes."

Remus looked at his wristwatch, with the little hands that Remus had tried to decipher since he had been four. "I think he's coming soon." He squinted at the much easier to read digital clock at the wall and nodded.

"Will he be having lunch with us?"

"I dunno." Remus shrugged, hopping up and down realizing that his new friend would be arriving within the span of five minutes.

"Why don't you wait outside for him, Remus? That way his parents will know for sure what house to stop at." She ruffled Remus' hair and was back to her pot of soup once again.

He nodded, before thumping out the door and sitting on the gravel steps expectantly.

The little hand on his wrist moved.

Two minutes passed.

Not a car in sight.

Four minutes.

Not a person, or sound in miles. And Remus had excellent hearing.

Five minutes.

Everything was silent, everything was still.

Rather confused, Remus checked his watch again, and shook it. The little hand didn't move.

Seven minutes.

Maybe Sirius had forgotten. Maybe the car was in traffic.

Nine minutes.

Remus waited for fifteen minutes, completely flabbergasted, when he finally saw an outline in the distance.

"Hullo, Reamas!" A voice yelled, and Remus scrunched up his nose. Reamas?

A small metal scooter came rolling down the street, Sirius riding it like a zooming car. He wondered where Sirius' parents were.

It had been a week since he had seen his friend, and finally now that he was seeing him again, Remus was cross.

He put his hands on his hips with a scowl.

"Serious?" He called out, and Sirius stopped his scooter in front of the driveway with a squelch. "You were late."

"Sorry," Sirius brushed off lightly, letting his scooter fall to the grass. He traipsed up the steps with a grin at Remus. "I was riding by foot, you know, and I have never been here before either."

Remus looked down at the floor guiltily. "Sorry," He mumbled, copying Sirius. "Come on inside."

Sirius stepped inside and shook off his muddy shoes. Remus' mother came curiously into the hall.

"Why, hello!" She greeted warmly with a beam. "You must be Remus' friend, Serious?"

Sirius nodded politely.

"Where are your parents?" Mrs. Lupin asked kindly to Sirius. Sirius shrugged.

"A couple miles away in their house."


"They didn't come along. They don't know I'm here." Sirius said lightly, shrugging again casually.

Mrs. Lupin was rather surprised. "They don't know you're here? How did you get here, then, Sirius?"

"I rode here."

"You rode?"

"My scooter." Sirius said, pointing to the shiny object lying in the grass.

"Won't they be worried?"

"No," He said again, smiling. "Thanks for letting me come here, Mrs. Lupin." Sirius finished courteously, walking up the stairs and Remus leading the way to his room.

Remus beamed as they reached his door, pushing it open gently and leading him to his rather dull room.

"Woah," Sirius said, and Remus didn't know exactly what kind of 'woah' it was. Was it an 'awed woah' or a 'repulsed woah' or an 'impressed woah'? "This is clean. Major clean."

Remus blushed and ducked down his head.

"And sorry, but it's kinda dull compared to my room."

Remus shrugged. "I like things looking plain," He gave a mischievous smile as Sirius flopped down on his bed. "But there is something special in here."

"What is it? You?" Sirius asked with a smile on the bed.

Remus blushed again. "No. My closet." He said, and opened the heavy doors, where the heaps of clothing and boxes lay.

"What's so special about it, Reamas?" He asked indifferently, raising his eyebrow.

Remus stopped for a moment. "Not ReamasRemus." He said firmly. Sirius nodded embarrassingly.

"But the thing that's so cool about my closet…" Remus said enticingly, stepping closer to the bed. "Is the Secret Door."

"What does the Secret Door lead to?"

Remus' eyes sparkled wildly. "Anything I need it to lead to! It's like a room… made for anything I want! That's why I call it my Magic Closet."

"Does anyone else know about it?" Sirius asked.

"No! Only me… and now you." He smiled, and then stepped on top of the boxes until he reached the sturdy shelf and clambered on top of it.

He instructed Sirius carefully to step on top of the cardboard TV box, and then the kitchen boxes, and finally the heaps of overlarge and aged clothing. And then he pulled Sirius up to join him on the shelf.

Remus traced his finger around the fine line concealed and barely noticeable in the white wall. "See it?" He asked Sirius.

Sirius nodded. "Wow." He breathed, and helped Remus pry his fingernails under the door until it popped open. Remus stuck his head through.

"Come on." He muttered, and crawled through the small little tube of metal.

Sirius secured the white door behind him and crawled hurriedly after Remus.

They only wriggled through the little tube for about one minute until light was on the edge of the tunnel and the tunnel curved into a slide.

Smiling, both of them slid down the slide into… a blank room.

"A blank room?" Remus said oddly, his brows furrowed. "That's never happened before."

Sirius looked around, when all of a sudden Remus noticed a small message on the wall.

It's not about what's in a room that makes it interesting; it's about the people in it.

Remus let his fingers touch the engraved message before smiling and waving Sirius over. "Serious!" He said loudly. "Look at this!"

Sirius scrambled over, looking at the message. "Did this ever come up when you were in here alone?"

"No…" Remus said. "It must be because you're in here too."

"So are you saying that because I'm here the room knows that we don't need special objects to entertain ourselves, and just each other?"

Remus nodded, a smile forming on his lips. "It's nice knowing that I don't need anything else but a friend."

That afternoon, Remus and Sirius spent doing nothing but telling stories and laughing, Remus sharing and Sirius sharing things they love. Remus taught Sirius the Waltz he learned when he was five, which Sirius failed miserably at trying, and Sirius taught Remus some karate moves that he learned naturally as well, which Remus also failed. But most of the time they enjoyed being in each other's company.

Friends are all you need in life.

AN: I think you might have noticed that in this story friends are the most important thing ever. I do believe that it's true. Friends are everything… it's nice to express that in such a way. Sorry about the long wait, but it's hectic having a lot of stories to update! Thank god that Belong to Nowhere is done with. I sure loved writing it, but it was something that if I didn't update soon, it would nag on my mind for quite some time. XD Sigh… Also, I have NO idea how to incorporate actual slash and relationship between six-year-old Remus and Sirius in this story. Any ideas??? The Magic Closet (very much like Remus' own little Room-Of-Requirement) could be a helping factor… inspiration? I would love to put you in my disclaimer if you help!!!