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Waste Not Wand Not

Chapter one: One hell of a day.

Kim, thought the last week was heavenly. She and Josh had started going steady, and she was still on cloud nine. Today however was going to be hard. Josh was jealous of the time Kim spent on missions and her closeness with Ron. Kim of course knew Josh was right. After all Josh is always right, he was perfect. That is why Kim agreed that today she was going to tell Wade and Ron that she was not going on any more missions for at least the next month. As hard as that was going to be, it didn't eat her up half as much as the other thing she knew she had to do. She was going to tell Ron that they shouldn't hang or spend time talking for the next month. She'd assure him that his friendship meant the world to her, and it was just long enough for her and Josh to really bond without any outside distractions, or Josh having to feel like he was taking second place. Kim knew Josh was only trying to get closer to her. He wanted to make their relationship stronger. She should be excited and flattered by that, but somehow it still felt like a knife was twisting in her gut. She could do this. After all she was a Possible, and Ron would be ok. Wouldn't he? Sure! He was Ron, "never be normal", alway carefree, and quick with a joke. He could make new friends. There was Felix, of course he moved away last summer, ... and Monique, well she was always more of a friend of Kim's than Ron's. But Ron would be ok, she told herself. It wasn't like it wasn't going to hard on her too. After all she couldn't look out for him forever. This was for the best. She'd meet Ron before school, and tell him and Wade about the missions, then on the way to school she'd break the news to Ron about needing more space. At least once she got to school Josh would be there to help her deal.


Last week was hell for Ron. Kim was so stuck in a Mankey daze and didn't have any time to spend with him. Both of his parents where in Europe. They where working on a new business startup and while the US market was still lukewarm, their services where in high demand overseas. All and all, it made for a very lonely week for one Ronald Stoppable. But that was last week. Today was going to be different, today was going to great. His parents where due home this afternoon, and Kim actually called him last night and asked if they could walk to school together. Yes sir, today was looking good!!


Ron couldn't believe his ears, and from the look and Wade's face neither could he. "What do you mean Kim? No missions for an entire month? If you haven't noticed, we kind of save the world."

"Well the world is just going to have to learn how to save itself. Besides Global Justice is there to fill in the slack. Fall is always slow anyway."

"But Kim .."

"No buts. That just the way it is. I'm sorry, but I need this time off. Wade forward any hits from the web site to GJ, and tell them what's going on. Please and thank you."

"Ok Kim, if your sure." Wade replied.

"I'm sure. Thanks Wade, you rock. Check back in a month. Take a little vacation, and go have fun."

With that, Wade signed off. Kim took a deep breath and braced herself for the hard part, as she and Ron continued walking toward school.

"Kim, this doesn't sound like you. Was this your idea, of Josh's. I know you like him Kim but there is something about the guy, that just gives me ..."

"Stop right there Ron!! Don't you dare say anything bad about Josh! He is the greatest guy I've ever met! He's kind and funny, and attentive, and smart and handsome, and I will not stand here and listen to you say anything bad about him!!"

"KP, I'm sorry, I don't want to fight about Josh. How about we talk about this later over a Nacho, I even let you buy considering.."

"Ron," Kim interrupted. "There more to this that just the missions. We need to talk."

Ron knew enough to know nothing good ever comes after the phrase 'We need to talk.' "W-What is it?"

"Josh doesn't get the whole boy-girl just friends thing. I need some time to make him see you and I are just buds. Give me a month, I'll make him understand."

"I'm not following here KP, what exactly are you saying?"

"Ron, we can't hangout. I promised Josh we would even take a break from eating lunch together and our late night phone calls. It's just temporary Ron, you know we'll alway be tight, and Josh will come around." Kim continued to ramble as she tried to find some words that would remove the look of loss and betrayal she saw in Ron's eyes. "Please say something Ron"

Ron just stood there in stunned silence for a minute before replying. "If that will make you happy Kim, you have your space."


She didn't get a chance to finish as Ron turned and walked away.

Neither Ron nor Kim noticed their conversation was being overheard by a fellow student who was walking to school that morning.


Ron was in a daze as he went to his locker to grab his books for first period. All of a sudden he heard Mr. Barkin yell out, "Stoppable!! My office now!!"

Ron followed Barkin to his office. Barkin tossed Ron a folder full of paperwork. "Here is your new schedule Stoppable, with your vocational assignment for this semester. As part of the Vocational Tech Program you will report to school in the morning and fulfill your civics and foreign language requirements. World history and Japanese." Barkin squinted and looked up. "Japanese, I'm impressed Stoppable that's class is a real ball-buster. You will then, starting tomorrow, report to your Vo-Tech internship as a cook at the Chow-Yin Chinese restaurant at 10:30am. There you will be learn math, finance, and home-econ skills, as they relate to the restaurant business. You will later be tested on all of this by me. Your grades in those subjects will be based on those tests and written report by your sponsor at the restaurant, a Mr. Chang Wong. At exactly fourteen-hundred-hours, that's 2:00pm solider, you will report back for English, phys-ed, and study hall. Now about your after school activities..."

"Um, sir?"

"What is it Stoppable!"

"I don't remember signing up for the Vo-Tech program, can't I just keep my current schedule?"

"This school is a well oiled machine of efficiency. Of course you signed up for the Vo-Tech program, or else you would not be assigned to it. If you insist on going back to a regular class schedule you may. However you will not be able to get the classes you need to graduate this semester because they are already full. Your only option, if you wish to graduate this year, is the Vo-Tech program. So what is your decision?"

"Looks like I don't have one. Vo-Tech it is." Ron's thoughts drifted to Kim. 'Damn you Kim! It's not enough that you put our friendship on ice for a month just to make Monkey Boy happy, you had Wade saddle me with a killer school schedule just so we don't have any classes together.'

"Now as I was saying, your after school activities. I noticed on some news footage of Team Possible's last mission, it appears you retrieved a doohickey that Drakken and Shego had stolen."


"I had Mr. Peterson, the school physics teacher look at the tape. He averaged your speed and figured you ran a 400 meter dash in just under 50 seconds, while dodging henchmen. What do you have to say for yourself?"

"Um... We did have to scale a rock face before we got there. I guess I was a little tired. I'll try to do better next time?" 'What is he talking about?'

"Mr. Stoppable, that is a state record pace. If you want into my good graces, and considering that I will personally be assigning your grades for at least three of your classes this year, I advice you seek my good graces. I expect to see you for football practice after school tomorrow. Are we clear soldier!!"

"Um.. okay."

"Now gather your current school books and bring them back here to the receptionist and you will be assigned the texts for your new schedule. You will spend the rest of the day in the library preparing for your new class schedule tomorrow. You're already behind in half of them so I suggest you make wise use of your time. That is all Stoppable, you're dismissed!"


Ron left the office and headed toward his locker. Man, why today of all days, did his world have to completely fall apart. And why exactly did Barkin ever leave the military, because it surely never left him. Thinking he was alone in the hall he started his best mock-Barkin rant "You got that solider! ... Drop and give me twenty private! ... I expect you to take a dump at fourteen-hundred-hours, and you better crap camouflage colored shit. That's an order soldier!"

Ron was interrupted by a laugher behind him. He quickly turned to see Tara standing behind him, with a smile on her face. "Oh, um... hi Tara."

"That was a pretty good Barkin imitation."


"I don't know how to say this, so I'm just going to say it. I overheard you and Kim this morning. I didn't mean to eaves-drop, it just sort of happened. Anyway, seeing as you're probably free for lunch, I was wondering if you like join me for lunch outside at the picnic tables."

"Sure!.. I mean ... Gee that's nice of you Tara, but you don't have to do that. I know you usually sit with Bonnie and the rest of the food chain elite. I wouldn't want you to miss out just because you're feeling sorry.."

"Ron. It's not that. Your a nice guy and I figured you could use a friend. I know you would do the same for someone else. Besides it a karma thing. I have to try and get in a lot of good deeds so one day when God finally strikes Bonnie with a bolt of lightning, and I'm standing there, it won't hit me too."

For the first time today, Ron laughed. "I didn't know your were so funny Tara."

"See there are lots of things about me you don't know. If you have lunch with me, who knows what else you might learn about me!"

"I'd love too Tara, but your sure you want to eat with me?"

"Yes, in fact I not even asking, I'm telling you. You are going to join me for lunch." Tara scrunched up her face, and dropped her voice to a low menacing growl. "That's an order soldier!!"

They both laughed and Tara headed to her next class as Ron gathered his books.


Kim was a little concerned she didn't see Ron the first half of the day. They shared two classes, but he wasn't in either. Things hadn't gone as well as she had hoped, not that there was going to be any good way to tell Ron, but she really wanted him to understand. Sure he agreed, but the look in his eyes kept haunting her. Finally at lunch, she saw Ron through the crowd, but Josh was waiting on her. Kim was torn, but Ron's absence got the better of her. She casually walked up to Ron. "Didn't see you in Latin or Business class..." Kim was silenced as Ron looked up. Kim had seen Ron mad before, but never at her.

After spending all day trying to catch up on classes that were hard enough, without already being weeks behind, Ron's anger had gotten the better of him, but he kept is tone calm and icy. "What is that, some kind of joke? Why are you even talking to me anyway. You wanted space, you got it. Now why don't you run over there to Monkey Boy, and just leave me the hell alone." Ron exited the cafeteria and headed to the picnic tables.

Kim turned 4 shades of white and ran to the restroom where she collapsed on the floor in tears.

Bonnie, standing nearby, was stunned but seeing Kim getting dressed down, and by Ron of all people, sent a little tingle through her nether regions.


Ron's anger subsided as he spent time talking to Tara. He had always known Tara was pretty, but as they talked Ron was taken back at how calming and soothing the sound of her voice was. Her laugher was infectious, and her bright blue eyes where like windows into goodhearted soul. Ron would have never believed his day could have been salvaged, but like an angel Tara had swooped in and let a little light into his darkest of days. Well, that was until he screwed it up. Tara asked why he wasn't in Latin today. He shared that class with not only Kim, but Tara as well. When he told her that Kim must have had Wade change his schedule around, and that he now had a much harder academic road ahead of him. Tara's face fell, and her eyes hardened. They tried to make pleasant conversation for the next ten minutes until the bell rang, but it wasn't the same. Ron was sure he had ruined the mood, or said something that make Tara believe he was lying about Kim. Try as he might he couldn't figure out what he had done wrong, but he had screwed up enough stuff to know, not knowing doesn't stop you from being the cause.


Kim's afternoon had improved after lunch. She was still worried about Ron, but Josh had been a saint. He comforted her and told her how she was doing the right thing. 'He is so smart and caring. He always knows just what to say. I'm so lucky to have Josh in my life right now!' She told herself. After school cheer leading practice was about to begin. Everyone was there, except Tara. A moment later Tara came walking up to Kim.

"Kim, I overhead you and Ron this morning. I even heard what you had done to his schedule."

'Schedule?' Kim thought to herself.

"I know as captain you can kick me off the squad. I know I could get expelled. I even know that you could completely kick my ass with one arm tied behind your back."

'What is she talking about?'

"Despite all that, I couldn't live with myself if I didn't let you know exactly what I think about what you did to Ron."


Kim was totally unprepared for the assault from the blond. Her head whipped back around, and it took her a minute for her eyesight to refocus. By that time Tara was calmly walking out of the gym.

From the other side of the room a Bonnie tried hard to suppress a quite moan and a slight tremble.


Ron sulked home. As he entered his house, he saw a blinking light on the answering machine. "Now what?" He asked himself. As he pushed play, the other shoe dropped. 'Today at 4:30pm ... Ronnie, it's mom and dad. On our way home we met a contingent from the World Bank that want us to demo our new software and services, and they want it first thing next week. We are going to stay here in Europe another week. We miss you and love you. We wired some more money in your checking account. Sorry we've been so busy lately, we've been running solid all month. Hope to see you soon baby, be good.' Ron stared at the phone. "That's it? That's all they have to say?" Ron slipped into a chair at dining room table and tears filled his eyes as he lowered his head into his hands.


Kim's mother knew something was wrong with Kim. Usually when she would come home from a date with Josh she would be bouncing off the walls, but tonight she seemed distant. As Kim eased into the kitchen table with a bowl of ice cream, Kim mom asked "What to talk about it sweetie?"

Kim stared at her bowl and played with her ice cream more than eating. Finally she told her mom about her morning and what had happened between her and Ron. When she looked up she was stunned. The look was a wash of terror and loss. Anne struggled to her feet and turned away from Kim.

"Mom? What is it? Please look at me?"

"I'm sorry Kimmie, but I can't. You're my daughter and I will always love you, but for the first time in my life, I'm ashamed of you."

Kim's heart felt like it had just shattered into a thousand pieces.

Anne Possible grabbed the calendar off the wall, left the kitchen, the whole time avoiding making eye contact with Kim. Before she left she tossed the calendar on the table in front of Kim. Kim glanced down at the two words that marked today, and the pain she felt hearing her mother say she was ashamed, the most heart-ache she had felt in her life, was dwarfed by a new pain.


Rufus, darted toward the kitchen, and quickly gathered up a few odds and ends. Making quick work he returned to the dining room table and presented his gift to his best friend Ron.

Ron looked up to see a cup-cake with a candle sticking out of it. Rufus lit the candle and started to sing. "Happy birthday too you... Happy birthday..."

Ron rubbed Rufus's head and said "Thanks little buddy, looks like you're the only one that remembered. I appreciate the sentiment, but all things considered this is my worst birthday ever. I'm going to bed." Ron blew out the candle. "Cup-cake is all yours buddy." Then he went upstairs, not even bothering to undress and just laid on his bed.


What was she thinking? Why did she care? Well she didn't really care, it's just that it was a big deal regardless that he said it wasn't. Now a chance to return a favor, and get the debt off her head. She rang the door bell and waited. No answer. She rang again, and this time knocked loudly. Still no answer. She used her perimeter sweeper and identified the home contained one naked mole rat, and from the build, and her familiarity with him, her target for the evening. She quickly scaled the outer trellis and came to his window caring a duffel bag. Raising the window she stepped into the room where the teen, had apparently fallen asleep. She called his name, but he didn't stir. She shook him, but still nothing. Fearing for a second he was dead, she leaned in and felt his breath against her face. A mischievous smile appeared as she planned her attack.


Ron was having the oddest dream. He was in hell having a fight with the devil. The devil was beside himself with rage because anything he could think to throw at Ron, just didn't faze the boy.

"Fire and brimstone? Please! Ever been on the receiving end of one of Shego's plasma blasts? Now that's painful." Ron retorted.

"How about emotional torment!! I will make you feel like everyone belittles you and everyone laughs at you, calls you a looser. Beelzebub will torment your psyche, night and day!!"

Ron laughs in the devil's face. "Already lived it, so basically, it's no big. And Beelzebub? Give me a break, I've seen his work. Trust me 20 minutes with Bonnie Rockwaller, and she would have him crying like a little bitch."

The devil scratches his chin and then smiles. "What if I give you the perfect woman, make you fall madly in love with her, but you will never able to tell her, and then I'll have her rip out heart as she leaves you for another guy."

"Once again, been there done that. Did I mention she did it on my birthday?"

"Damn, that's cold!!" The devil lift up his head to heaven, "I got nothing I can do with this guy. You got any ideas?"

The Lord's voice booms down. "Looks like a paper mix-up. All his deeds for good and evil are filed under 'buffoon', 'Son Roppable', 'Don Pablable', or 'Kim Possible's sidekick'. Let's stick him in Limbo until the paperwork gets straightened out."

Ron pipes up "What happens in limbo?"

"Basically an angel hot, but devil nasty chick sticks her tongue down your throat."


Ron woke up struggling to breath and finds the obstacle is another pair of lips. He gasps for air as the lips retreat.


Shego was sitting on the bed next to Ron and laughing. "Damn, you are hard to wake up! Don't get any funny ideas scooter, I was just messing with you. I like my men a little more buff."

Ron's eyes focused on Shego, and seeing she had forgone her typical jumpsuit for a pair of jeans, a tee-shirt, he figured she wasn't exactly in 'mission mode'. "So ... what's up? Here to kill me, kidnap me, if your selling cookies, I'll take 2 boxes of Thin Mints."

"Well lookie there, the sidekick found a sense of humor! Relax, I'm here to pay back a debt."

"Ok, I'll bite. What debt?"

"You gave me a birthday present about 9 months ago. It was the first time in 4 years anyone remembered my birthday. At the time you said it was 'no big', but it was big to me. I feel indebted to you, ..." Shego ignited her hands with plasma. "and don't like it!" She released her power, and let the fire go out. "So tonight I'm here to give you a present." Shego took another look around. "So why aren't you in a silly hat surrounded by friends and family tonight? It is your birthday tonight isn't it?"

"Yep, big 17 today, and with the exception of Rufus, you're the only one that remembered."

"Princess forgot?"

"Better than that, she picked today to tell me her boyfriend is jealous of our friendship so we should probably take a month away from each other to make him feel closer to her. Then she gets my school schedule changed around so I don't have any classes with her. To top is all off, the new schedule is looking like a one way ticket to repeating my senior year of high school."

Shego let a whistle escape her lips. "I maybe bad, but looks like little Kimmie is a real bitch." Shego waited for Ron to come to Princess' defense and was a little shocked when he didn't. "Is your silence agreement?"

"No, just not in the mood to talk about it, so if it's all the same, I'd prefer to just drop it."

"Fair enough. Come on, get up we are going out." Shego tossed the duffel bag at Ron. "Put these on."

Ron looked at the clothes and his eyebrow rose. "You know leather isn't exactly my style."

"That's the point. My gift to you is a night on the town as someone else. A chance to take a vacation from yourself and experience the joy of living another life for a night."

Ron smiled, "You know what? I think I like this idea. I'll be right out." Ron showered and changed into the tight black jeans, a white tee-shirt, leather boots, and a leather vest. Shego had him sit on the bed as she took out a device the looked like a cross between a curling iron and a comb. "What's that?"

"This little gizmo will change the color of you hair. I'm thinking black."

"Um... That's not a Drakken device is it?"

"Relax, I use it when I need a disguise. Now do you think I'd let anything that moron designed touch these locks?"

"Ok, I feel better." Ron was amazed how quickly the device changed his blond hair to black, without any dies or mess. Shego grabbed a tube of mousse and molded Ron's hair into a more unruly look. Next she removed another device, with an attached camera, and took Ron's picture. A moment later a mint State of Colorado drivers license with new Ron's picture, and the name "Snake Johansen" and age 21 ejected itself from the device. Ron then put on the leather jacket to finish off the ensemble.

"Not bad 'Snake', ready to roll?"


"Stoppable!! That is a 'Ron' word. Tonight your 'Snake', so think of something else to say."




The night started off as a whirlwind. Shego thought the hover car was a little out of place for a night on the town, so the first stop was for transportation. That was easy enough, stop at first biker bar, wait for some idiot to grab Shego's ass, and then take his keys. What with the ambulance ride, he wasn't going to need them tonight anyway. Shego didn't see the guy's buddy try to blind side her. She was a little more than surprised when Ron spun the guy around and kicked the crap out of him.

"Um... aren't you usually the distraction?" Shego asked.

"That's Ron, 'Snake' is more of a toe to toe fighter." Ron winked. "Besides the guy was wasted. Piece of cake."

"Way to get with the program!! Get his keys, you've just gave me a great idea of where to go next."

"And where would that be?" He asked as he and Shego fired-up the Harleys.

"Sorry, first rule is 'you don't talk about it.' Second rule is 'you don't talk about it.'"

Ron rolled his eyes at the fight-club reference. 'God I hope she's kidding.'


It took Kim over an hour to compose herself enough to stand up. By now it was after 10:30pm but she knew what she had to do. She walked through the living room and toward the front door. As she reached for the doorknob her mom stopped her, and handed her a coat, then hugged her.

"I'm sorry Kimmie, I got a little worked up."

"I understand mom. I really messed up Ron's birthday. I can't believe I've been so worked up over Josh that I forgot all about it. I have to go to Ron and make this right somehow." She embraced her mother and cried a little more, surprised she had any tears left.

"Take as much time as you need. I love you Kimmie, and I know you'll do your best to make it right."

Kim sprinted into the night, making her way to Ron's house. After a few minutes she arrived at his house. Kim was a little surprised to see there where no lights on. Sure it was getting late but not that late. After another knock and no answer, she peeked into the garage window and didn't see any cars. Now she was getting worried. Kim quickly retrieved the emergence key from the hide-a-key fake rock in the rock garden, and let herself in. "Hello!! Mr. Stoppable!! Mrs. Stoppable!! Ron!! Can we please, please, please, talk!" Kim walked further into the house and saw a cup-cake with a candle on the dining room table. Her heart sank. What is going on? She turned to see Rufus scampering down the stairs. "Hi Rufus! Where is everyone? Are they upstairs asleep?"

Rufus just stared at her. Then with a blank expression he turned his back on the Kim and walked over to the answering machine, and hit replay. 'Today at 4:30pm ... Ronnie, it's mom and dad. On our way home we met a contingent from the World Bank that want us to demo our new software and services, and they want it first thing next week. We are going to stay here in Europe another week. We miss you and love you. We wired some more money in your checking account. Sorry we've been so busy lately, we've been running solid all month. Hope to see you soon baby, be good.'

'Oh my god, they forgot too, everyone forgot him.' Kim ran upstairs to the bathroom and threw-up. Kim washed her face off and rinsed out her mouth, and went to Ron's room. She knocked, loudly, knowing what a sound sleeper he was. "Ron, please forgive me. Can I come in?" ... silence ... "Ron, I'm coming in." She opened the door to find an empty room. Kim quickly ran throughout the house looking for Ron to no avail. 'He's alone, he's all alone and it's my fault.' Kim slowly worked her way back to Ron's room and curled up in his bed. She breathed deeply from his pillow and smelled like Ron. The smell reminded her of how desperately she needed to be with him right now, and needed to apologize to him. Looking up she saw Ron's Kimmunicator. Hope surged, and she reached out to call Wade. Wade could tell her where Ron was. She pushed the button for Wade and waited. Suddenly Kim saw Wade's image but before she could talk she heard. 'We are shutdown for the next month. You have reached a recording. I will be taking sometime off without any computers, cell phones, or TVs. Sorry you missed us, please try back in a month.' Kim quickly picked up Ron's phone and, crying, called her mother. "Mom, Ron's not home. Looks like his parents are still in Europe, and from the message on the answering machine, the forgot Ron's birthday too. I'm scared, mom. You don't think he would have ..." she couldn't finish the words. The thought was too terrible for her to say out loud.

After a moment, Mrs Possible replied "shh ... let's not jump to any conclusions just yet. I'll call the hospital and make sure I'm notified if they hear anything about Ron, or have any John Does admitted that match his description. I'm sure everything is ok Kimmie. Stay there. He is probably just out for a walk. When, he comes home, call me and let me know."

"Thanks mom. I don't think he would have ... you know. Rufus is still here and he wouldn't do anything drastic without making sure Rufus was taken care of."

"I'm sure you're right sweetie."


Turns out Shego wasn't kidding. The spent the rest of the night in a dark basement downtown watching grown men and women beating the hell out of each other. Ron was initially terrified, but after watching a few fights, he started to see beyond the wanton destruction and violence. He noticed a certain brotherly affection all the fighters had toward one another. This wasn't a gang war where people want to kill their opponent, this was a dance, where everyone struggled to be the best. Even the worst fighters, who were beaten down in only seconds after entering the ring, where hailed as glorious heroes returning victoriously from battle. 'Ron' wouldn't have ever entertained the idea of entering the bloody circle, but 'Snake', 'Snake' was drawn toward it.

Shego moved toward Ron. "Um... there is another rule. If it's your first time, you have to fight. Listen, these guys are tough. Unlike that drunk biker you beat down, these guys are a different level. Just go in there, take a punch and fall down. It will be a hell of a lot safer that trying to force our way out against fifty experienced fighters."

"Actually, I'm looking forward to this. 'Ron' can't fight his way out of a paper bag, but 'Snake' has skills."

"Ok, your starting to scare me a little with the whole speaking in third person here."

Ron laughed "Don't worry, I'm not going crazy. Can you keep a secret?"

"As long as it's not the location to anything valuable. A girl has to have some weaknesses after all."

"I find being a distraction a lot more challenging than fighting. It's a completely different skill set. Now, just because I choose that function, doesn't mean I can't fight. So if it's all the same to you, I think I'll kick a little ass."

Ron fought a total of 6 times that night. Some lasted only a punch or two while others lasted for what seemed an eternity. To most spectators, Ron's moves appeared all classic street fighting, straight up and down, bobbing and weaving, strictly fists. He found new friends, people he identified with, people he received respect and admiration from. Unlike most high school sports, even those you defeated were quick to sing your praises. Ron won three fights and lost three. He didn't care, he was having the time of his life. Ron got so caught up in the moment he forgot about Shego. At least until he noticed her across the room, boring holes through his head with her eyes.


Shego had been watching. At first she was stunned that the buffoon was such a good street fighter. The stun, turned to outright, jaw dropping, amazement after the third fight. Shego, and a very few others started to see what he had so effectively hidden from the rest. There were moves, subtle moves, but there for the trained eye, that spoke volumes. His movements where too smooth, too perfect. He presented himself as a boxer, but the foot work and grace shouted martial artist. You don't get that street fighting. Even when Ron lost, he appeared to be in complete control of the events in the ring. Shego asked herself, how many times? How many times had he raced around a dozen or more henchmen, playing the fool, but always reaching his objective. Sure he had been captured, but it was always after they had captured Kim. Had he let them capture him those times? Monkey Fist was insane, but maybe not as insane as everyone thought, when he kept insisting that Ron was the real threat in Team Possible.

... to be continued



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