"Ok this is going to be a really fancy stupid party, so just stick by me ok." Dana said to the gang as they approched the door. There were lots of people with cameras taking pictures of all the celebritys. Dana was the first to get out and walk up the carpet into her mothers house. The gang except Logan were all excited. As soon as they got inside they all separated.

"So much for staying together." Logan said laughing. Dana rolled her eyes.

"Ok lets go find my mother then leave." Dana said already annoyed.

"Why do you want to leave so soon?" Logan asked.

"I hate these partys." Dana groaned.

"Why?" Logan asked as they walked around the party.

"Because its just not my thing." Dana said as she looked around. She saw her mother talking to some guy in a corner. Dana walked up to her with Logan in tow."Mom?"

"There you are Dana, finally. Where is the dress I gave you?" Her mother asked pissed.

"Back at the house, did you see that dress before you gave it to me? It looked like a hookers dress." Dana said. The man laughed.

"Wait I know that laugh, Dad?" Logan said shocked. Malcom turned around and looked at Logan in suprise.

"What are you doing here Logan?" He asked.

"Im here with Dana, what are you doing here?" Logan asked back.

"This is one of the partys I always go to and this is going to be one of the greatest parties of the year so I had to be here." Malcom said smiling at Dana's mom.

"Thats your son?" Dana's mom asked.

"Yeah, why?" Malcom asked.

"He is dating Dana." She said.

"Wait you cant date my son." Malcom said.

"Why not?" Dana asked crossing her arms.

"Because your mother and I are dating." Malcom said wraping his arm around her as they both smiled.

"Since when?" Dana and Logan asked at the same time.

"Since last month." Dana's mother said.

"Well then you need to break up, because we have been together for 4 months." Logan said.

"We're the parents and were telling you to break up." Dana's mom ordered.

"No were not!" Dana yelled.

"Yes you are and Logan your going to come home with me tonight." Malcom said with a strait voice. Logan shook his head no. Logan took Dana's hand and pulled her away from them. Their parents called for them to come back but they ignored them. Logan and Dana made it out side and into the park down the street with out being caught.

"What are we going to do now?" Logan asked as they sat on the swings in the park.

"Well we cant go back to my dad's because they would find us and your dad could have my dad arrested for custodial interference." Dana said.

"How did you know that?" Logan asked wondering how she knew what that ment.

"I want to be a lawyer when I grow up." Dana said smirking.

"Ok, but we have to go back soon. We cant live at the park forever." Logan said sighing.

"But I could tell my dad what happend and he could give me money and we could live together." Dana said thinking about what to do.

"That would work but what about PCA?"Logan asked.

"Unless we want our parents to ruin our relationship we cant go back." Dana said sitting on his lap.

"You know we could have a secret relationship to our parents, plus my dad sucks at keeping a girlfriend." Logan said looking on the bright side.

"Yeah but I dont want to keep it a secret, I want to be able to kiss you anytime I want to." Dana groaned.

"You can just not in front of our parents, ok?" Logan asked kissing her cheek.

"Ok but do you really think thats going to work? I mean they know that we love each other and I know that that just cant stop." Dana said.

"Well I guess its good that our parents arent that smart hun?" Logan asked smirking.

"But your dad is taking you home tonight remember?" Dana said.

"He wont, all that booze it will be suprising if he actually leaves." Logan said laughing. Just then it started to rain pretty hard.

"I guess we have to go back now." Dana yelled over the rain. Logan nodded and they ran back to Dana's house holding hands.

i know crapy chapie, lol.

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