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It was one of those days when Sirius just didn't know what he wanted. But it was also one of those days when he felt like being blunt and simple, and he knew just the person to approach with such a task of being blunt and simpleā€¦

"Today is the day that I will do something worthwhile with my life." Sirius promised himself with a mysterious smile, and found something immediately on the tip of his mind.


Sirius laid on the bed expectantly, peering over Remus' book with an inquiring position, waiting until Remus would sigh and put away his book and purse his lips sternly at him. A second later it happened, and instead of Sirius laughing in his play-hearty way, he smiled and looked eerily into his eyes. "Hey Remus. Will you be my boyfriend?"

Remus stared not quite so sternly into his eyes. He first gasped and his eyes widened, and then he looked rather hurt.

"Stop wasting my time, Sirius, when you are bored."

"I'm not bored," Sirius said carefully, ignoring the hurt in Remus' eyes. It would soon be gone. "I'm just being blunt." And he captured his lips in his, fastening his hands around Remus' face to pull him close. Remus 'mmphed' a little, but Sirius pulled him even closer and wrapped his arms tightly around his neck so Remus couldn't rip away until Sirius was done being blunt.

He slowly released his lips. "I told you I was just being blunt."

"I guess you were." Remus whispered back, before kissing him again without letting Sirius go this time.