Title: Orochimaru's Daycare

Rating: T

Summary: A brief look into Orochimaru's head as he fights the Third Hokage.

By: Shikamaru Nara's Fangirl

Authoress Note: Hii. This is an Orochimaru one-shot. Okay let me start by saying, ONE. SHOT. It's like ONE shot. Not multiple one shot. ONE. Uno! ONE! I will not add more! Or I will sick Sasuke, who is in a cage! In the shower. Naked. Oh, yeah.

Disclaimer: Okay. I mean no offense to:

Orochimaru fans.

Temari fans.

Michael Jackson fans.

And, if it comes up,

Sasuke fans. (I love Sasuke, too! So why would I make fun of him?)

This is only in fun! No offence meant.

A brief look into Orochimaru's head as he fights the Third Hokage:


Orochimaru's Daycare

We Promise:

We're Gayer than SpongeBob!

Tired of sitting at home with your kids?

Wanting to go out and never do the ninja-ish things you could never do because of your kids? Or do you just plain wanna get busy? Can't do that with your kids in the house!

Well, why not put them in Orochimaru's Daycare?

Where your kids will be washed, brainwashed, with the latest in brainwashing technology! Johnson-to-Johnson brainwashing shampoo! It will have your children brains squeaky clean in eight-to-ten minutes! Note: We are not responsible for pervertness, or constipation, diabetes, AIDS, Herpes or being just plain dumb as a stick.

Orochimaru's Daycare:

Where your children will be scarred for mentally life.

But not physically!

Orochimaru's Daycare:

Where we will give your children, no matter what age, SWORDS OF DEATH!

Orochimaru's Daycare:

Where the sun is always shining with rainbows.

Orochimaru's Daycare:

Where your children will learn… snakes are their friends.

Orochimaru's Daycare:

No adults aloud…

Brought to you by: MICHAEL JACKSON!


And Temari.


PS: If you bring your children here, you'll see Sasuke. In a cage. In the shower. Naked. He doesn't know he's agreed to this yet, but he has.

I know he has.

He hasn't let me touch him… but I can watch… I like watching…

Sasuke -Ignores fangirls' screams/scowling-: You know once I'm out of here, you're dead right?


I rape… teddy bears.

Sasuke: ...