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Riku x Sora, Kairi x Sora, Axel x Roxas, Hayner x Roxas (Past), Cloud x Leon, Cloud x Sephiroth (past)

After too many drinks and a night of passion, Sora ends up getting a very unique problem. But what happens when Riku doesn't want to be in just the baby's life--and Sora's already got a girlfriend who isn't willing to let go?

And just to warn you, this chapter has M/M in it. So if you don't like reading that, please skip the final part. And without further to do, please read and enjoy!

When Distant Hearts Beat as One
Prologue: A Night Full of Mistakes


A bright yet lopsided smile greeted her as he tried to wave, stumbling back and falling right on his ass, laughing at himself loudly.

"Sora!" a beautiful red head snapped, her bright ocean blue eyes meeting his hazy sapphire ones. She watched him slur a incoherent sentence her way before hiccupping and fall sway from side to side, still giggling at nothing in particular.

Kairi's eyes narrowed and a flicker of righteous fury flickered in them for a moment before she spoke in a calm, dead pan tone. "Sora. Have you been drinking?!"

"Uuummm," he began, looking up at the starry filled sky, leaning his head back far enough to make him topple backward. Kairi yelped as she dived forward in an overdramatic fashion, just catching Sora's head before it hit the sand and placing it in her lap. He blinked as if trying to clear his mind before looking up at Kairi and blushing greatly before giggling again.


"Oh Sora," she sighed before frowning and placing her hands on her hips. "I can't believe you!"

"Damn woman, ease up!" a voice joked before slapping Kairi hard on the back, making her stumble forward a little and causing Sora to slip off her lap and face down into the sand--though he made no quick moves to roll over. Or move at all.


She got to her feet, brushing the sand off the front of her pink dress before turning around to glare at the all to familiar red head. Tall and lanky, with arguably amazing bright emerald eyes and fiery red hair that was as wild as his attitude.

Axel smirked at her mischievously, his eyes narrowing as he pushed a strand of hair over his shoulder with his right hand swirling a drink around in a little glass in the other. She paused to stare at the small tear drop tattoos underneath each of them--she never understood why he thought that looked good.

Made her think of a clown. A clown with a nasty attitude.

"I will not 'ease up'," she snapped angrily at him, poking him in the chest. "Sora is not a drinker--he can barely handle eggnog! And you knew that Axel! How could you let--"

"Sora is a big boy Kairi and the sooner you realize that, the better," Axel retorted, already bored with the situation. "No one forced him into drinking so back off."

"Oh I'm so sure," Kairi snapped venomously, already glaring at Axel with a accusing glare but the latter simply glared back at her in a challenging manner . "I'm so sure you and your sneaky little friends didn't influence him into drinking at all! Now how is he suppose to get home? He was the designated driver for the group!"

"You take him home, you're so worried about him," Axel hissed aggravated.

"I can't! I've already had a few and I never drive after I drunk anything!" she snapped and chose to ignore Axel's cough that oddly sounded like 'Wuss'. "I've got to get home now and he shouldn't be out too late either! And now he's completely drunk! That's exactly why I didn't want him going anywhere near Riku--"

Axel picked this moment to completely tune her out, finding more interest now in his nails than whatever she had to say about one of his better friends.

Every time she unfortunately came around, Riku and how much he was something always came up--even though the entire gang agreed it was her fault the pair didn't get along as it were.

Honestly, if it hadn't been Roxas finding very interesting ways to persuade him into Sora's request to bring her along, he never would have invited the little upstart.

She was a stick in the mud, along with a few other things that Axel could bring up but didn't for the sake of continuing to have an otherwise, good night. Though he couldn't understand how such a boy like Sora would prefer a girl like Kairi.

He could honestly say that there was a time when Kairi was actually a very sweet girl and a lot of fun to be around. But then something just…changed. And as to him, it was like she used that false sweetness and self righteous attitude to hide her true nature, which he knew from experience could be very vicious indeed...

". . .and are you listening to me Axel!" the younger girl cried, slapping him in the arm to get his attention.

"Damn, you're still bothering me? What!" he snapped back, eyes flaring a little at her having the nerve to touch him, let alone hit him.

"I said, have Riku take him home," she restated, looking behind him at the platinum blond, whom at the moment, was trying to limbo with Wakka and Roxas and a few others, making quite a show of himself since he too, looked to be quite wasted.

"Since he saw fit to let Sora drink himself into…that," she paused to point and look over at Sora who was trying in vain to do a roll, only to fall on his side and laugh. "Then he, for once, can take responsibility and see to it that he gets home safely."

"What about you?" Axel frowned and Kairi sighed a little wearily. "Selphie didn't drink--thank goodness-and she's about to leave to take Tidus home."

"Well why not be a good girlfriend and take your own token boyfriend home?"

" Since Sora didn't want to listen, then he'll just have to depend on his best friend to get him home." she replied, sounding sarcastic when she said 'best friend'.

"Fine whatever, just stop running your mouth and ruining my time," Axel snapped, waving her off literally with his hand before without waiting to receive a reply, he walked off to where his gang was trying to limbo.

The girl could flip-flop more than the shoe of the same name. The entire time they'd been there, all she did the was cling to Sora's arm, fawning over him and bragging to all of her friends that her childhood crush had just given her the promise ring she had been longing for, flashing it anyone that would look.

And now she was willing to simply leave him with someone she now despised just because the brunette had a good time doing something she didn't agree with.

"Hey Ku!" Axel called, cupping his hands around his mouth to magnify his voice. Aquamarine eyes met his quickly before wordlessly, the platinum haired beauty stumbled his way over, blinking his eyes rapidly and giving a lazy smirk that Axel matched.

"Hey, Kairi dumped Sora and left him on the beach to fend for himself," Axel told him causally, knowing full well that he was wording the situation wrong.

"Kairi," Riku slurred, sneering.

"Kairi," Axel nodded in agreement. "Sora's beside himself and he's gonna need someone to make sure he gets home safely. I'll have to stay behind and clean up the beach here in a bit, it's my party after all, so since you and he get along so well--"

"Trying," Riku snapped, glaring at Axel with narrowed eyes (but the look just wasn't coming together, what with him weaving and such). "We're still trying."

Which was true. Since Sora and Kairi had hooked up back in their freshmen year, Kairi all but pretend the platinum blond didn't exist while Sora, still polite, otherwise avoided and ignored Riku under Kairi's influence. Loosing his best friends had bothered him greatly but closer to his senior year, he'd stopped caring so much. At least, about loosing Kairi. He never gotten over the wound that Sora left after abandoning him--but he tried.

Tidus and Wakka still hung out with him when they could--they were constantly playing all sorts of sports though mostly Blitzball. Both had serious girlfriends of their own, Tidus was with their childhood friend Selphie, who Riku also still got along with despite her being best friends with Kairi Wakka had finally won over Lulu, a quite and serious girl in their same year that was…unpopular due to her nature. (Or as he'd heard Kairi call her: "That Emo Goth girl."

They both still got along with Sora and unfortunately Kairi, both of which they were better friends with, which made things quite difficult for them to hang out a great deal. However, Riku had gotten himself a set of new friends: Axel, Demyx, and ironically, Sora's cousin Roxas.

There were other people that he got along with, but he didn't consider them friends. Just school associates that he knew: most people were just attracted to Riku. He'd never really understood it, people just seemed to want to be his friend even if he'd shown he wasn't that interesting in getting to know them. It was wonder he was popular really.

Sora was a very popular as well, though that was because he was ' a friend's friend': he always had a cheerful and friendly demeanor that everyone could appreciate and fall in love with. He was that type that was able to get along with just about anyone and it made him a very popular guy among their peers.

And Kairi, by association and even if he hated to admit it, being quite pretty, was very popular because of it.

Which didn't surprise him in the least; he suspected that was why she liked him so much when they were a lot younger. Bragging rights and popularity.

But that had changed over the years and she started focusing more on Sora as something other than a brother-like friend. And it had angered Riku greatly…but not for the reason a lot of people assumed. But since the pair had hooked up in freshman year, Kairi had done a great job of keeping Sora away from him.

It was just recently, toward the end of their senior year that the he and Sora had started hanging out again, though minimally. And while it wasn't the same, Riku couldn't help but like being around the brunette like old times. They didn't have to do anything at all, just be together, only the two of them.

Like it should have been. . .

"Hey, you still here with me?" Axel laughed, smacking Riku over the head and the platinum blond punched him in the arm in return, making the red head smirk. "That's better. Now fuck off already. I'm sick of looking at your face and I have a blond to ravish."

"Shit face," Riku laughed before shaking his head and forcing himself to try to walk in a straight line as he made his way over to where Sora was still trying to roll. Though now he was joined by a very drunk Demyx, who was sitting a foot away from the brunette and playing his sitar, singing in a slurred, off key high pitched tone incoherently. Though Riku could make it was some type of story he'd made up about Sora and his rolling.

"Zo!" Riku called in a commanding tone and Sora slowly rolled over on to his back and looked up at Riku before giving a wide, toothy smile and winking, giving him a mock salute. "Hey Rrrrikey."

Riku chuckled, rolling his eyes. "Jeez Sora, I only gave you a wine cooler and you're drunk off your ass. Damn your lame."

"Ass," Sora giggled and made a incoherent sentence when Riku reached down and pulled the boy to his feet, shifting Sora so he could place could get a good grip around his waist and placing the brunette's arm over his shoulder, began to walk toward the shore.

They got two steps before they crashed to the ground, both laughing as if it were the funniest thing in the history of Destiny Island.

"Oh Kairi, cheer up!" Selphie cried in a cheerful sing song voice just before she swerved to keep from hitting another car, the red head grabbing hold of the car door handle for dear life.

Selphie may not be drunk but she forgot that the girl still couldn't drive.

The care grew quite for a minute with the exception of the loud snores Tidus was making from the back seat, both girls looking at each other and making disgusted faces before Selphie flipped on the radio to drown him out.

"I'm sure Sora was only trying to be polite!" she cried over the music and noise Tidus was making. "The guys don't hang out with Riku as much anymore so--"

"And that's exactly why I don't want Sora to hang out with Riku," Kairi sighed, looking back at Selphie with a pointed glance to which the brunette tried to pretend not to see.

"He's become such a jerk. He thinks he's just so cool now that he's friend with at asshole Axel and his little gang. Just look at how fast he abandoned Sora when we got together? And now all of a sudden he wants to try and come back into Sora's life and what does he do? Get him drunk! I told Sora we shouldn't have gone to Axel's party--we can't trust Riku or any of them. I halfway expected the only reason Axel invited us was because he and Riku were planning to do something to us."

"Oh come on Kairi, it was a nice gesture," Selphie protested. "We finally graduated high school and most of us are about to move away. This might be the last time all of us can hang out together like that."

"All of us never hung out like that," Kairi insisted and Selphie had to nod in agreement. "Okay, yeah. But it was still nice of Axel to invite us. And Namine even met that cool guy who's gonna pay her to draw him and his fiancé's wedding portrait. Just graduated and she's already got commissions for her artwork! How awesome is that!"

"Oh, you mean that Mar--whatever his name and that blond bitch he brought with him," Kairi replied in an unimpressed tone and Selphie looked at her pointedly as she rolled to a stop at a red light. "Kairi!"

"Well she was Selphie! She was so rude to everyone and put everyone down the entire time. She's worst than Lulu and that's saying something!"

"Oh Lulu isn't that bad Kai, she just… Uh. Doesn't like you," Selphie announced rather quickly and before the red head could reply, she pulled off when the light turned green, making Kairi jerk back in her seat and glare at her.

"Just stop being so fussy Kai. Sora will be alright and everything will be fine tomorrow. He may be a little pissed because you left him at the party…but you guys always seem to make it somehow. You're like, an inspiration."

Both girls giggled and Kairi couldn't help but smile and blush a little. "He really is great. Knowing him, he'll probably try calling me when he's sobered up and apologize. He's such a sweetheart…he really is the best."

Selphie nodded. "And to think he almost would have ended up with Riku if you hadn't--"

Kairi glared at her and the brunette fell silent instantly. The pair remained silent and Selphie laughed nervously and changed the subject. "So uh…yeah! Everything's great and everything will be fine."

"If Riku would just stay out of Sora's life, you mean," Kairi grumbled and Selphie only gave her a nervous side glance before deciding to remain quiet for the rest of the car ride.

Riku and Sora. That was just something you didn't bring up around the her.

'I really gotta remember that,' Selphie thought to herself with a mental sigh.

He wasn't sure how they'd started this. At first, he was suppose to be taking Sora home. But with the way they were working, they were never going to make it that far so Riku instead, took him to his apartment.

They'd tumbled on the bed, Riku landing on top of him and laughing, the pair just talked. Incoherent mostly, but communicating.

Then he'd just felt the urge…that same urge he'd felt so long ago before Kairi had taken the boy from him. And he'd acted on that urge.

And Sora had let him.

Nipping, biting, kissing, fighting for dominance. Ripping off Sora's clothing and tossing them into oblivion before sitting on him to pin him down, stripping himself.

Exploring the brunette's body, tasting ever part of his skin, finding ever part that made Sora make this sound that was quickly becoming his favorite: a soft, pleading mewl that drove him mad.

Once he knew Sora was ready, he'd prepared him, placing one finger inside of Sora and pausing instantly when the brunette cried out in pain, tears pooling in the corner of his eyes.

"Sora…if you don't want to do this, just tell me. We can stop," Riku cooed softly but Sora shook his head, smiling bravely. "No. I-I want this Ku. I just…I have to get use to it. Please. Keep going."

A gentle smile and he was devouring Sora's lips with his own, his tongue invading the younger boy's mouth and attacking as he continued stuck his index and now, his middle finger inside the whimpering boy, making a scissoring motion to prepare him before thrusting them in slowly.

After a few minutes, when Sora began trying to thrust back against them, he pulled them out for a second, pausing in his kissing to get the lube out of his desk drawer. He could hear Sora whine in protest but he only took a second, lubing his fingers as he leaned back down and attacked Sora's neck, biting down on it playfully before sucking and making Sora hiss in pleasurable relief.

Marking him as his own.

Once he was finished, Riku let his fingers play along Sora's thighs before taking his legs and pulling them around his waist, Sora taking the incentive to hold on to his waist, his arms wrapping around his neck.

They paused, both looking into each other's eyes, aquamarine searching ocean blue for consent…a positive reinforcement that if they took this any further, nothing would be regretted.

"Riku," Sora whispered softly, shifting in inpatients. "Riku please? I can't wait anymore. I need you now…please."

A moment later, he was positioning himself over Sora's opening and without a moment's longer of hesitation, he slowly slid himself inside the brunette, only getting halfway inside before Sora cried out in agony, burying his face in Riku's arm and gritting his teeth.

In fear, Riku froze, looking down at his lover with wide eyes. "D-do you want me to stop?" Riku whispered softly, and Sora shook his head slowly before pulling his face away, revealing that he had, indeed, started crying.

"Please Sora, if I'm hurting you, I'll stop. Don't push yourself to please me, I don't want to hurt you," Riku admitted, drunken haze or not, kissing away each and every tear he saw on Sora's cheek.

This made the latter smile warmly and with a small tug with legs, he pushed Riku in further, making Riku groan in pleasure and Sora whimper. "I-I want this. I want to be with you. Please. I'm alright. I just…needed a moment."

Riku stared into Sora's eyes, hesitating for a moment before finally, he slowly thrusted the rest of the way in, all the way to the hilt. He paused for a moment, letting Sora get used to the feeling of something being inside of him before he pulled all the way out to the very tip and slid back inside of him.

Sora continued to cry in pain but after a while, he finally began to make the sounds Riku was dying to here and his thrust picked up in tempo, his hands gripping Sora's waist.

It wasn't long before Sora was mewing loudly, grinding his heels into Riku's back and thrusting against him. Finally he screamed "Harder Riku! Please! I need you!"

This made something awaken in the elder boy and giving the boy and leering, predatory glare, he complied, thrusting into Sora hard enough to make the head board chip paint off the wall of his bedroom. Sora whimpered and held on to Riku as if his life depended on it, digging his nails into the small of Riku's back.

The spurned Riku further and his thrust became relentless, slamming himself forward again and again, all the way to the hilt--before he'd done it once more and Sora saw sparks, making him howl in ecstasy and trust hard back at him.

"Riku!" Sora screamed, the feeling of pure ecstasy washing over him and a mischievous yet drunken smirk formed on the Riku's face before he began attacking the same spot repeatedly, making the small boy beneath him babble incoherently and literally burst into tears at the sheer pleasure he felt.

He continued his animalistic thrusting until Sora screamed in euphoria, his head craning backward as he cried Riku's name, sending shivers throughout his lover's body that seemed to spiral right to his loins, and with a few more hard jabs at Sora's sweet spot, he finally came deep inside the boy, screaming in his own blinding ecstasy…

…and sealing their fate.

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