Chapter Five

So I really did mean to post this earlier, but, I lost the notebook that I had the story in, and just now found it, so it's a late b-day present for me. Yay .

The group decided to go to a western pasta place, to help Aine build up some strength since she had been in bed for a long time.

"Aine," Atsuro started. "This might be a sore subject, but will you tell us what was going on a few days ago? We're very worried."

Aine put her fork down and looked down.

"… I guess you deserve to know. About two months ago, my older cousin and his friend, the business man, came to stay with us for a visit. One night, it was just him at my house when I came home. I didn't think much of it. When I got out of the shower was in my room, he came and opened my door… and stared at me. I yelled at him to get out, when he suddenly tackled me and…"

Aine paused, and then quietly said, "raped me."

Tears poured out of her eyes.

"He said if I told anyone, he would tell everyone I was slut and asked for it. That I seduced him wearing just a towel after a shower and called him into my room. And he said that no one would believe me over him, because I was just a high school girl and he was a respected business man. He used that to make me meet him over and over again. I got ashamed to be with you guys. I couldn't sleep at night for fear that he would come in the middle of the night. I felt so bad because I was betraying Sakuya…"

Aine burst into tears. She started to say something, but it was not understood through the sobs.

The men looked at her with sad looks on their faces.

Atsuro hugged Aine and patted her on the back. "I'm sorry Aine."

The four heard an ahem beside their table. They looked up and saw Sakuya and a man standing beside him in a suit.

Sakuya took off his sunglasses and said "This is Mr. Himitaru. He is a lawyer I got to help Aine. We heard her confession and have it on tape. Now, we just need names.

Aine looked up when she heard Sakuya's voice.

"Sakuya," she said, tears falling down her face, "I'm sorry."

Sakuya smiled at her and said, "I know."

Aine jumped from the booth into Sakuya's arms, and her crying subsided.

"Come on, how about the six of us go enjoy ourselves."

After the trial, Aine's cousin's friend was found guilty for rape and blackmail. He was put away for 40 years.

Aine and Sakuya are inseparable. They plan on getting married when Aine graduates from college.

The rest of Lucifer are very supporting of the couple and can not wait for the kids that they will have.


I hope that everyone enjoyed this. Seeya in my next story, whatever that is.