Maid in Manhattan: Rogan Style!

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Summary: Rory is a maid working at the Dragonfly inn. Celebrity Logan Huntzberger stays at the inn for a few days. What happens when Logan falls in love with Rory, thinking she's someone else?

"Rory, come on we're going to be late for work!" Lorelei called to Rory, who was still in her room getting dressed. Rory emerged from her room wearing her maid's dress and her white tennis shoes. She walked past her mother and she stood in front of the mirror and she put her long chestnut brown hair into aponytail. She looked at her mother, and she pursed her lips.

"Well let's get going now mom." Rory said with a small smile. Rory had been working at the Dragonfly inn ever since it opened. But now she didn't enjoy working there. Why you may ask? Well Lorelei got a new partner who runs most of it, making Lorelei the partner who did most of the work. But Lorelei gets paid a lot more, so Rory can't complain.

"C'mon Hun, we don't want to be late." Lorelei said as she and her daughter walked out of the house and drove off to the Dragonfly inn.

Rory walked into the maids' change room of the Dragonfly and saw her two best friends and fellow maids, Paris and Lane. Paris and Lane had also been working with Rory for a really long time at the dragonfly and have been working really hard to get into management. So far, none of them had their chance.

"Hey you guys." Rory said joyfully as she walked towards them as they got ready. Lane looked at her and smiled brightly.

"Hey Rory!" Paris waved to Rory.

"Hey Rory." Rory smiled as she watched Lane struggle to do up the zipper on her dress.

"Lane, do you need a hand with that?" Lane nodded her head, turning her back to Rory.

"Yes I do! The one thing I hate about these new uniforms is that the zippers are so much harder to zip up! I miss the old ones that your mom let us wear." Rory nodded sadly as she did up the sipper.

The old uniforms were French maid uniforms. They weren't sluttish, but they did catch the visitors attention and made them want to come and see them Also; the zippers were a lot bigger and easier to do up. But now the new partner found that the uniforms were too scandalous for a professional inn like theirs.

Now, they have these cheap, pale blue maid uniforms that look very dull and boring. The material didn't even feel that good! The material felt like cheap cotton that didn't stroke Rory's skin softly like the other one did. But Rory never complained.

"I got to tell you Rory, I wish I had the same idea as you; getting into uniform before going to work. It would save me a lot of time eh?" Pairs said as she put on her white tennis shoes. Rory smiled and nodded her head.

"Yeah, my mom said that it would be the better idea if I did." Lane nodded as she put her hair in a bun.

"Yeah, what did Lorelei do with all of those French maid uniforms?" Rory smiled to herself as she took a sip out of her water bottle.

"She is using them all for Halloween costumes. She might lend Yale some of them too." Paris giggled as she looked at Rory.

"She shouldn't." Rory looked at Paris and raised an eyebrow.

"Why not? You know my mom loves her knew business partner and she wants to please him more than anything." Rory said as she rolled her eyes. Even though her mom treated her new partner like God, Rory never really respected him.

"Whatever." Paris nodded, understanding why Rory hated him so much. Lane decided to break the ice.

"Hey have you two been reading the letters that Michel has been giving us lately?" Rory and Paris both shook their heads with both their eyebrows raised.

"No…what's the point of reading them? All Michel talks about in those stupid newsletters are how his part of the job is doing, and all he says about us is that there is always room for improvement." Lane chuckled at Paris' comment. That girl always had something to complain about.

"Well this newsletter changed! This newsletter said and I quote, 'we are now accepting applications for management. Please hand in your application by the end of next week.'" Paris and Rory's eyes both widened. They were accepting maids into management?! Paris began to jump up and down.

"This is freaking awesome! There are so many things we can do to change this place!" Rory smiled and nodded her head.

"Yeah I know you would change a lot Paris." Paris looked at Rory and a grin grew across her face.

"Hey, you should apply." Rory blinked hard.

"Uh what?" Lane nodded in agreement.

"Yeah Rory you should apply!" Rory shook her head.

"I'm not applying!" Paris looked at her, almost angered.

"And why not?"

"Well for starters I don't like the new boss!" Lane put on a smirk.

"But you like one of the boss'!" Rory didn't know what to say to that. She did like one of the boss'. It was her mother for crying out loud!

"Yes, but I don't know if I'll make it." Paris put on a smirk this time.

"But on the contrary my dear friend, you are the ideal manager. You are smart, you are really close with all of the people who work here and you look hot in a manager suit." Rory backed away uncomfortably.

"Why are you looking at me in a manager suit?" Lane shook her head and put both her hands on Rory's shoulders.

"That doesn't matter Rory! You can do this! We have faith in you and we know you can do this…please just apply." Rory looked at her two best friends and sighed loudly. She never really liked to disappoint them. They never did to her.

"Fine I'll think about it. Just give me some time." Lane smiled.

"Thank you Rory." Rory smiled as Michel walked in. He had his usual dark brown clipboard with him and he smiled at all the maids.

"Good morning ladies." He said cheerfully.

"Morning." They all replied back. Michel looked down at the clipboard and then back at them.

"Well ladies, it seems that we have a pretty busy schedule for the couple of days. In the grand suite, we actually have a celebrity coming to stay." Lane raised her eyebrows.

"Which celebrity?" Michel looked down at the board and then back at her.

"It seems that Logan Huntzberger, son of that newspaper owner and the actor is staying here to do a few conferences and promotional pictures for his movie." Paris smirked.

"Ladies be careful; he just broke up with that model with all the money. What's her name? Paris Hilton?" Everyone laughed at her comment. She was always funny.

"Well Ms. Gellar, it seems that you are in a comical mood this morning. Anyway, in the York suite, model Bobby is staying there. Ladies she has made a request that no one touch any of her clothes unless they are packaged." Paris raised her eyebrow again.

"Who is Bobby? If she is a model, why haven't we heard of her?" Michel shrugged his shoulders.

"I think that she is not known yet." Paris nodded her head. Michel continued on.

"And finally, we have my mother coming in…she demands that she doesn't have a wake up call and that she gets breakfast in bed every morning at five after nine sharp…you all got that?" They all nodded. The thing they liked about Michel was that he was very straightforward.

"Good, now get to work." He said as he bolted out. Rory grabbed her cleaning supplies and looked at Paris and Lane.

"Well, I'm off…I'm stuck cleaning the Grand suite." Paris looked at her and smiled.

"Good luck Rory…it will take you a while to clean all that up." Lane laughed and took her cleaning supplies.

"I'm going to need it too; I have to clean up Michel's mother's room." The three laughed as they went their different ways.

As Rory walked down the hallways of the inn, she noticed that a lot of people were talking about Logan coming to stay there. Everyone just seemed to love him. Rory didn't see what was so great about him. He was basically famous because he was born into a rich family and he just went on from there. He didn't have to work hard.

Rory sighed loudly and looked down at the floor. She only wished that she could have someone like Logan Huntzberger. Just for once in her whole life, Rory just wanted to know what it was like to have someone treat her as if she was like him. She just wanted a little bit of respect and for someone to see something in her that no one else has ever seen.

"Oh Rory, stop dreaming! Nothing like that ever happens to maids." Rory muttered to herself miserably as she walked down the halls and walked into the Grand suite. She knew that he was indeed too good for her.

To be continued…

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