A Perfect Day?

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Chapter Summary: Rory think about how perfect Logan is but suddenly Lorelei comes onto what Rory did with Logan that afternoon.

Rory ran into the lounge and she saw that Paris and Lane were sitting there, getting out of their uniform. Paris looked at Rory and she looked as if she wanted her to give her every single detail.

"Rory, what happened?" Paris asked with curiosity in her voice. Rory took off Bobby's sunglasses and looked clearly peeved.

"You almost got my fired that's what happened." Paris rolled her eyes. Same old Rory…worrying about every little thing.

"Oh come on Rory, I did the right thing. You look hot and you met up with a hot actor. Why are you acting like you're going to hell?" Rory began to take the dress off and she began to get into her uniform.

"You want to know why I'm going to hell?! Because I let him think that I'm a guest here at this hotel and that I'm an unknown model with a gender confused name." Paris shrugged her shoulders as she put her blonde hair in a ponytail.

"So?" Rory put the summer dress on a hanger and looked at her angrily.

"What do you mean so?! I can't stay in this relationship!" Lane looked at her and raised an eyebrow, curiously.

"Why not?"

"What am I going to do if I do pretend being Bobby? Make his bed while I'm in it!" Lane raised her eyebrows again.

"There's a thought." Rory rolled her eyes as she got back into her tennis shoes and put the other shoes beside the purple dress. Lane tapped Rory's shoulder lightly.

"Hey Rory." Rory turned to her and shrugged her shoulders.

"What?" Lane took a seat on the bench next to Paris and patted the empty space between them.

"Sit here…I want to ask you something." Rory didn't know what they were doing so she just sat between them, cautiously. She looked at Lane, afraid to find out what she wanted to ask her.

"Okay…what do you want to ask me?" Lane motioned for her to move in closer and Rory did so. Lane began to whisper into Rory's ear.

"What was it like?" Rory backed away and raised an eyebrow.

"What was what like?" Lane laughed cheekily and looked her best friend in the eye.

"What was it like with Logan?" Lane whispered.

"Why are you still whispering?"

"No matter where I am, I think my mother can hear me through these walls…so give us the dirt on Logan Huntzberger. Is he as scandalous as we think he is? Is he wild and reckless? Or did you think he was dreamy like all actors are?" Rory blinked hard for a moment.

Would it matter what she thought of him? This whole fling they had going on was basically a lie. She was lying to him and she didn't know for sure, but he was probably lying to her in a way. It really wouldn't matter; Logan would find another model that would get inside his pants.

"Well Lane…he's got everything that I would want." Paris raised an eyebrow, clearly wanting more detail.

"Which is what? Give us the dirt, what's he like up close?" Rory smiled to herself, remembering how sweet he was when they were together and how her eyes glittered whenever she looked into his eyes.

"He had deep eyes…" Lane smiled vividly and urged Rory to continue.

"Now you're talking...give us more detail. What were the lips like?" Rory grinned and she began to play with her hair as she remembered.

"He had sexy lips." Paris jokingly pushed on Rory's shoulder and had a mischievous grin on her face.

"Now Rory's gushing…what about the hands were they big?" Rory and Lane turned to Paris and they laughed. Neither of them knew how interested Paris was. Rory thought about his hands. They were so big and warm. She smiled at the thought of him holding her with his hands.

"They were…perfect." Paris and Lane both grinned. They knew that Rory was head-over-heels for Logan now.

"Perfect works." Paris commented.

Rory began to slowly get back in her uniform and she left the dress, the sunglasses and the shoes on the bench beside Rory. All was okay…until they suddenly heard Lorelei calling Rory's name.

"Rory!" Rory looked at her best friends in a frenzied panic. They had to hide the clothes that belonged to Bobby.

"Yeah? Who what?!" Rory called.

"Rory, are you back here?" Rory began to frantically put on the rest of her uniform as Lane and Paris began to neatly shove the shoes, the sunglasses and the shoes into their locker, causing a loud bang. When they finally hid the clothes and Rory looked half decent in her uniform, Lorelei finally appeared to them. She looked at all three of them and she raised an eyebrow.

"What the hell is going on back here? It sounds like you are all having a wrestling match or something." Rory looked at her two best friends and she shook her head, a reassuring smile on her face.

"No wrestling going on back here, mom. I just spilled some juice on my uniform and I uh…was cleaning it. And Paris and Lane were helping me clean it up." Lorelei raised her eyebrows again and she looked around the floor.

"Where's the juice?" The three girls were left stumped until Lane had a cover up.

"While Paris was helping her clean it, I threw it out." Lorelei walked in closer to them and she crossed her arms across her chest.

"Okay girls, your shift is over you can go home now. But Rory, wait a few moments I want to talk to you." Paris and Lane looked at Rory, with worried expressions upon their faces and they walked out, leaving the mother and daughter all alone. Rory sat down on the bench and she looked at her mother, worried.

"What is it mom?" Lorelei sat beside her daughter and looked at her firmly.

"I was trying to find you all afternoon…where were you?" Rory shrugged her shoulders, fearing that her mother was catching on.

"I was…I was out in the stables with the horses." Lorelei raised her eyebrows.

"You were?"

"Yeah." Lorelei shifted towards her daughter and she had a very stern look in her eyes.

"I thought you hated horses." Rory froze. How could she possibly forget that?!

"Well…I was confronting my fears and I got better acquainted with them." Lorelei turned to her daughter fully; she knew that Rory was lying.

"Rory…how about you stop lying and tell me the truth. Where did you really go?" Rory sighed loudly and she looked her mother in the eye, and knew that she couldn't hide it from her real best friend. Rory didn't know why but she started to cry.

"Mom…I was with Logan. He thought I was Bobby. And I let him think that." Lorelei looked at her daughter, knowing that she was right and that she did see her earlier.

"Honey, why would you let him think that you were someone else?" Rory wiped away a few of her tears and she walked over to the locker and she pulled out Bobby's dress.

"Paris and I were supposed to get this dress pressed for her and then Paris goaded me to put it on and when I had it on, Logan walked in and he thought I was Bobby and he asked me out and everything just happened sp fast." Lorelei stared at her crying daughter. Rory would never do something like this.

"Rory, why wouldn't you just tell him that you weren't Bobby and explain it all to him? I'm sure he would've believed you." Rory shook her head, tears still falling down her cheeks.

"Mom you don't understand. He's an actor, I'm a maid. He earns a thousand dollars an hour for being famous and doing acting, I get ten dollars an hour for cleaning. He has power and is somebody. I have no power and I'm nobody. He wouldn't go for me. I just wanted to know what it was like mom." Rory began to choke on her tears and Lorelei pulled her daughter into a hug. She never knew her daughter was so self conscious about it all.

"Honey, I wish you wouldn't think like that." Rory continued to cry into her mother's shoulder.

"I'm so sorry mom." Lorelei looked at her daughter and had an assuring smile on her face.

"Don't worry about it kid; its all going to be okay. Here, I'll go give this to Michel so he can get it pressed and you just get home and we'll talk about this." Rory nodded and she smiled through the remaining tears in her eyes.

"Okay thanks mom. I'm still really sorry mom."

"Don't worry about it Hun…just get home and stay low; you don't want Logan to see you." Rory nodded her head as she slipped out of the hotel. What seemed like a perfect day just turned bad.

To be continued...

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