Author's Notes: I don't own the Zelda series or its characters. The story and characters I add here are my own. I really wanted to write this one because I like Midna and Twilight Princess, and I've always wanted to live the adventures of a game hero, especially Link.

Twilight Crossing

Prologue: Shattered Reality

"What in the Twilight was that?" screeched the shadowy imp in my ear. "The vision Lanayru gave you was strange, and I knew that even heroes have a dark side, but that was ridiculous!"

Even with her piercing tone and rising volume I didn't hear her as she continued to rant and rave. My breath came in ragged gasps as I sat there on my knees, trembling almost spastically as a cold sweat shone on my tensed muscles. Something I had been denying was suddenly proven true, in the most shocking manner possible.

"...with such dark fantasies as those that you're the chosen one of the goddesses!" The end of her ranting and the heavy breathing that followed brought me back to the moment. I looked at her with blue eyes that were not my own.

"I'm not," I finally managed to say softly.

"You're not what?" Midna replied, still clearly frustrated and confused and in no mood for riddles.

"I'm not the chosen hero."

"What do you mean you're not the hero? You're wearing the green clothes aren't you?" my companion asked, the increasing confusion evident in the one red eye I could see.

I say 'my companion', but that was as true as saying I looked at her from my eyes from my body, a definition as clear as mud to me, as well as her, right now. I took a breath to steady my mind and body before explaining. "I look like the chosen hero, but I'm not. By some mechanism I don't understand, my mind and body are merging with his."

"So you're some kind of spirit possessing him or something? I don't understand what you're talking about. In fact," she paused a moment as she studied my borrowed body with a critical eye. "You haven't said a word until now. Why are you rambling nonsense now?" She held her head as she shook it from side to side. "This doesn't make any sense!"

I let out a sigh before standing, feeling strength in my limbs again. "It doesn't make any sense to me either. Maybe if I tell you the whole story, we can figure it out."

Midna crossed her arms as her forceful demeanor returned with a vengeance. "Then start talking, because I do not trust you with getting that last Fused Shadow without figuring out who you are!"

"Fair enough," I replied. I moved over to a wall of the enshrined spring, sitting against it with my legs in front of me as I looked out over the water. If I told her how I saw our surroundings, she would think me insane. But the point was probably moot anyway because I felt that I was going crazy.

"It was a day like none other," I began. "For the third time in my life, I had won a contest…"