Notes and Musings about Twilight Crossing

I've noticed that some writers make notes and talk about how their story came together and I thought I would do the same. I started writing this at the same time as chapter seventeen so I wouldn't forget the little things that I wanted to mention.

First off, some of you may have noticed that in chapter fourteen I originally made mention of a TV show host when I caught a whiff of the reekfish. Since I hope to actually write professionally, I decided that I had better start now and cut out the reference. For the curious, I was referring to Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs. I had made a similar reference in chapter fifteen, but cut it out before posting. That reference had been regarding Jamie and Adam of MythBusters. If you don't know these shows, I suggest you watch the Discovery Channel. It's pretty much the only good thing on television these days. Also, there was a reference in chapter seventeen to Indiana Jones which was also edited out. Now some may call me hypocritical for using a line from a movie in chapter seven, but I think that using a line is different and less obvious than actually mentioning names.

If you couldn't tell, I liked writing the battle sequences. Being something of a ham and a wanna-be hero, I found writing them in detail to be easy. In contrast, I realized that I couldn't put too much detail in the dungeon exploring part because it's fairly boring when you're describing as opposed to doing (or watching rather than playing). This lack of detail had me nervous at first, but I've accepted it.

I also enjoyed writing the dialog between Tyler and Midna. I find Midna a fun and interesting character and she's the main reason I thought of this story in the first place. As such, chapters eight and nine are my current favorites. I have tried to stay true to her character as much as possible and hope that the result is satisfactory. The same goes for the game play, although I took creative leeway in the fact that the game programming was in a state of flux.

It's amazing how the creative process works. A few chapters, like sixteen, took forever for me to think up, while others just flowed out like water. For example, I thought of a good chunk of eight when I was at work one day. I kept repeating it in my head until I could get home and write it. laughs I also had problems getting things going at first, but as I noted in one chapter, getting the Wii version sparked things up again, and the chapters came easier with a 'live' source, so to speak.

The process was also complicated by two deadlines. One is the self-imposed weekly chapter updates. The other is the fact that I had to finish this story before the end of May. Why the end of May? Because I would be leaving to attend a university and I can't take the Wii with me since it belongs to the family. I had to beat the game and get the story written before then. Some would say that playing the game is unnecessary, but the game script I have doesn't detail the movements of the characters or the essence of their actions. As such, I would play a bit, and then write, and one could not go forward without the other being done. Add that the deadlines made me feel less like writing and it's a miracle that this got done at all.

As you can tell, I didn't finish this story by the May deadline, mostly due to adjusting to college life and mismanaged time, but I had finished the game, and the details stuck out enough for me to remember them over a month later. chuckles I will say that I almost forgot fighting Ganon as a giant boar. I'm still human after all.

Ready to hear something really nuts? I actually submitted chapters nine and ten for a creative writing class. They did dig with some criticism, but they also like a number of elements too. Apparently, I told them too much about the story and they kept making suggestions (which is a good thing really). The biggest suggestion was to give Link equal time to adjust to our world. I'm not sure about it, but I might rewrite the story someday with their ideas in mind.

In any case, I'm glad to have been able to express myself in this story. I just hope that those who read it enjoy it and I thank those that have reviewed and encouraged me along the way. Hopefully, I'll be able to churn out other stories, and maybe even a sequel to this oneā€¦ wink Until then, keep your minds and pencils sharp. May the way of the Hero lead you to the Triforce.