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Chapter 1- preparation

Bella's P.O.V

I woke up to the musical tone of his voice. "Good morning beautiful."

It was hard not to be in a great mood while the sweet smell of his breath tickled my senses.

"Hi." I mumbled and leaned up to kiss him. He hesitantly pulled his cold lips away as I remembered why he wished to wake me.

"You don't have to do this you know." I wondered if anything could be more perfect than him. "I won't love you any less if you stayed mortal."

"Edward, I want more than anything to spend eternity with you. My mortality is one harmless sacrifice." I said as I flashed him a genuine smile.

He gave me a stern look that showed his disapproval. I tumbled out of bed only to be caught in his muscular arms.

I thought about the fact that this was my last day of being a human. Today was June 10th, the day right after graduation. That meant that today Edward was to change me into a vampire so I could spend the rest of my undead life with him, and of coarse my best friend Alice. Rose promised that she and Alice would take me shopping as soon as I was changed. I felt so secure around all of them, the Cullens; my family.

"Bells, why don't you get ready we have a long day ahead of us." His sweet voice broke my concentration as I regained balance. "Okay" I mumbled sleepily and headed toward the bathroom.

The temperature in the shower was just right, yet another sign that today was going to be a wonderful beginning to a new life.

Edwards POV

Her beauty was surreal. I trembled at the thought of this being my last time to watch her sleep. The last time I was to hear her say she loved me in sleep-talk. I fought to remember what it was like to dream.

I looked at her and spoke softly into her ear, "Good morning beautiful." I tried not to startle her.

"Hi" she said and reached her perfect lips up to mine. I couldn't bare it. I pulled away just knowing that I would never be able to kiss her warm lips the same way.

"You don't have to do this you know. I won't love you any less if you stayed mortal."

Yet another dead end. I change her and have to watch her suffer and never see the things about her being human. Or don't change her and watch her get old and eventually die. She looked straight into my eyes as she spoke, "Edward, I want more than anything to spend eternity with you. My mortality is one harmless sacrifice."

She smiled. How could anyone be looking forward to their death? Just one more reason I loved her. She stumbled off her bed and I caught her before her fragile body hit the ground. Then, she looked as though she was thinking hard. I was hoping she was having second thoughts.

I had to hurry her. We had to pack everything up and prepare, for changing her, broke our treaty against those stupid werewolves. "Bells, why don't you get ready we have a long day ahead of us." I spoke and lifted her to her feet.

"Okay" she spoke softly. When she closed the bathroom door I quickly ran to find Carlisle. I told him to bring Emmett's jeep so we could head up somewhere the "dogs" couldn't find us easily. I ran back even faster.

Just as I sat myself down on her couch downstairs, she came down dressed in that navy blue sweater I loved so much. Come to think about it I loved everything about her, and I was afraid that was going to change.

"How do I look?" she asked. I couldn't believe her doubt as she looked down at her outfit.

"Perfection is an understatement." This was going to be a lot harder than I thought. "So, when will Charlie be home from work?" I asked, still concerned about him.

"Well I'm not entirely sure, but I think about 5 or 6." I ran up to her and kissed her damp hair. She smelled so tempting, like always.

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