Bella's POV

Bella's POV

The vision was nearly as painful as the venom flames that had once consumed my body.

As Esme's limp body lay in Carlisle's arms, Edward and Jacob – ruthless enemies – both attacked simultaneously.

I couldn't make out the details of was playing right in front of me. Jacob's claws and teeth piercing effortlessly through her marble skin, while Edward had never looked more like a vampire in his existence. The only thing I was afraid for now was losing him.

That cannot happen.

Her cries and useless efforts to fight back were muffled by the barks and snarls until one last shriek.

One that could have stopped my heart if it were able.

The pieces left of Victoria left me with a sick taste of satisfaction as I launched myself into Edward's arms.

Without letting me go, he ran at a normal vampire pace to Carlisle. He was already working to get Esme back to perfect health in the backseat of his Mercedes.

I heard their thoughts,

I can't say goodbye Bella. I can't bare this anymore. Have a good eternity with the life-suckers. I'm sorry.

I scrambled out of Edward's embrace and onto the beach to find Jacob missing. The whole pack was gone.

Then a vision came with an intensity I couldn't see myself ever getting used to,

But it was the happiest one I had seen all day

Edward and I together at home, with all the Cullens. Finally some normalcy seemed evident; that is if a coven of vampires acting like the closest family you ever laid eyes on is normal.

Then I surfaced back to reality to notice that I was not, in fact, crying although the sound of my own sobs told me different.

Edward wrapped his arms around me and whispered in my over-sensitive ears, "It's okay, love. Everything is going to be okay."

Edward's POV

I hated that mongrel. He made her so upset, which made me upset as well.

Carlisle had reassured me that Esme would be perfectly fine, so I told myself that I would not let Bella go until she could smile again.

That smile that I thought could not gain another ounce of perfection but continued to amaze me each time.

Emmett and Rose were already thinking about how they were going to release each other's stress and I quickly forced that thought from my mind.

Jasper was working his magic on all of us to try and subside the sharp tension, and it was working.

Everyone slowly, for vampires, made their way into the vehicles but before I could get her in, she whispered, "Let's run."

Naturally, I was amazed by the sexy, distressed tone of her voice and Alice had already told the others.

Once they pulled away, she sprinted in the direction of our home.

Bella's POV

"Let's run," I said.

There was nothing I wanted less than to sit and listen to Emmett and Rosalie's sexual tension.

But as Jasper moved farther away, so did my calm thoughts. Therefore, I just let my legs do the work and let my thoughts empty from my concentration and onto Edward's.

Bella, you run so sleek and elegantly, you are so beautiful. I'm sorry about everything, about what you saw. Sam told me he would… finish off with Victoria, so breath surely, my love. There is nothing stopping us now.

As a new born, I easily ran parallel to him, but I pushed my self to go faster and then doubled-back. Our bodies crashed together, and as he was confused at first, my lips killed his doubt.

I loved him so much, I had gone too long without him, but as our kiss intensified, a faint howl echoed in the distance.

I pulled myself away from Edward as Jacob's words floated back into my mind, I can't bare this anymore. I'm sorry.