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Relationships/Pairings: (as always, there are more that appear throughout the story!)

Sesshomaru x Tomo (OC)

Inuyasha x Kagome (There'll be more of this in this story than the last…)

Miroku x Sango (More of this, too…)

Sesshomaru/Rin (relationship)

Mushy story this will be. Bear in mind that although it is mainly categorized as a romance/drama, there is a fair amount of action in this story! I mean, come on … It's Inuyasha… XD

Without further ado, I give you Moon's Blossom.


After the death of Tomo, Sesshomaru is devastated. Although it isn't plainly visible, his pain is still great after only six short months after her death. It has hit everyone who has known her, even Inuyasha and his friends have felt her death after only meeting her twice.

Much has changed in these six months. Peace has fallen over Japan, the demons plenty, but small and easily rid of. Villages can finally grow in peace and life can return to the land. Once barren land under Naraku's control has started to become lush and green, people beginning to inhabit and nourish it.

However, the peace has yet to reach the central regions. A feeling of uneasiness still presides over the people, many of them abandoning their homes for a more hospitable environment. Some believe that the source of all this disease is from the mysterious light that lit up the land just six months ago.

Soon Sesshomaru will realize just how deeply this rumor will hit him, striking his very core. Soon he will realize that Tomo's legacy isn't over yet, living at the very heart of Japan…

Music Pieces:

Chapter 1: Dreams – "Princess Mononoke Theme (Instrumental)" – Joe Hisaishi –Princess Mononoke

"Before Dawn" – Yuki Kajiura – .hack//SIGN

"Lord Sesshomaru!" Rin called to me as the grass ruffled under her quick feet. I twisted around to peer towards her with firm, yet fond eyes, following her as ran towards me with a grin and a small bouquet of pale violet flowers. She fell to her knees at my side and presented the small flowered masterpiece, her smile sweet and meaningful.

"They're called Ezo-nokogirisou." she informed proudly as I gently slipped the flowers from her hands. Their lavender color caused my insides to shrivel, yet I felt soothed and relaxed by the sight of the beautiful shade. I felt the child's hands cup under mine and lift the flowers to my nose, and I caught a strong whiff of their sweet scent. The scent nearly caused me to sneeze, for my nose was too sensitive for such a strong breath of their odor, but I kept a straight face and gently lowered my hands.

"Don't they smell wonderful?" Rin asked excitedly. My expression, although perhaps cold and blank, answered her question positively and a pleased giggle escaped her. Retrieving the flowers from my grasp she ran back to her spot in the meadow, beginning to twist the precious wildflowers together to form some sort of decoration.

I let out an inaudible sigh as I turned back to face the scenery beyond the manor grounds. The trees of the forest were silent and the wildlife was active, despite my presence, and the sun shone warmly in the clear blue sky. The day was perfect … At least, it would have been perfect if it hadn't been six months to the day…

When I returned to the manor alone those months ago, Jaken was the first to confront me about my absence. I didn't return until midday, and it had caused worry throughout the manor. But it wasn't until he had seen my red eyes, swollen from the many tears I had shed for perhaps the first time in my life. There was no need for explanation, for with just that one glance, I had told him what he wanted to know.

If Jaken was upset, then the only way to describe Rin was to say that she was devastated. If she had shed any more tears, I would have thought that she'd shrivel up like a prune, deprived of liquids. She and Jaken slept in my quarters, our moods damp and our sleep uneasy and lonely, despite each other's company. Jaken was the first to come around back to a normal state of life, but it took Rin a few more days of mourning before she began to move along.

I felt like I was stuck in time. It took me months to finally accept her death, and even then it was hell. What cruel joke is it to take away a mate so soon? Only two days had passed since the night I claimed her as my own, the night we joined as one…

Reaching into my haori, my fingers curled around her silky sea-green ribbon, pulling it out and into my sight. This was the only physical token I had left of her, this small ribbon she had used to keep her hair in that high ponytail. I brought it to my lips, resting my lips against my knuckles as I closed my eyes and let the image of her graceful and joyous smile seep into my lids.

Oh, Tomo, I miss you so much…

Later that day, I left Rin and Jaken on the manor grounds, wandering into the nearby woods. The trees huddled together as if too keep warm as the fall air began to descend and threaten to turn their leaves vivid colors. At nights, the air became nippy, chilling the world and sharing secrets about the foreshadowing of winter.

Although the forest was comforting amidst its dense embrace, I still felt out of place. It was in this forest that I first saw her loose control, the first time I had seen her usually cool physique shatter under the image of her father, at the sight of his recreated body. At least the one who committed such a incredible crime was dead, killed by the one he had hurt so maliciously by that one act. If I carried any wisdom, it would be never to tamper with the dead and old memories.

After searching quietly, I finally found the meadow where the battle occurred, the very sight of it causing my chest to tighten. The memory was still too fresh, and it scorched my insides just to be here. Yet, I knew it was time that I finally found the will and path to move on.

Sitting down with my back to a strong oak, I let my eyes wander the meadow, taking in what I had absently forgotten. The scene played back in my mind … Tomo's unexpected fury when she saw her undead father, her screams of agony as she discovered the Naraku she had been fighting was only a puppet, and her icy blue eyes which I had never seen before. Those icy eyes revealed so much of her anguish to me, all that she hadn't shown me or told me. In those eyes, the anguish I saw could never be put into words.

Not once did I think that that night—when I made her my mate—would be one of the last nights I would share with her…

She slowly approaches Naraku and I reach ground where I can stand. I still have water up to my knees when I stop in awe and fright. Naraku is rendered immobile as she stops right before him, nearly pressing her body against his. As she lays her hands on his shoulders, he tenses and his body quivers, his wide eyes staring into hers with utmost fear. Leaning into him, she slowly presses her lips against his and silencing his quivering. His eyes remain wide for another short moment before they relax and become blank and at peace. They close slowly and she pulls away, her eyes closed as well. He sways for a moment before he collapses limply to the ground, a small trickle of blood flowing from his slightly open mouth.

A sinking feeling overcomes me as she begins to sway as well and I dash to her side, catching her in my arms as she falls. She is as limp as he is, her mouth slightly open as well as blood begins to spill lightly out of the side of her mouth. My emotions run wild as I give her a small shake.

"Tomo." I address quietly. When she doesn't respond, I give her a slightly harder shake.

"Tomo?" I call more desperately. I hear the soft footsteps of Inuyasha and his group of friends behind me, but I care not. Cupping her cheek, I turn her head upright to gaze into her beautiful face.

"Please, Tomo." I plead in as solid of a voice as I could manage. "Tomo, wake up."

She doesn't respond.

Realizing what fate had befallen her, I pull her close to my chest, cradling her as if she were a small child. All at once my emotions swelled. Anger, rage, hurt, sorrow, sadness, hatred ... it all bubbles and welled inside of me. Unable to keep it inside any longer, I tilted my head to the sky and gave an ear-piercing cry of pain. She was gone ... just like my father so many years ago, she was gone.

I felt my blood surge as my true characteristics emerged once more, my pain too complete to be described. I held her close to me, cradling her head to my shoulder, feeling her soft lips but no warm vapor, and snuggling her as if she were my last prized possession on this cruel earth.

My scream echoed in my skull as rare tears welled in my eyes. Subconsciously, my hand had reached once again into my haori and grasped her ribbon. As my tears began to trickle down my cheeks, I brought one hand up hastily to hide my eyes, the grief too much to bear. I gritted my teeth, trying my best to keep a sob threatening to escape at bay.

It wasn't fair to take her away from me. It wasn't fair to tear our love—nay, our family apart. To have a mate pass on so soon was overwhelming … Why was I to be the one to bear this great pain?

"Why?" I asked aloud. My hand gripped her ribbon tightly as I prayed to whatever god that I could have her back, to hold her in my arms once more and to see her smile…

Lifting my head out of my hand, I gazed upwards towards the oak branches and the blue sky. Falling lightly from one of the branches was a leaf, its edges beginning to turn a vivid autumn color. I held out my hand and let it fall like a feather onto my palm, brining it to me so I could better see it. Something inside of me told me that this leaf held some importance, yet I couldn't place what it was. After a brief moment of inspection, I began to stand, letting the leaf fall to my side as I brought both of my hands to my face and brushed my tears away.

Glancing one last time at the entirety of the meadow, I turned back the way I had come and decided that it was time that I should return to Rin and Jaken. Not once did I glance over my shoulder though I had the temptation to … but I left with a certain comfort and settling in my mind…

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