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Warning: This is an alternate ending to the new episode "What is, and what should never be" had Dean choosen to stay in his alternate reality (Which we all know he would never do)


Sam ran to his brother's body across the empty warehouse. He hung limply, with his hands white and suspended above his head. Sam breathed heavy and grimaced at the damage. He felt for a pulse and couldn't find one.

Cautiously, as he was afraid what he might or might not hear, Sam lowered his ear to Dean's lips and fell to his knees when he heard and felt nothing.

A vicious sob wrenched itself out of Sam and he grabbed his older brother's legs for support. He looked up at Dean and then closed his eyes.

Dean was his brother.

Dean was his best friend.

Dean was his only family.

Dean was his strength.

His eyes snapped open when a small sound came from his left. What could be seen in them was pure and utter malice. An extreme hatred for all things around his brother and himself.

All the evil.

And everything that had ever caused his family pain.

Sam pulled himself to his feet and turned to face the creature standing before him. The djinn gave him an odd look, but made no move to get closer to Sam.

Sam looked at his brother's lifeless body and knew exactly what it was he needed to do. Maybe it wasn't what Dean or his father would have wanted him to do, but at that moment he didn't really care.

The djinn new the exact second when Sam made his choice. It smiled and moved so fast that it was standing before Sam in half a second.

It all happened so fast. The djinn had brought its hands up to hover over Sam's head. Sam gave one more glance at Dean's body and heard for a split second what his brother would have said.

"Dude, you're stronger than this."

Sam sucked in a painful breath through his nose and rammed the lamb stained knife through the djinn's sternum. It made a horrible screeching sound and Sam twisted the knife harder, wanting to inflict as much pain into it as he could…if it could even feel pain.

It dropped to the ground, dead. But it wasn't dead enough for Sam. He grabbed a rusted axe that was lying on an old wooden table and swung it over his head. It hit the djinn's body with a dull and wet thud.

He stood there and hacked away at the body for an unknown amount of time, taking out every bit of frustration and pent up rage.

Finally he let the axe drop. Blood, dirt and tears streaked his face. With what strength he had left, Sam picked up the fallen knife and cut his older brother down. He ripped out the IV from his neck and fiercely held on to the body.

There was only one thing left to do, something that Sam would find would be the hardest thing he would ever have to do in his life. He had to burn his brother's body. The last member of his family.

He was alone now…but there was still a job to do. And now more than ever, Sam was determined to save every single person from the same fate as his family.

Let me know what you think. It was just something that came to my head while watching the episode, like what would happen to Sam if Dean was dead.