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Chapter 1 – The Prune Juice Incident

Maria Kanellis had got a job with the WWE. She was so psyched about it that she couldn't sleep at all. She was excited. She had been a fan of wrestling ever since she was six and had been a loyal fan since then. She was going to be in part of an organization that had been going successful over twenty years. Maria had nothing but high respect for them especially to the wrestlers who made it possible.

Maria got out of the Mercedes and took out her baggage from the trunk and carried them into the arena. At the entrance, she met a blonde woman beaming at her.

"Hey, you must be Maria right?" she asked.

"Yeah, that's me!" said Maria, grinning.

"I'm Torrie Wilson," said Torrie, extending her hand and Maria shook it.

"Nice to meet you," said Maria.

"Come on, I'll show you to the women's locker room."

Torrie lead the way and Maria followed her. That night on RAW was going to be the best night of her life, and of course her first night to be part of this great entertainment business. On her way there, she met a few Superstars like John Cena, Shelton Benjamin, Carlito and the Hardys. Imagine, she met Matt and Jeff in person! Not to mention that they were her favorite tag team!

Torrie opened the locker room door and entered. There they met former WWE Women's champion Mickie James, who was in the middle of doing yoga.

"Hey Mickie, look who's here!"

"Oh!" Mickie James stood up and smiled at Maria. "Hi there!"

"Maria, this is Mickie." Torrie then introduced Maria to Mickie who then shook hands with the new girl.

"It's nice meeting you."

"Nice meeting you too."

"And welcome aboard!" Mickie beamed.

Maria grinned. "Thanks. I'm happy to be here."

"Tonight's going to be one hell of a night, I gotta tell you that!" said Mickie.

"I know! Torrie added in. "And that tag match!"

"We're going to kick their butts, won't we Tor?"

"You bet we would!"

Mickie and Torrie made a high five and then burst into laughter.

Maria couldn't help but to join in to their laughter. "You guys have a match tonight?"

"Oh, do we!" said Torrie.

"We're up against Melina and Victoria," said Mickie.

"That's so awesome! I wish you guys luck!"

"Thanks but we don't luck," said Mickie, winking at Maria.

"Tonight is our night, and there's nothing that could stop us!" said Torrie.

"You can say that again!" said Mickie, grinning.

"Alright," With that Torrie shouted. "Tonight is our night and there's nothing that could stop us!"

The girls burst out laughing.

"Wow, that's more like it!" Mickie joked.

Mickie and Torrie both grinned at one another and then turned to face Maria. They completely forgot that she was standing there.

"Oh, I'm sorry," said Torrie apologetically to the newcomer. "Please excuse our wildness."

Maria laughed. "Don't worry about it! I'm just as excited as you guys are!"

"Yeah but tonight's your first night working here," said Mickie. "Now that's awesome."

Maria smiled. "Yeah."

In just five hours, RAW would be live on television and millions of people would be watching. All eyes would be on the new backstage interviewer. She was shivering with nervousness ever since she woke up and realized that the day that she has been waiting for has finally arrived. She was scared but excited.

"By the way, are you hungry?" Torrie asked Maria. "We could go to the catering room to get a bite to eat."

"Nah, I'm fine but I am a little thirsty though."

"Me too," said Mickie. "We could all go together."

The three women head to the catering room. Maria ordered a prune juice. She followed the girls to the table before she paused.

"Oh I forgot to take the straw," Maria said to them. "I'll be back."

Maria head back to the counter and took a straw. As she turned to head back, she got a glimpse of Matt and Jeff leaving the room. They saw her, smiled and waved at her.

Maria grinned and returned the wave and watched them leave. She sighed happily.

This is going to be great!

She couldn't help but smiling. Just a few hours and she's a Superstar!

Maria was thinking about that night dreamily but unfortunately she was watching where she was going as she rushed into a wrestler and spilled prune juice onto him.

"What the hell?!" he said hotly.

Maria looked up, meeting the glaring eyes of a brunette man.

"Oh geez! I'm so sorry!"

"Why don't you look where you're going you idiot!" he imploded.

Maria has no idea what to do.


"Now look what you've done," said the man, as he examining his brownish purple stain on his blue and white muscle shirt. "I just bought this yesterday and now it's already ruined. You stupid girl!"

"Hey, don't you snap at me! I said I was sorry."

"Oh so now you're sorry," he said sarcastically. "If you would just use your two pretty little eyes," He pointed his two fingers to his eyes before pointing them to Maria's saying "Of yours, then none of this would have happen!"

"Hey, knock it off Randy!" Torrie butted in.

Finally! Maria thought. Someone's here to shut him up.

"Yeah," Mickie came in to face him. "Who do you think you are, talking to her like that?!"

Randy scoffed. "What is this?" Are you two defending her for what this clumsy girl did?"

His eyes turned to glare at Maria once again.

"Damn right we are!" said Mickie. "Leave her alone!"

"She has apologized to you," said Torrie. "Isn't that enough?"

"Enough to fix this mess she made? I don't think so!" Randy snapped.


Maria turned back to see whose voice it is. To her surprise and relief, the Hardys came back to the catering room.

Maybe they heard the commotion and came back to see what it was?
She thought.

The cocky, egotistic third generation superstar Randy Orton sneered at the brothers. "Well, well, well, if it isn't the Monkey Boys."

Matt Hardy chuckled. "You sure love to call us that don't you?"

"I think that nickname suits well," said Randy. "I mean you guys practically show off your flips off the top rope, thinking that you're 'all that'.

"Orton, we're already 'all that' thank you very much," said Jeff. "Let me just reminded you that we're the ones who kicked yours and Edge's ass last week."

Randy frowned while Maria couldn't help but giggle. It wasn't long before she caught sight of Randy Orton's eye, glaring at her once again and she stopped herself in an instance.

"So, aren't you going to prepare for our match?" Matt asked, walking up closer to his opponent.

"Cause I'm ready to kick some action!"

"Are you now?" Randy asked coldly.

"Yeah, I am. But I don't think you are." Matt smirked at him.

"Oh I'm ready," said Randy. "You can bet your bottom dollar on that."

"Good. I expect you to not turn back on this."

"Don't worry. I'm not planning to."


Maria hoped that there wasn't going to be a fight but there wasn't.

"Before you go," Jeff put in. "You should apologize to Maria."

Randy looked back at the brunette girl standing beside Jeff.

"So you're that new girl I heard about…"

"Yes, I…"

"Yeah she is," Jeff finished Maria's sentence. "Apologize to her...now."

"Fine," Randy walked up to Maria while at the same time, when he got close to her, she looked away.

"Look at me," Randy said softly.

Maria didn't answer him.

"Look at me please," he repeated.

"Maria turned to look up at him.

"I'm sorry, alright?"

"You better be," said Mickie.

"Well I am. Sorry Maria."

"Apology accepted." said Maria.

"Thanks. And uh, welcome. Hope you enjoy working here."

"Yeah, I'm sure I would. Thanks. "

Randy nodded. "Now if you guys would excuse me, I have to go and get this stain off."

"You look so yummy by the way," said Jeff.

Randy rolled his eyes as if to say "Whatever," and turned to leave the room. Matt chuckled while Mickie and Torrie smirked and shook their heads.

"Well, I'm glad that's over," said Maria.

"Are you alright?" Matt asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for coming to my rescue."

"No problem. I'm glad we came back just in time."

"Hey Maria!" shouted a voice.

Maria spun around to see Randy's face popped back in the doorway.

"Don't think that I was apologizing to you! I was just sorry that you're such a klutz!" He sneered and then he left.

Maria let out a frustrated sigh and stomped her right foot. That was when she knew for a fact that she hated Randy Orton and she would never like him.

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