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Chapter 27 – The Beginning of Something Special

"So you guys are FINALLY together!" said John.

Randy laughed. "Yes John. Need I say more?"

"No that line is just fine," said John and laughed. He unscrewed the cap of his water bottle and took a sip of the chilled water. Randy finished wrapping his wrists and resting the roll of athletic tape aside on the locker room bench. The pay per view event Vengeance had already took place with its third match on schedule and the mixed tag match was to take place right after it.

"Well what can I say?" John began. "I'm happy for you two."

"Yeah, I'm happy about that too," Randy beamed.

"So have you changed your diet a little bit?"

Randy gave him a questioning look. "What are you talking about?"

"Well I'm starting to think that prunes are good for ya. They're rich in fibre, contains minerals, antioxidants-"

"Oh shut up!" Randy laughed.

John laughed as well and then his face suddenly changed to a stern expression. "No seriously, they are good for you."

Randy rolled his eyes and then stood up from the bench. "Anyway I shall be going now and get Maria."

"So tell me again, did you actually make them?"

Randy rolled his eyes with annoyance about having to repeat himself for the millionth time.

"Yes John, I did make pancakes."

"Well you must be brave enough to take that risk. I mean, you made it from scratch. From scratch!"

"They're not that hard to make you know. Why don't you just try it for once?"

"Uh no thanks," John retorted. "I'm much safer with Bisquick."

"Whatever," said Randy and chortled. "See ya later."

Randy stepped out of the locker room, chuckling and shaking his head for what John had said. He could be such a goofball when he wanted to. As the self-proclaimed legend killer made his way through the narrow corridor, he couldn't help but to smile. He couldn't stop smiling and he never tried to. It had been a while since he was like this: being happy. He had the beautiful Maria as his girlfriend. Things couldn't get better than that.


Maria made sure that she looked her best before she would leave the women's locker room. Her hair was combed back into a ponytail. She wore a black sports bra, a pair of black fingerless gloves, black pants and a pair of sports shoes. By the look on the reflection, Maria smiled as she was satisfied by her appearance.

"Well you look ready," said Torrie.

"I am ready," said Maria with a smirk.

"Good," said Candice. "I'm glad that you're confident."

"Well I won't have been if it wasn't for-"

"Your boyfriend," Mickie finished with a grin. "Yeah yeah yeah, no need to tell us that."

Maria giggled. "Well yes him and of course you guys for giving me some pointers."

"It's no problem at all," said Torrie with a wink.

"Good luck!" said Candice.

"Thanks, I'm gonna need it."

"Oh and by the way," Mickie began. "Don't even think of making out with him on the ramp. You guys are too cute together, it's sickening."

"Oh shut up Micks!" said Maria and gave Mickie a playful punch on the shoulder. "Well I'm heading out now. He's probably waiting for me outside."

"Okay," said Torrie. "Let's give Ria a big hug!"

The three divas surrounded the young brunette diva as if to form a cage and then four friends broke down laughing when the hug was made and Maria had been released from the hug.

"Alright, I'll see you guys after the match."

"We'll be cheering for ya!" said the divas in unison. Maria made a smile at them as she exited from the spacious room. As she got out, her smile grew wider as she met Randy, standing outside opposite of the door.

"Hey there."

"Hey," said Randy as he smiled back. "You ready?"

"Yeah, I'm ready. Are you?"

"Well you know me, I'm always ready," said Randy with that famous smirk on his face.

Maria grinned. "Then let's go."

The eyes were connected for a brief moment. There was definitely something between them. That feeling was simply wonderful.

They began to walk through the corridor as their match was coming up in just a few minutes. Then a grin played onto Maria's lips and Randy took notice of it and smiled.

"What is it?"

Maria looked at him. "You know I've been thinking. Why don't we make a special entrance?"

"Special entrance?"

"Yeah," said Maria. "I have an idea."

Maria had a gesture with her hand for Randy to lean forward a bit for her to whisper to his ear. Then Randy chuckled at whatever the idea that Maria had suggested.

"So what do you think? Is it a bit too much?"

A smile on his face would be his response.

"Maria, there's not a thing that can't be too much when I'm with you."

She smiled back and soon they would continue their journey through the corridors. The match was near and they were ready to face the challenge.


"The following contest is a mixed tag match, scheduled for one fall…"

The ring announcer Lillian Garcia went on with the introductions as the jeers were produced for the 'A-list' couple as the red carpet rolled out neatly in front of them and the flashes were blinking furiously with picture after picture that the 'paparazzi' would take of them.

Johnny Nitro and the women's champion Melina linked arms as they walked onto the carpet with cockiness while the 'paparazzi' went crazy for one shot after the next. As they got to the ring, Melina brushed her hand across the apron as if to remove the creases before she could do her usual split in which she had done so.

She crawled under the bottom rope and got up from her position. She turned with her back facing the ramp, her hands holding onto the thick rope, and spread her legs while Johnny took a step back and then slide under Melina slickly. Who could match their entrance?

Nobody they thought as they exchanged smirks with each other and began taunting the fans and shouting them reminders them how they were the best in everything they do.

"Well this is it," said Melina. "I can't wait to get this match finish."

"Don't worry babe. They can't stand each other remember?"

"Oh yeah, how could I forget," Melina sneered by this recollection. She was there when the fallout began in the catering room, where the new diva at the time, had pissed the self-proclaimed legend killer off when she left him a stain on his shirt. It was all too funny!

"By that, we should get the upper hand."

"Of course," said Johnny as he removed his fur coat and his shades. "And plus, Maria's not a wrestler. So you should be enjoying this match more than me."

"Hmm…true," said Melina with a devilish grin. "I can't wait for that bitch to get what she deserves."

The echoes of the jeers continued on spreading throughout the arena until the next theme song played.


The fans stood up with excitement as they roared madly with cheers for the next tag team to make their entrance.

"Well King, here comes the unlikely tag team…or couple if you will."

Randy stood and watched Maria blew her kisses to the fans and then the brunette diva smiled at him and giving the cue when she pointed her fingers at him, the self-proclaimed legend killer made his pose while the pyro waterfall came into display simultaneously. Melina and Johnny exchanged confusing looks at one another as if to expect an argument from them that would spoil the entrance at that point.

"I think they're starting to get along," said Jerry. "This should be good, right?"

"I guess they've put aside their differences for the sake of the match. Wait a minute…"

Maria went up close to Randy and as he lowered his arms down slowly, his left arm curved around her small waist. The eyes soon connected….

"Wow! I can't believe what I'm seeing with my own eyes, J.R!"

"I can't believe it, either!"

There wasn't a person or a group of people in that arena who could be more surprised than Johnny and Melina as they were taken aback by this shocking moment. The whole arena had been rocked and the volume of the cheers had tuned up for all ears to go deafened. The A-list couple thought Randy and Maria couldn't stand to be in the same ring together. But that kiss would tell them the opposite.

"It seems that they have gotten a lot closer now," said J.R, who was still astonished by what they had just seen.

"Aw, this is great!" Jerry gushed. "It's so romantic to see a couple sharing a sweet moment! You think they're going out?"

"They might have. I don't know. I'm just as surprised as you are!"

"Well I think it's so cute! It reminds me of Lumi."


"That's a pairing name for Lucas and Sami from Days of Our Lives."

"King, we're about to do a commentary now, not to discuss a soap opera."

"I'm only saying that Maria and Randy look so cute together!" King insisted. "And I think the fans thought so too!"

The fans seemed to love the new couple as Maria and Randy were now inside the ring, with Randy making a pose on the second turnbuckle while Maria cheered on for him. Johnny and Melina were still clearly dumbfounded by what they saw. Randy climbed down and went across to meet Maria and they beamed before turning to their opponents who had a small discussion between themselves.

"I can't believe it!" Melina told Johnny. "They're actually together now? The thought of this makes me sick to my stomach!"

"Relax, okay? You still have an advantage over Maria."

"You don't know that. He might have taught her some things!"

"Probably, but remember who you are and what your status is."

"I'm the women's champion!" Melina barked. "I'm the most dominant diva!"

"Exactly!" said Johnny. "So you go show her why you won that champion two months ago!"

Melina nodded and made a smirk at her boyfriend. He was right. She could definitely show her that she was indeed the most dominant in the women's division.


Maria shot a glance at the women's champion and turned back to Randy with a smirk on her lips.

"Nope, not at all."

Randy nodded and smirked back. They were indeed ready.

The bell soon made its signal to start the match. Randy and Johnny were at the centre of the ring while Maria and Melina stood on either side of the apron. The two Raw superstars got into their locked position and Johnny ended up getting pushed down with force. The self-proclaimed legend killer glared down at him while Johnny shot the same look back at him while mumbling something under his breath.

"Well as we all you know King that these two men were not on good terms since the Battle Royal for the intercontinental championship last Monday on Raw."

He was right. Randy and Johnny weren't so friendly with one another. Randy got screwed twice. And he definitely wasn't going to let Johnny get away with it.

The match went past two minutes and Randy was in full control of the match as Maria cheered him as he applied the headlock on Johnny. Melina yelled at Johnny to take the control. Johnny managed to wiggle himself out of the situation to give Randy a kick to the groin and planted the DDT. The referee slapped his hand to the mat to make the count, only to stop by two.

Maria whooped and let out a breath of relief when Randy kicked out. Johnny, on the other hand, stood up in disbelief and started to argue with the referee that he had made the count but the referee declared that Johnny didn't get the pinfall. Melina gritted her teeth with anger and did what she could do best.


"Geez, Melina is like a banshee," Jerry said with annoyance. "No doubt about that!"

Johnny picked Randy and gave him the uppercut and whipped to the corner the ring. Randy made a comeback with a thunderous clothesline.

Maria nodded and smiled as she clapped for Randy. She was happy that Randy had gain control of the match once again.


It was perhaps the moment that everyone, including the broadcasters had been waiting for, as the two divas stood toe to toe, glaring at each other with pure hatred.

"This is it King. And let me say this it is indeed Maria's first match."

"Woo! Things are just starting to steam up!" Jerry grinned.

Melina taunted the brunette diva by blowing kisses to the crowd and Maria seemed to be amused by this as a smile appeared on her face. Melina rolled her eyes and scoffed.

"You are nothing compared to me," said Melina. "You are nothing but a tramp."

Maria made a chuckle and shook her head slightly. Then Melina didn't prepare herself for what she was going to get when she received a hot slap across the face.

"Whoa, what a slap!" said J.R. "You can hear that from miles away!"

Melina had her jaw dropped with shock by this as her hand was rubbing gingerly on the cheek. And the women's champion wouldn't hesitant to make a respond.

"Melina slapped her back!" said J.R.

The fiery eyes of the two divas were locked as the fans cheered madly by the confrontation. It was soon broken as Melina was taken down by a thunderous spear courtesy of Maria.

"And here we go!" said Jerry. The fans roared with excitement as Maria pounded her head hard onto the canvas. Finally she had the chance to get a piece of her.

Maria picked her up and whipped Melina to the ropes and executed a clothesline. As Melina tried to be up at her feet, she would be taken down again by Maria.

"Wow, look at her go!" said J.R. "Impressive."

"Earlier on before the match, I had the chance to talk to her," said Jerry. "And she told that she has been training for the past few days and also got some tips."

"No wonder. I'm a bit curious to know if Randy played any part of it."

"Well that question didn't come to my mind so I didn't ask. I would have asked if I had known how close they are now!"

Maria was in full control of the match. Randy looked with a smile on his face.

She's doing great. I know she could do it.

Maria picked up Melina and whipped her to the ropes once more. Melina bounced off the ropes and had stopped at her tracks and held her arms in a pretentious manner.

"Why is Melina's smiling?" J.R. enquired.

"What?" Melina asked as she placed her hands on her hips. "You think you can take me down?"

She was inspecting Maria to be intimidated. But that wasn't the result that she was expecting. Maria smirked back and said,

"Yes I can."

Before the women's champion could utter out a response, she didn't expect the next move that Maria made just then as she let out a yelp when she lost her balance and eventually tumbled out between the ropes and fell hard on the floor.

"A dropkick to the outside!" J.R. exclaimed.

The crowd started to chant for the brunette diva that had a big smirk on her face. She got to the apron and stood while the women's champion tried to get up. As she turned around, Melina was taken down again.

"Maria just jumped off from the apron and onto the women's champion!"

Johnny looked on with astonishment while Randy had the grin on his face.

If Melina had ever thought that she could underestimate the new diva joining the women's division.

She thought wrong.


Six minutes had past and the match began to take more heat. Neither team got the pinfall but the hostility turned fierce. Soon, there were both teams at either corners of the ring by the turnbuckle.

"All hell has broken loose!" J.R. said.

Randy was giving multiple punches while Maria raised her foot to choke down Melina. The referee had no clue on which corner to focus on since it went out of control.

"Maria!" Randy called from the corner.

Maria turned to him and saw his head made a gesture to Johnny. Maria smirked and nodded at his signal.

"It seemed like Maria knew that he was calling her for." J.R. said.

"And I think I know that it's going to happen!" said Jerry.

Randy gripped onto Johnny's arm and Maria did the same as she gripped Melina's arm and then at the same time, the 'A-list' couple got pushed into each other and then they had tumbled down.

"Whoa, what a collision!"

"Now that's what I call great teamwork!"

Randy and Maria slapped hands in a high five So far, the match was getting good.


The match went almost past eight minutes and that was when things went bad. Randy had been knocked when he got pushed into the steel steps, all thanks to Johnny Nitro. Randy was trying his hardest to get up but the pain was unbearable. He could sense trouble coming and wanted to get up but his body had disobeyed him. There was nothing he could do at that point….

Meanwhile, Melina had been pulverizing like she was some cheap rag doll. And now she was lying motionless in the ring. A devilish grin would appear on the women's champion as the jeers boomed the arena.

"This doesn't look good for Maria."

The women's champion went to Johnny who got back into the ring and smirked at her as she pointed her finger at the motionless diva and shouted out a command.

"I want you to kick her!"

"Did she just say kick?" Jerry asked with disbelief.

"She just did and I don't like the idea of it at all!" said J.R.

Johnny grinned and nodded. He spaced out a bit and prepared to get himself into position.

"I can't believe this, King! This is not right. I know that this is a tag match but still…that's not right!"

Melina sneered. She was about to get what she deserved. She went to stand behind Maria, who was trying her hardest to gain back consciousness. She could hear the jeers coming from the crowd. Then a harsh voice came yelling into her ears. She knew quite well who the yeller was.

"Get up you bitch!" said Melina. "Prepare to get the taste of the real tag team!" And with that, Melina gave a slap to the head.

"Oh come on now! Maria's helpless!" J.R. roared. Maria had her hand on her forehead and she looked to be spaced out for a bit as she slowly but surely managed to stand on her own two feet. Between her squinted eyes, she thought she had seen a smirk coming from the short figure that was standing in front of her.

"This has got to stop now!" J.R. said.

The women's champion sneered to the thought that a stupid diva like Maria would turn around and get her face get split in half when she would get the high kick from Johnny. Soon she would be the one pinning Maria.

Maria turned around dizzily….She saw a tall figure charging towards her….

Then something happened. Johnny stopped dead as his face turned white because of what he had almost done. He hadn't got a clue of how he got to this position nor was it his intention. Melina, on the other hand, began to wonder why the hell he was going to execute the spinning heel kick on his own girlfriend.

"What are you doing?!" Melina roared.

"I wasn't going to kick you, I swear!" Johnny insisted.

"Then why the…"

Suddenly something else happened and then at an instant, Melina got pushed outside the ring and Johnny's face was filled with even more horror and with uttermost confusion. He had no absolute intention to push his girlfriend out to the floor let alone kick her. So how things got messed up all of the sudden?

It had occurred to him. Of course, why didn't he see it before?

Johnny turned around to see who was responsible for giving him the kick to the back and his answer was a correct one when he saw her back in her fighting stance. Johnny was annoyed while Maria smirked and moved her eyebrows in a playful manner.

"I can't believe what we've just seen!" said Jerry.

"She amazed me with her quickness!" said J.R.

The crowd was amazed by Maria's cleverness and Johnny gritted his teeth with anger.


"What?" Maria asked. Her smirk was still playing on her.

"You did this," Johnny said coldly.

"Did what?"

"Don't you play smart with me!" Johnny snapped. "You think you're so clever huh? You think you can get away with it?"

"Well if you haven't notice that I already got away with it. Considering the fact that you tried to kick me? Have you ever thought for one second that the plans that you and Melina had could backfire right to your face?"

Johnny glared at him as he stepped one foot closer to her. Maria didn't hesitate nor has her smirk disappeared.

"I had to use my agility to keep up no matter what, to get out of situations like these," said Maria. Her smirk grew wider. She was glad that she had got to him.

When everyone thought that Maria couldn't escape, she made a quick roll up to dodge from the situation. And when Melina and Johnny were too busy on realize how their plans had gone wrong, a dropkick was made out of nowhere, causing Johnny to collide with his girlfriend and to get knocked out to the floor.

Maria got the Johnny pissed and that was how she wanted it to be. She continued on speaking.

"Skills and brains work so well together, don't ya think? It's a good thing I had gym class since high school. That roll out really comes in handy."

Johnny took another step closer. "You think you're so smart."

"I am," Maria said simply. "And apparently, you're not."

The 'A-list' superstar fumed and he had thrust out his arm at her, only to be dodged by the clever diva and soon a kick to the groin.

"Maria's fighting back!"

Johnny had his hand onto his groin. He got back up and gritted his teeth with annoyance.

"You need to be quicker."

"If I were you, I would shut up right about now!"

Maria grinned. "Yeah sure. And I were you, I would watch my back."

Johnny scoffed. "Really? What makes you say that?"

Maria said nothing and suddenly Johnny blinked at an idea that had struck him like a bolt of lightning when he finally understood what she meant. The 'A-list' superstar froze while Maria made a smile at him. From the reaction of the raucous crowd, Johnny's conscious must have told him to look behind him, which he had done so, only to get his eyes widen with horror when he was facing the legend killer yet again.

"Uh oh, Nitro's in for it now!" said Jerry.

Randy had his blue eyes onto his target. If he tried to mess with his girlfriend, he messed with him too….

"There's no where to run and no where to hide for Nitro," said J.R.

The fans were at the edge of their seats as they roared with cheers and the 'R.K.O' chants were made instantly. Johnny held his hands up in defense, probably trying to beg for mercy. Unfortunately for him, he wouldn't be getting it from Randy Orton.

"What a blow to Nitro's face. And here's come another one and then other and other again!"

Randy made a couple punches to Johnny and then whipped the 'A-list' Superstar to the ropes. Then the self-proclaimed legend killer kicked him to the groin and lifted him up into a suplex. The fans stood from their seats and the thunderous cheers echoed the arena. Maria thought that the ovation was amazing as she glimpsed around. She made a playful smirk and nodded to him which Randy did the same in return. He got into position to make his next move that everyone was chanting for.

"Randy's like a predator waiting for his prey," said J.R. "Look at his eyes!"

"Well this is what Johnny is gonna get for crossing him."

Johnny groaned as his back had struck with pain. He got up but then he would end up falling victim to the finishing move.

"An RKO to Johnny Nitro!" said J.R.

Thunderous cheers boomed the whole of the arena. Randy looked down at his fallen opponent. Clearly there was no mercy for him. Then his eyes caught sight of Melina. Her heart suddenly leaped with terror when his stern eyes were on her.

"Uh oh, Melina's in trouble," said Jerry.

Melina backed away from self-proclaimed legend killer. She held her hands in front of her defensively. Randy had his eyes on her but then he made glimpse on something that the fans were cheering madly for.

"Wait a minute…." J.R. paused.

Obviously, Melina was unaware of what was happening and didn't take it as a sign for she was too busy hoping that she won't end up in her boyfriend's position.

The brunette diva had always wanted to do this. And she was happy that Randy taught the move back in their training sessions. She had been waiting for the right moment and it came from the time the women's champion turned around. Maria felt her heart leaping out of her chest the moment she jumped off from the top turnbuckle. Melina let out a scream and had little time to move away as Maria executed the cross body.

"Oh my god! Maria just did a cross body!"

"Unbelievable!" said Jerry. "

The referee came to make to his duty. He slapped his hand on the mat as the crowd counted along with the slaps. And then…

The bell sounded.

Maria couldn't believe it. She looked up at Randy. But she had to be sure.

"Here are your winners, Randy Orton and Maria!"

The referee reached for Maria's hand as she stood up and got her arm lifted along with Randy's in victory. The referee stepped out of the ring, leaving the two to take in the smell of celebration.

"We did it!" Maria squealed.

Randy smiled broadly and then said, "Yes!"

The brunette diva ran up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. He had his strong arms snaked around her waist and began to spin her around. Maria laughed as she was getting a bit dizzy but she didn't care. She was just plain happy that they both won and that the training sessions were definitely worth the time and energy for.

"So how did I do?" Maria asked. Randy grinned and then said,

"You were absolutely amazing."


Meanwhile, back in the men's locker room, the WWE champion and the three divas were sitting on the bench, whooping cheerfully as they watched the two partners on the television as the screen displayed the part when the man had spun the slender brunette.

"Now that's what I'm talking about!" said John.

"Oh my god, that match was awesome!" said Candice.

"They were great together as a team!" said Torrie.

"Did you guys see that entrance?" Mickie asked and laughed.

"I know!" said Torrie. "I totally did not see that coming!"

"I thought I told her to not make out with him!"

Torrie laughed and slapped her on the shoulder in a playful manner. "Oh shut up, it was a cute entrance by the way!"

"It really is sweet!" Candice added.

Mickie laughed. "Yeah it is."

The foursome looked on and exchanged smiles with one another. They were very happy for the both of them. Not only for the victory of the match, but for their relationship that had started to blossom.

"Incredible, aren't they?"

The group turned to the new voice behind them. John smiled as he got up from the bench to meet his friend, who happened to be his opponent for the main event.

"Hey Shawn. Ready for tonight?"

"Ready as I should be," said Shawn. He had his eyes on the television.

"You know, that Maria girl blew me off by surprise!"

Everyone laughed.

"She's amazing, isn't she?" Mickie asked.

"Of course!" said Shawn. "Both of them are as a matter of fact. Great teamwork."

"Got that right," Candice grinned.

"And from the looks of it," said Shawn as he looked onto the screen. "It seems like they're a couple now."

"They are!" the group said in unison. They looked at one another and laughed.

Shawn grinned and then sarcastically, "Well excuse me for not seeing the obvious!"

But he had already seen it from the time he observed how close they were at the time of the house show. And then he had seen the bond between them earlier at that day. He smiled. It was, without a doubt, true love after all.


There were other people who thought the very same thing. A certain family was watching the match in the living room. And they were cheering joyously by the results that they were more than happy to see.

"Ha! That was great!" said Bob.

"Maria was full of surprises, wasn't she dear?" His wife asked, beaming.

"She sure was," said Bob, chuckling.

"That match was totally awesome," said La Toya. "Randy has to get us a copy of that DVD when it comes out!"

"Definitely!" Martin agreed. "They both kick ass!"

The teenage boy immediately cupped his mouth with his hand after quickly realizing what he had just done. But he was too late to excuse himself as he had suffered his mother's wrath by receiving a slap with a cushion.

"Martin-" Edna began, starting her sentence by each hit. "I thought-- that I-- told you-- not to--"

"Aw Mom, I didn't mean to say it!" Martin cried as he held his hands over his head. "Dad, do something!"

"Who wants some more shrimp?" Bob asked.


"I'll have some, thanks dear," said Edna.

"Same for me too," said La Toya, trying not to laugh at Martin.

The father chuckled. "Okay." He stood up from the couch and went towards the kitchen. As Bob got to the doorway, he turned back to the screen to watch Randy and Maria in a loving embrace. Randy looked so happy than he had ever been in a long time. He smiled.

I'm glad things are looking up for him now, Bob thought.


"You know J.R. sooner or later we're gonna find some interesting pairing names. So far what I've come up with the name 'Ornellis'." What ya think?"

J.R rolled his eyes and replied with, "No comment."

As far as pairing names goes, they didn't care about that at the moment. Love was in the air and no one needed to be told about it for they had seen the connection, powerful as it was. The couple was still inside the four sided ring, in each other's arms.

"I love you Mr. RKO," Maria beamed.

"And I love you too Ms. Kanellis," said Randy with a grin. "More than you'll ever know."

The crowd cheered as they shared a kiss in the ring. That was indeed the sweetest moment that the thousands of fans had ever witnessed. It was truly a happy ending to their chapter. But the rest was still yet to be written.

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