Chapter 8

"Don't move, or I'll kill him," the man said to the two girls as they started to move to help Jack.

"Who are you?" Rose asked.

"Someone who is rather disappointed in his minions. You weren't supposed to be able to leave that room."

"You must be the master that Ka'ras kept referring to," Rose said.

"I am. But your friend over there," he said indicating the Doctor, "knows me as The Master."

"The Master? I thought you were killed on Skaro years ago," Jack said.

The Master looked at Jack. "Ah yes, the former Time Agent. Of course you would have heard of me, being a former Time Lord myself."

"Time Lord?" Rose said. "I thought you were all dead."

"They are. As I said, I am a former Time Lord. I ceased to be one on Skaro. Since then I have survived by stealing what bodies I could and using them as my host until I burned them up."

"But I killed you," the Doctor gasped as he tried to pull himself out of the blackness once again.

"Doctor!" Rose called as she moved to help him.

"I told you, move and I kill him," the Master said, tightening his grip on Jack.

"You fell into the Eye of Harmony. You should be dead," the Doctor said as he rose shakily to his knees.

"And so should you, Doctor. It was you who used the Eye to destroy all of the Time Lords along with the Daleks. Why did you survive? Of course that's inconsequential. It was thanks to you that I am able to live again. If you hadn't opened the Eye again, I never would have escaped."

"But the power, the shear raw power, it should have torn you apart!"

"There you go again Doctor, underestimating me."

"Just as you have always underestimated me," he said as he used one of the support columns to help himself rise to his feet.

The Master dug his blade into Jack's throat, pulling a thin line of blood. "Careful Doctor, or I will kill him."

"Oh go ahead," the Doctor said. "He annoys me anyway."

"Doctor!" Rose exclaimed.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence," Jack said.

Suddenly Rose remembered what it was that Gwen had told her about how Jack couldn't die. Now she knew what the Doctor was playing at.

"Let him go," Rose said.

"Why? Are you offering yourself in exchange?"

"Let him kill him Rose. We don't need him," Martha said.

"Oh yeah, I feel the love," Jack said.

"Really Jack, don't you think it's about time to just sod off?" The Doctor said.

"Well I can tell when I'm not going to get any help," with that he tried to pull out of the Master's grip, but before he could, the knife bit into his neck, severing his artery and pouring his life blood onto the floor.

Casually, the Master stepped over the body, dropping the knife beside it, as Rose gasped and covered her mouth. Martha looked a little sick but was forcing it down. The Doctor just glared at the Master.

"I am rather surprised at you Doctor. You have never been so casual with your companions before. What was it with this one?"

"He was helping me find Rose. Otherwise I never would have picked him up."

"Ah, my mistake. Next time I'll pick someone closer to you to threaten."

The Doctor glared at him for a moment before he said, "There's one thing I don't understand."

"Just one?" The Master replied with a grin as he fingered something in his pocket.

"One that matters. How was it that you even knew about Bad Wolf?"

"Ah, the knowledge was easy. It was discovering who it was that was more challenging. You see Doctor, you may have noticed that throughout time and space, the words Bad Wolf keep appearing. As I am sure that you have realized, they are there for you and Rose to use as warnings and messages, but they are a convenient trail that lead right to you. I began stumbling across the words shortly after I escaped from the Eye. I knew that whoever was scattering them had to be in control of tremendous power. But it wasn't until I stumbled across a very old Earth ledged of how a girl took a stand and erased the Daleks form the universe with a thought, that I began to grasp the significance."

"You knew the only thing that could possibly have done that now that the Eye is no more, was the time vortex," the Doctor stated.

"Yes. And, thanks to another myth saying that the girl arrived in a blue box at the threshold of oblivion, I knew who was responsible for giving her that power."

"Doctor?" Rose asked, confused as to what this story had to do with anything. The Bad Wolf was gone, he took it from her. Why were they going over events that were ancient history… at least to her perspective.

"And she still doesn't know, does she?" the Master said as he turned his greasy grin on her. But he decided not to drag this boring conversation out any longer. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a silver sphere.

"Do you know what this is, Doctor?" He asked.

The Doctor eyed it before saying, "No, but I'm sure that you're about to tell me. Unlike that Ka'ras, you have read, and probably wrote most of the megalomaniac handbook."

The Master chuckled as he said, "That is what has always made you such a worthy opponent, Doctor, your sense of humor even in the gravest of situations."

"Glad you approve, now you were saying?"

"This is a little something that I have developed. You see, after gathering several weeks worth of your psycho recordings, I have been able to put together a rather complete profile."

The Doctor was once again eyeing the sphere that the Master held with new fear.

"You know what a person like me is able to do with a complete brain wave profile?" the Master asked.

"I would assume create a device that is able to control that person's brain waves," the Doctor said.

Rose and Martha finally got what was so grave about the situation. They gasped as they looked at the orb that the master was holding. "You mean?" Martha started.

"I have my very own Doctor remote control," the Master said as he raised the sphere a little higher, preparing to use it.

K-9 suddenly rolled out from behind the pillar that he had been behind and fired upon the orb. Simultaneously, the Master dropped the orb with a slight yelp of pain as the Doctor collapsed with a cry of pain of his own as his hands flew to his head, cradling it.

Rose and Martha both ran to the Doctor who was weakly waving them off. "Sorry, Master," K-9 said to the Doctor.

The Master reached down and picked up the sphere once again, chuckling as he did so. "Apparently your dog was able to detect that I have a personal force shield and determined that he couldn't get anywhere by hitting me. But what he didn't realize was that any harm done to the sphere is transferred to you."

Martha and Rose glared at the Master as the Doctor tried to push them both away from him. "Get out of here," he was trying to whisper to them. But they didn't seem to be listening.

"Now, where was I?" The Master said. "Oh yes." And he raised the sphere once again. This time it began to glow a faint orange as the Doctor grabbed his head once again but as he did so he bean to rise shakily to his feet.

"Now Doctor, don't fight it. You know that you can't win."

Jerkily, the Doctor let go of his head and reached out to Martha, placing his hands around her throat. Slowly, Martha could feel as his hands began to close tighter. She could tell that he was resisting it every inch, but still his grip increased.

"Stop it!" Rose said as she grabbed a hold of the Doctor's hands and tried to pry him off her.

"He can't and I won't," The Master laughed.

Martha was beginning to gasp as her air way was beginning to be crushed.

"Doctor, fight it," Rose told him as she continued to try and pull him away.

"I… am," he gasped.

Martha wasn't getting any air any more and she was heading towards blacking out.

"K-9!" the Doctor called.

"Yes Master," his dog said.

"Shoot me!" he said.

"No!" Rose said as she moved to stand in between K-9 and the Doctor.

"Rose, it's the only way!" he gasped as Martha's eyes began to roll back into her head.

"No, it's not," Jack said as he came behind the Master and stabbed him through the heart.

Immediately, the Doctor let go of Martha who collapsed on the floor, gasping for air. He wavered himself as Rose caught him. Looking over to Jack he yelled, "Get away from him!"

Jack looked down as a silvery form began to snake its way out of the dead Master's mouth and head towards Jack.

He pulled out his laser gun and fired at it. He hit it, but it only changed direction and headed for Rose.

"No!" the Doctor said as he pulled her out of the way as Jack flipped a switch to open the TARDIS doors.

The creature slithered right on past where Rose had been and out the door. Quickly Jack closed it, sealing the creature outside.

The four companions all paused for a moment as the adrenaline of the moment passed.

Suddenly, the Doctor sagged towards the floor once again and was caught by both Rose and Martha. "We got you," Rose said.

He nodded weakly as he turned to Jack and said, "Get us out of here."

Jack nodded and turned to the controls. "Where to?" he asked.

"Anywhere away from here," the Doctor said.

"Yes sir," Jack said with a smile. "How about, Barcelona?"

The Doctor and Rose exchanged a smile before the Doctor said, "That would be fantastic."

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