I know it is short, but enjoy!! I wish this had happened. Spoilerfree!!

Lorelai made a quick escape off of the stage and out the side door of K.C's. The cold night air hit her, causing the effect of the alcohol to sweep through her body. She backed up against the wall of the neighboring unicorn shop, shutting her eyes. She breathed in slowly, the spinning in her brain requiring her full concentration. It was only now that she was outside that the alcohol was taking maximum effect over her body.

Why did he have to come in during that song, sure she had asked him to come, but never imagined he would. To be honest when she was deciding her song, she had picked it for Rory, but a tiny part of her knew there was the chance that Luke would show up. God why did he have to come in, she thought. She knew she would be more embarrassed in the morning, but right now she could not fully understand the implications of her actions.

She shut her eyed tightly again and could feel the whole world spinning around her, even though she knew she was standing still. The sensation of the world spinning send small jitters to her tummy. She moved her hand up to her brow wiping off a little sweat the bright stage lights had caused. She slid her hand down her neck and sighed. It was only when she heard a sigh in response that she looked up.

"Lu-uke" she stated

"Hey" he replied

"Wh-at are you doing here?" she stuttered

"I…" Luke began

He walked over beside her and continued.

"Um, that song was something else" he said finally

Lorelai looked down at the ground shamefully

"You said you couldn't sing?" he questioned

Lorelai laughed

"I can't" she replied

"I thought it was pretty good" Luke replied

"You did?" Lorelai asked hopefully, the alcohol in her blood allowing her to move into this dangerous territory with Luke.

Luke stepped even closer to her and nodded.

Lorelai looked away from him, but he slid his hand to her cheek and tilted her head so he could kiss her. He leaned down. They were just inches apart.

"Don't", Lorelai heard herself say

Luke didn't move away, he just looked at her quizzically

Lorelai could not bear to look at him as the next sentences slipped out of her mouth.

"Don't Luke" she repeated, "Not unless you still love me" she breathed out, her eyes still on the ground.

She knew she had either made a huge mistake or taken a leap in the right direction with Luke.

She waited for Luke to pull away, and was more than a little surprised when she felt him tilt her head to look at him

He nodded a few times looking at her, before he kissed her.

Lorelai felt dizzy and she was not sure if it was the alcohol or Luke, she guessed it was a mixture of both.

The whole world was spinning as they pulled away.

Neither could believe this was actually happening.