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Chapter 6 : Decisions, Decisions

"Why can't we keep him?"

"I don't like dogs."

Kousuke Asazuki and Ayumu Narumi stood, facing each other, looking as if they were in a stand off of sorts.

The red head had a pouty look on his face, like a child who was denied his favorite treat.

The young Narumi looked stern and unwavering, arms akimbo and eyes glaring at the older boy.

"Why not?" the red head questioned again. This had been going on for hours already.

"Like I said, I don't like dogs. They mess things up, take ages to clean and one you do, they get dirty again. And I won't buy that 'you need protection' thing; you know I can break your arm now if I wanted to." The brunette said, smirking inwardly.

He had, in the pretense of actually learning self-defense, asked Kanone to teach to him some martial arts. He was pretty good with knives now actually, with Eyes' help. The only reason he wanted to actually learn the stuff was so that he could get rid of the extra weight he'd gained.

Kousuke could cook a mean lasagna when he was in a good mood, but Ayumu was watching his figure. Eyes had emphasized this point when he heard about the incident with the 'house-wife' thing.

"It's the beginning. This kind of thing usually happens to married couples, with a spirited woman in the equation. Apparently, this is incorrect, since you are neither spirited nor a woman."

Ayumu had raised an eyebrow at this.

"You're his boyfriend, that's why. You have this itching need to take care of him. Obviously this would happen. Of course, you don't want to appear too helpless, so I can understand why you want to learn self-defense."

So now he was standing in their kitchen, regrettably playing the part of a 'spirited woman', as he glared at Kousuke and the bundle in his arms.

"Awww, Ayumu, let up! He's just a puppy-"

"Exactly. That means you'll have to spend extra time with him, and when I say you, I mean me, because you tend to cause severe problems to the pets you try to take care of. You're not incompetent, believe me, I should know, but you have the mind set of a small child when you have a pet." Ayumu cut him off, and plucked the bundle from Kousuke's arms.

The red head frowned.

"So what am I going to do with him? I can't just leave him alone, and Kanone's is out of the question, Rio's got a thing with dogs that make them hate her, and you won't let me keep him."

The pathetic tone of voice would have been disregarded by any self-respecting female on the rise, but as it was given earlier, Ayumu was neither spirited nor a female.

So he gave in.

It was very difficult saying no to such a voice, and Ayumu could just picture the genuine frown on the red head's face.

"Fine. I'll ask Hiyono. She loves small furry things, and this way you can check up on him when you want to. He can stay here for tonight, and tomorrow, we'll bring her to Hiyono's flat. Alright?" the brunette asked, looking at his boyfriend.

Kousuke's face lit up, and he smiled.

"Sure. C'mon, I wanna play with him." He pulled a fold of the towel that was wrapped around the small puppy within, and proceeded to rub the puppy's head with a finger.

"Who's a good widdle puppy? Huh? Huh? Who's a good widdle puppy… c'mon, daddy Kousuke's gonna play with you now, c'mon…" the puppy raised its head, yipping at the prospect of running around the living room where Kousuke intended to take him.

Ayumu shook his head, a smile fighting its way onto his face.

"You sound weird, you know that?"

"And you sound like a mom… Mommy Ayu, hmm, doesn't sound too bad. What do you think little pup?"

The towel hit the back of Kousuke's head, and this was proof of Ayumu's increasing tolerance for the red head's insinuations.

This is also marked the rather lonely night Kousuke would be spending, as Ayumu, though tolerant, was not completely acceptant of such a role.

(Sad thing was, he was already playing it.)

Now where was his quilt?

After dinner that night, Kousuke did find himself alone in their bed, and no pleas could convince the brunette otherwise. A kiss on the cheek from said brunette did make him feel better, but the verdict was done.

Ayumu lay on the comfortable couch in front of the TV, watching the first episode of the third season of Desperate Housewives, intent on enjoying a peaceful night.

This would not prove to be, however, as a rather plaintive yipping sound was heard, instead of Mary Alice's usual introduction to the going's on in Wisteria Lane.

The brunette sat up, and looked around. When he turned to the door, he saw the small puppy that Kousuke had retired to bed with.

Apparently, this was not so, as the small animal was now sitting at the door way, yipping in its too adorable way.

Ayumu sighed. He stood up, walked over to the furry little thing and picked it up. Its big brown eyes were fixed on him, and he shivered, probably from the cold. It yipped woefully, adding to the scared look it had.

The brunette sat back down with the puppy, letting rest on his chest as he gazed at it.

"You're awfully small, aren't you?"

The puppy seemed to understand this, as it yipped again.

"I can see why he tried so hard for you."

It tilted its head to the side, blinking.

"We can't keep you though; you'd cause a lot of trouble."

Another yip and the puppy placed its nose on Ayumu's chest.

"You'd be messy, and you'd refuse to clean up after yourself. You'd be annoyingly loud at times, and eerily quiet at other times."

The puppy continued sniffing.

"You wouldn't be picky, but you'd eat a lot, and think of all the times that we'd have to send you to the vet! Plus, what would happen if we went for a trip? Or if we're both gone, to school or work?" Ayumu suddenly blushed.

"What if we were doing other things? We'd be distracted and we wouldn't be able to watch out for you."

The puppy looked up, as if to say, 'go on.'

A sudden thought hit the brunette.

Hiyono was easily distracted. Plus, she had more work to do. Managing the school paper, her obsessive impulse to go out shopping everyday, add to that her scatter brained ways of not locking her windows and doors…

Ayumu looked at the puppy. Puppy looked back.

"…I will forever regret the decision I have made, but if you promise to behave and follow my instructions, we'll get this all worked out."

The puppy yipped happily, licking Ayumu's face, as if he understood the decision the brunette had made.

The young Narumi sighed.

"…the things I do for that guy…"

The next morning, as was customary on Fridays, Ayumu had gone early to school and had left Kousuke with his breakfast and lunch and their habitual note-on-the-tissue-paper.

The red head stretched, and smiled at the gesture. Ayu-chan was so caring. He picked up the note, expecting some reminder about the shopping or some other house-wife thing that he found so adorable.

He wasn't let down, but the message that was left made him gape for a few precious seconds before he a big grin split on his face.


Went to school early, be back at 4.

Don't forget to clean the living room. The puppy is asleep on the couch, don't squish him.

I've decided that we can keep him.

I'm thinking of a name, got any ideas?



Kousuke rushed over to the couch, and true to his written word, the small puppy was there, asleep.

He set about to eating his breakfast, all the while thinking of how he could repay this act of random kindness. The name, he mused, could be thought of by his loving wife.


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