AN: Hi, here come another one from me. ;) Before you read I just wanted to tell you that this take place after Devil's Trap, John didn't die and Dean and Sam knows about the Roadhouse, it's diffrent in my stoy but hopefully you will like it anyway.

Chapter 1

It's dark outside, a tall man with a black cowboy hat and cowboy boots are leaning against a wall his eyes on a motel door. He walks up to it and knocks on it, waits for a minute or so before the door opens.

"What do you want?" The fat and bald man behind the door gruffs.

The tall stranger looks ordinary, brown hair and brown eyes but suddenly the eyes changes to a yellow color.

"You have something to tell me?" The voice was as hard as the yellow gleaming eyes.

"Oh, yes, yes." The fat and bald man bows, scared to his core, holds the door open and let's the stranger in. "I saw those you are looking for, all three, they are working together. I saw them three days ago."

"Where are they now?"

"I... I..." The fat and bald man swallowed but the fear of the man in front of him made his throat close.

"I see." The tall man in the cowboy hat and cowboy boots grabs the fat and bald mans head with one hand. "Don't worry if you cannot speak it I'll get from you some other way."

The fat and bald man's eyes widened, fear and horror clear in them as he sinks to his knees, his mouth opens and he tries to scream but he only takes a breath.

His last breath.

A tall man in a black cowboy hat and cowboy boots walks out of an motel room door, his eyes are yellow and he has a big smile on his face.

The Roadhouse were filled with people, smoke and loud noise when the three Winchester men steppes inside it.

Bobby and Caleb sitting at an table, sees them, catching John's eye and nodded to him to come over. John returns their nod, turns back to Sam who is talking loud and angry about their last hunt. John are tired of this and answers in the same tone as their make their way to the table.

Dean follows them behind, silently, he stops at the bar and he nods to Ellen and Jo. He downs a shoot of whiskey before grabbing a beer and joins his father and brother.

He nods a little tiredly to Bobby and Caleb before sitting down with a small sigh and he tries to tune out Sam and Johns arguing.

Ever since the car crash, after their fight with the Demon, they decided to stick together for a while and it had been good for the first couple of days.

Then John and Sam had started to argue about something and it felt like they hadn't stopped since, just like old times.

Dean took a deep swing from his beer bottle, he still really hates when his father and brother argues but still he couldn't do anything about it. He tried to step between, to meddle but he was completely ignored. He shakes his head a little and turns to take a look around the Roadhouse.

It was Friday and the bar were packed with people, not all hunters but a few truckers and people that lived in the town nearby.

Dean waves a little to the waitress for another beer, she smiles and comes over with one right away so Dean smiles back at her. As she turns away his smile fades a little but he relax and started his second beer bottle, with an intention to get really drunk tonight.

As the three Winchester men had walked into the Roadhouse not only Bobby and Caleb noticed them, there were a few people that noticed the three men and one of them was a tall man in a black cowboy hat and cowboy boots.

The man smiled, his brown eyes flickering a little to yellow but remained brown. His fingers drummed against the table as he studied the three Winchester men.

It was clear to him that the father and the youngest son were having a fight but what caught his eyes strangely was the other brother, the one that had killed his children and suddenly a memory flashed before his eyes.

It wasn't one of his old memories but one from the man, who's body he possessed, he felt intrigued so he let the memory play itself.

He was sitting in a bar, not the same as now but one much like it when a big burly man walked into the bar, followed by two kids and the Demon knew that he was seeing John Winchester and his two kids.

The youngest was pouting, he had be around nine years old, and the older on, around thirteen, was trying to calm him down.

"I'm sorry Sammy that we had to leave but you will start a new school here and it will be as good at the other one." John said.

"It's not the same..." Little Sammy said.

"I know but we had to get away from there and you will make new friends here also." John said his frustration clear in his voice but his youngest kept on pouting and John mumbled: "I have to use the bathroom."

"It will be alright Sammy." Dean said ruffling the little boys hair. "You won't meet evil Mrs Kellerman or that stupid bully Aron here."

That got a smile from the nine year old and his pout disappeared.

The memory fast played forward and the man/Demon noticed that the Winchesters met up in the bar after school and work, the kids would come first, sitting down at a tale and the older kid would help the younger one with his homework. One or two hours later the father would join them , they ate, then the father would play some pool or throw some darts and they would go home.

It became an routine seeming them like this for around two week, then something changed. The kids came in as usual and their father joined them two hours later, carrying a duffel bag.

The oldest stiffened as his father gave him some money, kissed the boys on their heads and walked out.

That weekend the boys came into the bar alone and the routine followed, just without the dad and that peaked the stranger's interest. He studied them closer.

It was obvious that the kids lives didn't held much money, both of the kids clothes had seen better days, the oldests sneakers had big holes in them and the shoelaces were hanging by a thread.

The days went by, no dad in sight and the oldest stopped ordering in food for two, letting the youngest choose and he would only snatch a couple of fries from the youngest plate.

The nine year old was to young to think twice about it, but sometime he asked his brother why he didn't eat and he would get an answer that the older had had a big lunch or something.

The one day the brothers came into the bar, the youngest jeans were torn at the knees beyond repair but the kid had a big smile on his face.

As they sat down you could see that the older boy had an bandage around one of his hands and a bruise on his cheekbone but he was also smiling.

"I can't believe that you kicked his ass, Deanie." The youngest said as he wolfed down the food. "He was twice as big as you!"

"Well, he should have known better than to mess with my brother." Dean said smiling as they continued to talk about it but his smile faded as the youngest turned to his homework and Dean to his wallet as he counted the small cash they had left.

It wasn't much left after he had paid tonight's dinner and the kid looked over to the dart and pool tables.

The Sam was deep in his homework as Dean told him that he was just going over to play some dart or pool and the stranger watched as the thirteen year old transformed himself from an nice and low profile kid to a smart ass and cocky teenager.

His comments and body language made the young players (in their early twenties) take him up on his bets.

It turned out that kid could really play pool and the next day when they came in the youngest had a new pair of jeans and a new t-shirt but the oldest still had his rundown clothes and sneakers. But he actually order a small sandwich to eat for himself.

It took at least three weeks until their father joined the again, then just a week after that the family of three didn't come back.

The Demon blinked his eyes as he came back to the present, thinking hard and against his will he felt a small twinge of admiration for Dean Winchester and he understood his fierceness of protecting his brother a little better. But he pushed it away, this kid had killed his children and destroyed one of his best laid plans, that he would pay for.