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Chapter 9

Not far away a tall man in a dark cowboy hat and cowboy boots was staring at the small cabin with yellow eyes gleaming as he was thinking

Not far away a tall man in a dark cowboy hat and cowboy boots was staring at the small cabin with yellow eyes gleaming as he was thinking.

This was certainly an unexpected twist; he closed his eyes and saw the young man's face in his mind clearly those golden green eyes especially clear.

Well, deep inside him he had known that Dean Winchester was different and special but this was one thing that he wouldn't have guessed.

The Brotherhood had been a thorn in evil's side for so long as the Demon could remember and the fight in the members of the Brotherhood where known thru all Hell.

So his little interest, Dean Winchester, hunter extraordinaire, was also one of the Brotherhoods protected ones.

Yellow eyes glinted in the moonlight as the Demon opened his eyes again and he chuckled to himself. That gave him one more reason to fight for that beautiful hunter.

"He will be mine one way or another."

Dean felt Sam's and Thomas presence beside him during the whole night as the need flowed thru him, threathing to overwhelm him from time to time but his little brothers touch helped him feel a bit grounded and lessened the need.

As the sun started to filter thru the blinds the need started to flow slower and slower until it was barley a spark, leaving Dean feeling used and week.

The two most hateful feelings if you asked him and on top of that all his bruises and sore spots made themselves known.

As he lay there, just resting, he started to feel that something heavy was laying on one of his arms and with great effort he opened his eyes.

What he saw would have made him smile big if he hadn't been so god dam awfully tired, the weight on his arm was Sammy's head and all he could see was his little brother's mop of unruly hair.

"He refused to leave your side even for a second." Thomas said in a low voice that had a smile in it.

Dean opened his mouth to say something to blonde haired man, to thank him or just say something but couldn't get anything out.

"It's alright, Dean. Rest now and we can talk later."

And with a warm strong hand on his head Dean fell into a deep sleep feeling very safe for the first time in a while.

John Winchester was peeking thru the doorway as his oldest son closed his eyes and fell asleep.

He had kept his distance thru the whole night, watching from afar keeping an eye close on his two sons and the tall blonde stranger as he tried to push down the old feelings of jealousy and anger as they blossomed.

To him, to see this instant bonding between Sam and Dean and Thomas wasn't right, not right at all.

If it had been instant bonding between Sam and Thomas, John could have understand because to him, his youngest son was still a bit naïve and always thought the good in people where his oldest where the one that saw the often harsh reality.

But seeing Dean listening, interacting and letting a stranger touch him was too much for John and with their fight with those feelings fresh and unspoken of made it so much worse for the oldest Winchester.

He could still see so much of Mary in Dean and it was so easy to see even if he didn't look hard.

That dancing scene from the Roadhouse had easily proven that and with the aftermath with the girl because it had reminded him of how Mary and he had met, it had been just like that.

After that first time he and Mary had started to look for each other in the local bar every time they were there and hooking up for the most of the times.

Not every time thou and whenever that happen he hated to see those looks of want and need in other people eyes, especially in the one that got to get with her.

When they had become a couple Mary had laughed at him when she saw that look in his eyes and told him not to worry about it, then they would leave and she would say that she was only his and he would feel satisfied for awhile.

Then he would notice someone looking and she look back, not even offering but still and deep inside him he could feel the anger start to grow and one time it had gone too far.

Way too far, because he had hit her and that was one thing that he had promised himself that he would never do.

The way she had looked at him after that made his heart break and after quite sometime he had convinced her that it would never happen again and it didn't.

But it was hard for him because he knew that she would always be a flirt, even if she didn't mean to and that Dean taken after her.

And John hated to be reminded of that.

So he kept his distance.

Next time Dean opened his eyes, the weight was gone from his arm and he was all alone in the small bedroom.

Slowly he pushed himself into a sitting position, that small movement took a great deal of effort from him but he pushed himself.

When in sitting he started to take inventory of his state and he found nothing seriously injured, just that his body was sore and tired.

Well this sucks big time, Dean thought so himself as his bladder told him that it was time for a bathroom visit and how embarrassing wouldn't that be if he had to call for help?

So he started to slowly stand but he had to have three tries before getting into standing and when he got there his knees started to tremble and his legs were feeling like he had had a really hard workout session that had ended in a full blown marathon.

You need to suck it up, dude, he thought to himself as he took a step forward. That went well and it wasn't that hard so he had just a fem left and that he could do.

Dean started to take another step but the trembling worsened and he started to fall but a pair of strong arms caught him before he hit the floor.

"Easy there, Dean." Sam said as he hoisted his brother up and tried to guide him back to bed. "Where do you think you are going?"

"Where do you think?" Dean said in a snark tone but didn't look as his brother at all feeling really embarrassed. "I need to go to the bathroom."

"Alright, then." Sam said as his helped Dean to standing and together they moved to the bathroom. "Why didn't you just call out? I would have helped you."

"Sammy…." Dean said nothing more but Sam understood him anyway and didn't push it.

He even stayed outside the bathroom door to give his brother his privacy even if he wanted to keep an eye on him.

When they returned to the bedroom Thomas joined them and all three men sat down on the two beds.

"Are you feeling alright, Dean?" Thomas asked.

"I'm fine. Just a little tired and sore." Dean said knowing that it was useless to lie to Thomas.

"Good, then I think you will feel even better if you start with the exercises."

"Isn't it too soon?" Sam asked as he wanted to know more and always yearning for knowledge.

"No, not at all. He needs to start as soon as possible and keep on doing it every day so he gets it like a routine." Thomas said with a smile.

"Oh, can I stay and watch?"

"That's up to Dean." Both men turned to Dean who looked like a deer caught in the headlights of a car and then Sam turned on the puppy look because he knew that Dean couldn't say no.

"I don't get why you want to but alright." Dean said shrugging his shoulders and was graced by a 100 mega watt smile from his brother that made him roll his eyes but smile.

"Great, so Sam if you could sit down on the floor beside Dean's bed while he and I take the beds." Thomas said as he crossed his legs in a tailor position and Dean did the same so they were facing eachother. "And Sam I need you to be quiet, alright?"

Sam nodded and sat down so he could keep an eye on both men and not disturb them.

"Dean close your eyes, Take a deep breath and let it out." Thomas started to talk in a deep, calm voice Dean following his instructions.

To Sam it looked like the two of them were meditating as both were sitting crossed legged and their hands on their knees with palms upwards and closed eyes.

The youngest Winchester was starting to get a little bored when suddenly an ice blue sphere appeared over Thomas right hand. It hovered up and down in small movements and Sam was utterly amazed by it.

Then something else happened that made his eyes grow even bigger and he almost gasped out loud.

Just above Dean's right hand a sphere was hovering but it wasn't blue like Thomas instead it had a golden green colour to it.

Just like the colour of Dean's eyes where.

To Sam it was amazing to see his brother do this and many question formed in his head and he was itching to ask them.

"Just like that, great job Dean." Thomas said his eyes now open and his smile had grown wider. "Play a little with it; use the power in small amounts."

Sam's eyes grew impossibly larger when the green sphere started to bounce up and down.

"The forming of the sphere is the easiest way of using the power." Thomas directed his words to Sam but kept talking in that low and calm voice. "It takes the same colour as the user's eyes as that is the colour of their soul."

Sam watched in amazement as Dean's sphere started to do small circles around Dean and then when the sphere suddenly divided into two small spheres his eyes nearly popped out.

In the corner of his eye he could see open amazement also in Thomas eyes as he followed the two spheres.

"How are you doing, Dean?" Thomas asked after a few minutes.

"I'm doing fine, Thomas." Dean said as he opened his eyes and the spheres cam to a halt, just hovering on each side of Dean's head. "I feel much better." Then he turned to his younger brother a little uncertain showing in his eyes. "Are you freaked, Sammy? Freaked that you are not the only freak in the family anymore?"

"Dean…." Sam said with a big smirk. "You have always been the freak to me"