Title: A New Day

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I don't own anything

The lazy Monday afternoon sun beamed its affection on the first day of spring. Sun stars glinted brightly, reflecting from a steady stream of cool water, Willow trees occasionally dipping their parched leaves in gentle reprieve. Wild flowers and reeds swayed, dancing along to the breeze.

Close to the bank grass tickled a particular Kryptonian's back, sharing the Earth's warmth.

"So beautiful" murmured his companion, fingers tugging tufts of hair in a playful manner all the while mindful of the flower-crown circling Clark's head.

High on joy Clark sighed, tracing the cruel lines scarring his lover's body.

"I love you" said Clark.

Not even the suns rays could match Bruce's smile as it radiated clear and honest, like no other he had seen before.

"I love you too"

They made love again and again amidst nature's treasures, celebrating life and love.