"Okay, class… I finally declare, that this semester is finally over!!!!"

Those were the last words Mikan heard from their homeroom adviser before they all rushed out their class room.

All were so happy and excited that they packed their things from their rooms and they went straight to their respective summer trips. For the first time in the academy's history, the three headmasters had decided to organize two respective trips for students to go to during their short four week summer vacation… and these were sorted for the girls and the boys.

The girls were heading to the Gallup's Beach resort, while the boys were heading for the island next to it, the Nihau. Yeah, it was a little disappointing, but what could they do? It was one opportunity they mustn't miss anyway, and they just had to accept the opportunity of spending the summer away from the academy that they used to treat as a jail.

Yes, it was all Mikan could remember. She reckoned being so damned excited for their trip to the Gallup Island that she even forgot to say goodbye to Narumi and went to the boat all ahead of the others.

At least, this was what she remembered last, and when the fifteen year old brunette realized she had just awakened from sleeping, she suddenly jumped in surprise.

"The school trip!!!" she cried as she tried best to rise with her back pack still hanging at her back. "Oh no… Where am I? Oh no! Oh no!!!" she cried to herself as she rummaged her eyes around her surroundings, and when she found herself sitting on a huge pile of school bags and the sky was high above her, she felt a slight feeling of relief.

Mikan sighed as she fixed her messed pigtails, "Whew… I thought I was left out…"

And all of a sudden, someone familiar appeared at the starboard of the ship, ad Mikan smiled at the sight of him, yet confused when she saw him with wide eyes, staring back at her.

Ruka stared at her in surprise.

"Mikan?" he uttered, a little unsure.

"Hi, Ruka!" Mikan replied cheerfully.

Ruka scratched his eyes and looked at her again. When he made sure it was really her, he suddenly vanished once again, which made Mikan more baffled.

I wonder what's wrong with him… she thought as she stood up and fixed her back pack behind her, "I wonder where Hotaru and the others are…"

Just in time when she was about to stand up, Ruka came back with his raven-haired best friend, Tsubasa, and lastly Koko.

All four of them looked at her in confusion as she herself got puzzled.

"What's wrong with the four of you?" Mikan asked, pulling up her back pack up behind her. She thought hard of it, and a line of thought went into her. "Oh no…"

Ruka was blushing, while Tsubasa and Yuu went to the edge of the boat and looked far away into the sea, quite panicking. Lastly, Natsume, who just happened to close his manga went near her and pulled her left pigtail near him.

"Is this thing real?" he smirked and rocked her back and forth.

"Ouch! Natsume!!!"

"Oh no…" Tsubasa and Yuu grunted both at the same time, while Ruka's blush went redder.

"Mikan…" Ruka said a little higher than a whisper. "What are you doing here when you're supposed to be… there?"

The three guys pointed to a teensy little speck very very far away along the lining of the sea.

Slowly, Mikan's eyes widened as a blush slowly made her face turn bright red.

"Oh my God…"

The four guys looked at her as their sweats dropped.

"You're such a damned idiot, Polka-dots." Natsume scorned…

"You're on the wrong boat."

I was wondering, should I continue? Well… it's just a story that just came into my head…