Could This Be the Greatest Love of All

By Starsinger

One of the reasons I chose the song I did for Peter and Kitty's first dance is the artist and I are from the same area of Texas, not the same city, just the North/Central Texas area (Dallas/Fort Worth). I also happen to think it fits perfectly. I got the idea of the POV from when Jean Grey and Scott Summers got married and Kitty's present to them was she went around and got advice from all the guests on a camcorder. I suddenly realized that I'm on a "Derek" kick, sorry, sometimes my imagination when it comes to names just breaks down. On the other hand, my stepbrother, not surprisingly named Derek, would laugh himself silly over this one. Don't own these characters, Marvel does, so please don't sue me.

Everything is black, "Derek, you want some advice for that thing?" a peeved voice is heard.

"What Hisako?"

"Take the lens cap off."

A muffled "Oh," is heard as everything suddenly lit up. A blonde head is shown as the camera was turned around. "Hi, Miss Pryde, Mister Rasputin," more muffled laughter is heard. "I realize that by the time you receive this, it'll be Mister and Mrs. Rasputin, but that'll take a little time getting used to. My cousin, Sebastian, lent me this camcorder for your present from all the students here at Xavier's. I won't mention the threats he made if he doesn't get it back in one piece, he was kidding wasn't he, Hisako?"

"Derek, do you have any idea how clumsy you are?" another voice asks off camera, laughter greeted this statement.

"I guess not," he muttered, heading into the mansion. "As you can see, the guests have started to arrive for your big day," the camera pans around as people are seen and various conversations are heard.


"I'm telling you it was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen," exclaimed General Carter to a young blonde by his side. "This mutant, and he was dressed very old fashioned, came up to me and asked me to have my men start hitting him. Then, he promised no harm would come to them, he wouldn't resist. So, I comply. He stands there, taking all the blows and doesn't flinch. After about fifteen minutes, half my men are exhausted and he didn't even look phased. He just thanked us and took off. The crazy part of it is, he apparently took all the energy used against him and turned it against the other side. Oh, hi Derek," he greeted the mutant. "He put a hand on the blonde's shoulder, "this is my daughter, Sam."

"Any advice for the couple?" Derek asked.

General Carter got a distant look on his face, "Don't go to bed mad, and be happy, always be happy."


A young soldier was confronted with the unlikely, three cats and a dragon. Derek approached him as the soldier looked wildly around, for affirmation apparently, "Is that what I think it is?" he asked, pointing at the purple critter.

Derek sighed, "The dragon is Lockheed, the other three are Sheridan, Garibaldi, and Ivanova."

A friendly hand claps the soldier on the back as Kitty's friend from Chicago, Daniel, stands behind him. "Don't worry, they don't bite, often."

The soldier turned around and was confronted by the large man with such a striking resemblance to the groom. Derek stopped in front of them as a red-head joins them. "Daniel, Callie any advice?"

Daniel looked down at Callie, "If you need help, Kit, we're here. Mom sends her love."

Callie smiled briliantly, "We're getting married too, Kitty. Don't forget the twins when you come for the wedding!"

Camera panned over as Daniel sighed, "And Peter, we shouldn't forget Peter."


Brian, Meggan, and Pete Wisdom stood near the chairs arguing, "No," Pete exclaims, "I don't think I'm too good for her! I haven't felt this way about any woman since Kitty!"

"It's not that, Pete, it's just, that," Meggan's eyes rest on the person in question, "She's a dog."

Pete reached down a hand and scratched the Golden Retriever's ears, "I know, but she is cute!"

Brian sighed, he just didn't see how he could win this argument, "At least get her trained, Wisdom, I don't want to find any more messes at home."

They all smiled as they noticed the camera, "Hey Kitty, Peter it's us, your old Teammates from Excalibur, congratulations! Whatever you do, don't let Peter get a dog!" Brian finished, and found himself with an elbow in his ribs from Meggan.


Logan took a deep breath, today, he was the Father of the Bride, and in his mind, it was about time. These two had been in love for a very long time, and, suddenly, a crash came from the kitchen. Peter, who was headed downstairs with Scott, Hank, and Sebastian Shaw in tow made a bee-line for the kitchen. Brand, who had been invited by Hank, followed, more than a little curious.

As they entered, chaos erupted. Screams and shouts from the catering company as well as a string of invectives in German sounded from the middle of the Kitchen. Strangely enough, Kurt had taken the "fancy dress" part of the invitation a little too literally.

"Dirty fork, I found a dirty fork!" he told the startled on-lookers.

"Uh, Fuzzy Elf," asked Logan as the rest oggled, "Why are you wearing a blue dress?"

"The invitations said 'fancy dress'," stifled laughter followed this statement.

"That usually means a tuxedo, Elf," Peter commented heading back out of the kitchen.


As Logan finally made it to the rooms the ladies had taken over, Ororo, Rachael, and Rahne emerged, "What was that noise," asked Ororo.

"Remind me to tell you about it later," Logan said with a grin. "Is she ready?"

Rachael smiled, "Oh, yeah," the deep red dress showed her off to perfection. "Go on in."

"Punkin'?" he called out as he entered the room.

What if I told you it was all meant to be

Would you believe me, would you agree

Logan sighed, she was gorgeous. She wore a pale mint green dress, a floor length jacket pulled over the dress. A gold shawl draped over her head where a veil would normally be, her hair, braided into a crown, was held by a circlet of roses. She picked up her bouquet of yellow roses and purple orchids.

"Well, what do you think?" she asks, glowing like all brides before her.

"You're beautiful, Kitten. Ready to go?" she nodded, as he held his arm out to her.

It's almost that feelin' that we've met before

So tell me that you don't think I'm crazy

When I tell you love has come here and now

Peter turned to face the back aisle of chairs as the bridesmaids and Matron of Honor (Ororo, who else?) made their way up the aisle. Scott leaned forward and whispered in his ear, "Prepare to have your breath taken away."

Peter looked puzzled at his friend, then knowing as Kitty stepped into view.

A moment like this

Some people wait a lifetime

For a moment like this

Some people search forever

Kitty stopped next to him and he heard the Rabbi start the service. He barely heard the words as he stared in awe of the woman next to him. The vows seemed to blur past as did the exchanging of the rings, but what groom really remembers that day? That's what pictures are for. Then he was breaking the glass as the Rabbi shouted "Mazzletoff"

For that one special kiss

Oh I can't believe it's happening to me

Some people wait a lifetime

For a moment like this

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you for the first time, Mr and Mrs Piotr Nikolievitch Rasputin!" The guests cheered as they made their way back down the aisle.

Everything changes but beauty remains

Something so tender I can't explain

They cut the cake, and in grand tradition, smashed it, uh, fed it to each other. Then picked up the twins from their Grandmother and headed for the big table. Scott stood and looked down at his friends and teammates.

"Wow! How long has this been in the making? Five years?" everyone chuckled.

Well I may be dreamin' but still lie awake

Can't we make this dream last forever

And I'll cherish all the love we share

"Kitty, Peter, remember this as the happiest day of your lives. And, aside from the day the twins were born, the most memorable here at Xavier's. I've watched the two of you live your lives with grace and dignity, with only occasional bouts of being dropped through the floor." More laughter greeted this statement, "We love you both, never forget that, and we also promise not to spoil Ilyana and Moira too much while you're away in Hawaii." He finished, raising his glass in toast to the couple.

A moment like this

Some people wait a lifetime

For a moment like this

Some people search forever

For that one special kiss

Oh I can't believe it's happening to me

Some people wait a lifetime

For a moment like this

Logan lead Kitty onto the dance floor for the first dance. He looked at her, eyes shining as the DJ announced, "Well, the couple couldn't decide on a first song, so their friends have dedicated one to them. Kelly Clarkson's 'A Moment like this'."

The music swelled as Peter lead her mother onto the stage. Soon, Peter cut in and Logan continued the dance with Kitty's mom.

Could this be the greatest love of all

I wanna know that you will catch me when I fall

So let me tell you this

Some people wait a lifetime

For a moment like this

Their lips met again, the song seemed to fit perfectly with their lives, as well as everyone's mood as they were joined on the dance floor.

Some people wait a lifetime

For a moment like this


"Derek, Derek," Hisako said, shaking her friend's arm. "They're about to throw the bouquet

Hisako descended into the mass of waiting women, all jockeying for position, as Kitty turned her back. Suddenly, it was up and moving the whole gaggle dove for it, wrestled for it, and in the end, it turned up in the unlikely arms of a bewildered green haired alien, Brand. Kitty shook her head in laughter as she sat in the proffered chair, hiking up her skirt, "Aim it for Hank, Peter, this should be good for a few laughs if he catches it."

Peter laughed, "I just need to remember to get out of the way, remember Brian and Meggan's wedding?"

"Oh, that was nothing compared to what happened at Scott and Jean's," she laughed as the garter was flipped toward the waiting men. Well, chaos ensued that only happens when most of the participants are mutants, and Hank did end up with the garter, even though he wasn't even trying for it.


Derek happened upon an odd conversation between Sebastian Shaw, Cassandra Nova, and Charles Xavier, "I'm not entirely sure I understand what you're saying. Kitty's children are destined for greatness. You've been after her all this time, because they would either break the Hellfire Club or make it even greater than it is."

Sebastian nodded his head, Cassandra with him, "She'll still have to be 'the White Queen', but like Brian, we're not going to ask too much of her." They looked at the head table, Kitty sat with Brian and Meggan's son, Andrew, on her lap. Meggan sat with Ilyana on her lap.

Cassandra looked at Xavier curiously, "What happened when you met the twins?"

"Peter handed me Moira and she smiled, I swear it was my old friend looking back at me," tears sprang to his eyes, Dr MacTaggart was one of many people who should have been here. "We love you, Peter, Kitty, never forget that."


"Hyacinth, stop messing with the flowers," an elderly British Gentleman told his wife.

"Richard, they could have done much better if they had allowed me to arrange the flowers, this is absurd!"


Kitty entered the house to change, she and Peter would be leaving soon. Soon, Ororo was pinning a corsage onto the pale blue suit she had changed into. Then bent down an kissed her on the cheek, "You look beautiful, Kitten."

Kitty turned to find her mother standing there, "Scott invited me to stay and help with the babies," she said, looking everywhere but her daughter. "I'm planning on taking him up on the offer.

Kitty smiled, she and her mother had never been close, she hoped the girls would change that. They had certainly reconciled her to Peter's presence in Kitty's life. They walked Kitty out and Peter stood waiting at the door. "Take care of her, Peter, take care of all of them." He nodded.

They left the house having birdseed thrown at them, got in the waiting limo, and drove off into the sunset.

Okay, let's start with copyrights other than that of Marvel, I don't own Monty Python, Stargate SG-1, Babylon 5, or Keeping Up Appearances. Much less the song "A Moment Like This." They all belong to someone else, so please don't sue me. Everyone who has read this and encouraged me to get the next chapter up soon, thank you, this was a lot of fun to write. I'm looking forward to my next project, which will be one of the shows listed above.