Heya, first The Covenant story

I sure as hell own nothing except for maybe the storyline I guess. Rating may go up, but for now, we're cool. Only some swearing, barely noticeable dirty talk (hello this is a story revolving around teenage boys) and some mild violence. That's all I have to say for now I guess…Enjoy!

The Secret to be Revealed


It was seven am; it was raining -no pouring outside. The thick droplets were banging merciless onto her window…It didn't bother her just yet, she could block out the weather and study like the good girl she was, as long as there wasn't any thunder, she was all right.

On days like this she missed having a roommate…Elizabeth had transferred to a public school somewhere in October, she had been sick of the pompous morons that ruled Spencer Academy and wanted something a little more…normal.

Because normal, that was something Spencer Academy definitely wasn't.

It was mainly a school for the children of Massachusetts beau monde; the average student was rich, spoiled by mommy and daddy and spent more time partying than studying because they could easily get on by their family name.

Relying on the family name that was something, she refused to do.

She wanted to be someone, an individual, not, Maria 'Mia' Sanders daughter of Edward Sanders one of the top plastic surgeons in the world owner of a very renowned private clinic, but just Mia Sanders.

Thus, she was sitting on her bed in her dorm on a Thursday night studying instead of at one of the known 'hotspots' like Nicky's.

A familiar ringing filled the room, surprising Mia, a fidgety person by design, causing her to drop her pencil onto the floor.

"Idiot," she muttered to herself grabbing her cell phone of her bedside table and put it to her ear. "Hello?"

"Hey Mia, its James," the familiar voice of her older brother said.

James was her only sibling, he was thirty years old, married and lived in New York City with his wife and their adorable daughter –her godchild- Misha. He was an investigating reporter for a widespread newspaper.

"Hey James, everything okay over there?"

"Yes I'm fine, and you? Getting ready to go out and party with your girlies?" James asked in a teasing tone, he knew fully well his little sister was nothing like him when he was that age; she was more the studious type than the party animal type.

"Ha-ha James, you crack me up," Mia muttered as she retrieved her pencil from the floor. "Why are you calling?"

"No reason."

"You never call me for no reason; it's your wife who calls me for no reason you always want something when you call me."

"Sceptic girl."

"Just stating facts, now what do you want?"

"A favour."

"I don't like the way that sounds," Mia said pursing her lips.

"I want to write a new article and I'm going to need your help."

"How so?"

"It's about the Sons of Ipswich."

"You're kidding me right?" Mia said frowning. "Sure write an article over them, they need a little ego boost."

"Do I detect a note of sarcasm?"

"No shit Sherlock."

"The Sons of Ipswich have always had the golden ticket, for generations they've been put above everything and everyone," James explained. "I want to know exactly how outrages the current generation is…I want to know with just how much they can get away with."

"So it's a complaint against Ipswich society?"

"And of course to show just how much influence a name can have in a town that is obsessed with old stories."

"And you want me to do what?" Mia asked obviously warming up to the idea.

"To keep an eye on them, if they go out you go out, make contact, get to know them, try to become an acquaintance of them someone they'll allow to hang out with them and maybe they'll let you in on some of their little secrets."

"Do you have any idea how hard that is, getting in touch with the Sons of Ipswich? Half of the female population at this school tries to get noticed by the fab four on daily basis and fail miserably."


"They're unapproachable, like royalty."

"Use your feminine charm."

"Oh yeah that'll work," Mia muttered rolling her eyes. "But with the right motivation I'll find a way to make contact."

"I knew it…sly devil; I must say I'm proud," James said and she could just tell from the tone of his voice he was grinning. "How about a car for your eighteenth?"

"If I wanted a car I would've just asked dad."

"Point...how about: spending your summer holiday over here in New York."

"That's more like it but…no."

"Okay than…summer holiday in New York and an internship with the paper."

"Deal," Mia said smiling like the Cheshire cat.

"You are aware of the fact I'll be expecting regular updates by email and by phone."

"Naturally, but I'll only report to you if I actually have something to go on."

"Brilliant, hope to hear from you soon."

"Of course, say hello to Jessica for me and give Misha a kiss for me okay?"

"Sure thing my little miniature reporter one…Bye sweets."

"Bye," Mia said smiling before closing her phone and putting it back on her nightstand.

Maybe she had been a little to overconfident, how was she going to get in contact with them? Okay she was in a few of their classes, and she actually sat besides Tyler Simms during advanced maths and biology but still she was going to have her work cut out for her. She wasn't used to 'socializing' it just wasn't her forte: she was more of a silent grey little mouse, she didn't feel the need to stand out in this environment because well…it just wasn't her kind of place. Probably one of the other reason's she spent most of her time studying like the nerd she was deep down.

She sighed, laid down and stared at the plain white ceiling: she really wanted that internship and she was willing to work for it. So if that meant 'socializing' with the Sons…She was going to socialize with the sons, and she was going to start first thing tomorrow.

Chapter One: It's Not As Hard as It Seems.

As her schoolmates hurried their way to their first period, Mia headed towards the nurse's office deciding to skip all her classes until after lunch. You see her second period was Maths, she sat next to Tyler during maths if she wasn't there she would have an excuse to talk to him during Biology: to ask him for his notes.

To be honest she was pleased with herself for coming up with such a devious little plan.

She knocked on the door of the nurse's office putting a pout on her lips and a feigned sleepy look on her face.

"Come in!" Miss Doherty, the English fifty-something school nurse. Who simply adored her thanks to her big brother and his natural charm.

"Good morning Miss Doherty," Mia mumbled.

"Maria dear," the woman said motioning her to sit down. "Aren't you feeling well?"

"I'm afraid I'm having a bit of a migraine…It started last night, I've hardly slept," Mia said impressing herself with how pitiful she sounded, she emphasized her point by yawning.

"Poor thing," Miss Doherty said pursing her lips, "those migraines of yours remind me you're your brother's sister; he had the most dreadful migraine attacks."

Those were hangovers actually.

"He still has them every now and then."

Miss Doherty nodded: "You two sure do look alike; same face, same dark hair, pale skin and dare I say same personality…except the eyes your brother's eyes were more of a greenish blue, yours are more bluish green…How old is your brother again?"

"He's going to turn thirty-one in June."

"Time sure does fly fast," Miss Doherty said smiling to herself, "I can still see him sitting where you're now sitting with that sad look on his face. But thirty-one you say. My dear you two are a great deal apart aren't you?"

"I was an accident," Mia said with a small smile. They covered this subject every time she set foot in the nurse's office. "My mom and dad were forty when I was born."

"What a lovely little accident you turned out to be," Miss Doherty said smiling warmly. "But let me get you something for those awful migraines now shall we."

"That would be awesome," Mia said as Miss Doherty disappeared into her little examination room.

This was just too easy, of course, she felt a little bit bad for abusing the nice woman's trust. But what had to be done had to be done.

"Here we are," Miss Doherty said reappearing. "Here you go dear," she said handing Mia a pair of little white aspirins. "You can take one now and keep the other one for later. Now go to your dorm take a little nap I'll inform your teachers that you won't be attending class today."

"If I feel better after lunch I'll attend my remaining classes," Mia stated as she stood up.

"Such a devoted girl," Miss Doherty said with that warm smile on her face.

"Goodbye Miss Doherty. And thank you."

"It's nothing my dear." The woman called after her as she closed the door behind her.

As soon as she had turned a corner she pocketed her pills, they might come in handy when she had a real headache but for now, they weren't needed.

(Biology, first period after lunch)

Mia anxiously tapped her pencil on her desk as her classmates were still pouring into the classroom, their teacher Mister Fitzherbert, he was always at least ten minutes late so that would give her more than enough time to ask Tyler for his Math notes.

Well think about the devil, he just walked through the door other three in tow as usual.

Thank god for the fact that the other three sat on the complete other side of the classroom so she only had to worry about speaking to Tyler, which wasn't going to be that difficult right?

She waited patiently for him to settle down next to her, trying to act as if she really wasn't paying attention to him because well she didn't want to come of like a stalker.

"Tyler, can I ask you something?" Mia asked biting her lower lip.

"Sure thing Mia."

Well he knew her name that was a good sign.

"I missed Maths and I was wondering if I could borrow your notes," Mia said timidly, no acting needed for that she was shy by nature though she had the tendency of hiding it quite well.

"Yeah I noticed," Tyler mumbled before diving into his backpack. "And yeah, of course."

For someone so popular he sure did miss suaveness.

"Thank you," she said smiling brightly as he handed her a binder, "I'll make sure you have it back by tonight."

"That would be perfect since we have a test on Monday."

"Really now? I didn't know?" Mia said lying through her teeth. "Well what's your dorm number? I'll bring it over –"

"I might no be there; the guys and I are going to Nicky's."

"I was planning on going too," Mia said lying yet again. "I'll take them with me and I'll give them to you back there."

"Sounds okay to me."

"Great," Mia said smiling warmly as she stuffed the binder into her bag.

Phase two of her plan was complete, not only had she made contact but she had also established where they were going to be so she could keep an eye on them and see if they got themselves into any trouble.

(Latter that day, in front of Nicky's)

"Tell me again why you're going to Nicky's? You never go to Nicky's!" Mia's friend Joan said parking her car, a bright green Beatle speedster compliments of her daddy dearest, in front of the infamous Nicky's.

"Four words: The Sons of Ipswich," Mia sighed grabbing her shoulder bag from the backseat of the car.

"Since when are you interested in The Sons of Ipswich?" Joan asked raising an eyebrow: her friend was never one to be interested in the 'in-crowd'.

"My brother promised me an internship with his paper if I keep an eye on them."

"That does explain…is he writing an article about them or something?"

"Spot on my dear, but keep it quiet will you?"

"I'm not one to gossip and you know it."

"You're not, but your boyfriend is."


"Don't tell Tom," Mia ordered getting out of the car soon followed by Joan.

"You want me to keep a secret from my boyfriend?" She asked with mock outrage. "I don't keep secrets from my boyfriend."

"You keep secrets from him all the time," Mia said with a dismissive wave of her hand.

"Point," Joan chuckled. "He's is kinda easy to trick isn't he?"

"Let's hope our fab four are just as easy to trick shall we?" Mia muttered as the two of them entered the bar instantly spotting a few familiar faces, amongst them Tom, Joan's boyfriend for over a year.

"There's my boytoy, I trust you're smart enough to find us if you want to?" Joan whispered in her ear before walking up to her boyfriend, who seemed totally transfixed by the conversation he was having with some of his friends, and pressed a kiss to his cheek.

Mia rolled her eyes before gnawing on her lip as she looked around in search of Tyler; she soon enough spotted the blond-beanie-covered-head of one Reid Garwin at a pool table.

Her theory: were Garwin was, Tyler was, the two were practically attached at the hip.

She stood on her toes, cursing herself for being short and unable to walk on heels, and caught side of the reserved brunet who was involved in a little pool game with his brasher friend.

Careful not to bump into someone she made her way over to the pool table.

He was standing with his back to her, watching his friend make a shot.

She tapped him on the shoulder.

"Hey Tyler," she said smiling sweetly, "just thought I'd return your notes."

"That's nice, but could you like keep a hold of them for a little bit longer? I'm in the midst of a pool game and I'm afraid that if I put them on a table somewhere I'll never see them again," Tyler said –or well actually rambled. "You can stick around if you're interested in pool…or something."

The boy was nice yes, but yet again: he sure does miss suaveness

"Did my baby boy finally grow up and found himself a girlfriend?" Reid said stepping up to them, pool cue still in hand and smirk on his face.

Oh what a sight to see: a dick with a stick.

"She's just giving me back the notes she borrowed from me Reid." Tyler said shaking his head.

"Damnit dude I was hoping you were finally acting like a man," Reid said ruffling Tyler's hair.

"And you know how a real man acts than?" Mia blurted out.

Dumbass you're supposed to make friends with them not piss them off.

"Does kitty-cat wanna show of her claws or something?" Reid asked raising an eyebrow. "If you were let me tell you: Reid Garwin ain't impressed."

"I don't really feel the need to impress you; it should be the other way around if you ask me."

"Well I'm not asking you anything missy."

"Mia." She corrected.


"My name is Mia, as in Maria not missy."

"Wait Maria?" Tyler repeated chuckling as Reid looked at her sceptically.

"Uh-yeah, is that so weird?" Mia asked frowning.

"The first time that lame pickup line would actually be true and you don't use it," Tyler said still chuckling while Reid just set his jaw and made an annoyed face.

"Is it normal that I don't get it?" Mia asked hoping she wouldn't come across as an idiot, but she really didn't get it…Was this Sons of Ipswich humour?

"It's normal if you're not familiar with Reid's lame ass pick-up line." Tyler assured a grin still present on his face. "You see every time a girl gets introduced to him he's all like: really that's my grandmother's name, you kinda remind me of her. Well in reality said grandmother's name is Maria."

"That's…a really lame pick-up line," Mia muttered unthinkingly earning herself a death glare from the blond.

"Listen up short stuff-"

"Short stuff?" Mia repeated raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah short stuff, half-pint, midget, hobbit, you get my point." Reid said with a dismissive wave of his hand, which was clad in ridiculous fingerless gloves.

"Don't call me that!"

"Why not? What are you? Five foot?"

"5'2 actually."

"See, short stuff."


Yet again, you should be making friends with him not insulting him, use that brain of yours Sanders…You do want that internship don't you?!


"No, that's a lie, you're not an oaf, you're more of an ogre." She retorted lamely.

"Sanders? What are you doing here?" Someone called from behind her…she knew that voice.

Oh, fuck…shit just hit the fane didn't it?

She made a pained expression and slowly turned to face the chest of someone she was quite familiar with…

"Aaron," she said smiling rather hypocritically. She could miss her connection to Aaron Abbot like a sore tooth for the moment, she knew he and the Sons of Ipswich disliked each other, well dislike is such a soft word, hate is so much more fitting. "Hey."

"What are you doing here?" Aaron asked frowning. "With them?"

He really shouldn't have said that with such contempt and well repulsion.


"Is that your business than Abbot?" Reid asked cutting her off annoying her with his meddling.

"Yes," Aaron said with a smirk obviously pleased he could tell off Reid Garwin. "You see, I've known her since, oh I don't know, kindergarten? Our dads play golf together. And oh yeah, guess what: she's my ex-girlfriend."

She really could've done without him saying that.

"That was-"

"And that makes you the boss of her?" Reid said yet again cutting her off, infuriating habit really. She was well aware of the fact he wasn't trying to stick up for her or anything, it was more like: pushing-Aaron-Abbot-his-buttons-so-we-can-have-ourselves-a-fight.

"No that makes me the guy who makes sure she doesn't hang out with the wrong crowd."

"And we're the wrong crowd now are we?"

She felt like she was standing in between to really large starving rabid pit-bulls who were fighting over a bone.

"Can you two like chill?" She piped feeling slightly intimidated as she looked from one tall boy to the other.

The two boys looked at her with similar expressions of surprise…Well at least they could agree on one thing: looking at her in a way that made her feel uncomfortable.

"Stay out of it short stuff," Reid said with a very mischievous look on his face…she didn't trust that look the slightest bit. "This is a guy thing," he added draping an arm around her shoulders.

She looked at said arm in distrust and confusion: what was he playing at?

"What are you doing Garwin?" Aaron asked looking at Reid's arm with obvious aggravation.

"Having some fun with our dear Mia."

What the fuck?

"Stay away from her,' Aaron stated and his left eye started to twitch.

Whenever he got that twitch, things were bound to get ugly, but Reid didn't seem to know or even more probable didn't seem to care.

"Or what tough guy?" Reid said unwrapping his arm from her and giving her an absentminded shove backwards she bumped into the pool table quite painfully, there was going to be a bruise there tomorrow that's for sure.

"What do you think Garwin?"

The two were really getting up in each other's face now; they both looked ready to bite the other ones head of. She shot Tyler a look but he seemed a bit too preoccupied with watching the little argument in front of them ,slowly but steadily, turn into a fight.

A fight would be wonderful for the article, especially to see how Garwin would weasel his way out of consequences but she'd rather not be involved in any way, and momentarily both boys were using her as an excuse to have a brawl, so she really couldn't let this happen.

"Fucker!" Someone shouted snapping her out of her train of thought…apparently the two boys had chosen to 'attack' each other while she was off in la-la-land thinking everything over.

The two were trying to hit each other wherever they could, but both were sort off aiming for the face, she sure as hell didn't want to get in the middle of that, but she had to, she had to split them up before Aaron's friends and Garwin's friends joined in on their little rumble.

So: switch of brain, don't think of possible risks, just get in there and stop it.

Before she knew it she was standing in-between them, a hand on each boy's chest and praying to every god she knew they weren't going to crush her or something in those lines…

Journalism was dangerous, very dangerous and not only when you were in a standard war zone.

"Can you two like knock it off?" She muttered only now daring to look up, both boys were still looking at each other like they weren't going to settle for anything but a fight 'till the death: how could they be like this all the time? Her words didn't seem to affect them…so she decided to just try to get the boy she had the most influence on to walk away. She knew fully well nothing that could come out of her mouth would make Garwin back off so that only left…

"Aaron, I can take care of myself yeah? So don't use me as an excuse to pick a fight with Garwin. Do yourself a favour and walk away; it's seriously not worth it. Don't make me tell your dad your acting like a dick."

"How about I tell your dad about the scum you're hanging around with?" Aaron stated; his words were like a red to a bull. But by the lack of attack from Garwin's side, she was guessing Tyler had stepped in as well. Because face the facts: Reid could simply push her out of his way.

"I was just giving Tyler his notes back that's all," Mia said trying to look as innocent as possible. "Walk away Aaron, you have a lot of secrets, and I don't want to use them against you."

Aaron set his jaw and looked at her in annoyance before storming off. But at the door, he halted and turned around.

"Next time I'll make sure nobody's around to help you Garwin, fucking pussy!" He spat loud enough for all to hear, and with that he turned his heel and left.

Her hand went from pressing into Garwin's chest to clutching his right arm in an attempt to stop him from storming after him, on her own Garwin wouldn't even have to break a sweat to get lose, but Tyler was holding on to his other arm. Though she had a feeling, nothing, could hold back a pissed off Reid Garwin…she had heard the rumours about his vile temper, she was hoping for her own safety that those stories were severely exaggerated.

Apparently, they weren't, Garwin pulled himself out of the death grip Tyler and Mia had on his arm and stormed right out of the place virtually knocking over anyone in his way.

Mia didn't think twice and stormed after him, if he was going to catch up with Aaron.

Things would be bad, really bad…and it would really suck if Aaron got involved in this.

Once out the door she looked around, trying to spot him, it didn't take long to catch sight of the blond as he made his way towards a dark, large truck like vehicle –she made a mental note to learn more about cars.-

She ran after him, she wasn't fast; if she had been fast, she would have stopped him on his way to the car. She wouldn't have had to crawl into the passenger seat to pull the keys from the ignition like she was doing now.

So there she was holding the keys a very pissed of hothead wanted.

"Hand it over," Reid grumbled obviously not in the mood for games.

"No," Mia said sounding a bit shakier than she had planned. "If I give you these you'll follow Aaron, you'll get into a huge fight, you'll both get hurt, and you'll both probably get into trouble."

She was actually more concerned about Aaron getting involved and snitching her out to her father who would just know something was up…

"Like Abbot can even land a punch." Reid snorted.

"Think Garwin, think, he's friends are with him, you're alone. Not to insult your manliness or anything but a lion can't take on a pack of hyenas on his own."

"Did you just call me a lion?" Reid asked grinning smugly.

Mia rolled her eyes…insufferable moron.

"So where's Tyler?" Reid asked, remarkable how quickly his mood could change.

"I don't know," Mia said frowning. "I left him in there," she nodded towards the building, "when I came running after you and prevent you from doing something moronic."

"Never mind," Reid said looking out the window, "there's baby boy right now."

What was up with that nickname? It sounded kinda…shifty.

"You're lucky Caleb wasn't here yet." Were the first words out of Tyler's mouth as he climbed into the backseat.

Caleb? Caleb Danvers? He seemed so…calm and collected. Was he the leader of their little club? Was Reid afraid of him?

"Caleb can kiss my ass," Reid said offhandedly.

Apparently not…

"How did you stop him anyway?" Tyler asked turning his attention to Mia seemingly unfazed by his friend's rudeness.

"She pulled the keys from the ignition," Reid said before she was able to even get a peep in.

Such an annoying habit…but be pleasant and nice, be friendly, a lot's appending on getting along with them.

"Daring move," Tyler said nodding his approval, "Thank you for not letting him take of with my car…again."

Reid rolled his eyes and muttered something along the lines of "Drama Queen" under his breath.

"If this is your car, why does he have the keys?" Mia asked.

"He has the tendency of swiping them," Tyler said visibly annoyed, "he's too lazy to get himself a car so he just steals mine."

"I don't steal your car, I just borrow it."

Tyler raised an eyebrow: "Usually borrowing means asking permission."

Reid simply set his jaw and rolled his eyes.

"Need a ride back to campus?" Tyler asked turning his attention back to Mia.

"You wanna head back already?" Reid asked in disbelief.

"Reid I'm doing this for your own good."

"Since when do you lay down the law Baby Boy?"

"I'd love a ride," Mia piped in creating distraction.

Joan was going to kill her for leaving without a word, but this was one opportunity she didn't want to pass up on.

"Hand over the keys than short stuff," Reid said with that roguish smirk.

Mia eyed him suspicious before turning towards Tyler for consent.

"Give him the keys," Tyler said with a shrug, "he's always driving anyway."

Reluctantly she placed the keys in the awaiting palm of Reid's hand.

"See Cherry that wasn't so hard now was it?" Reid smirked starting up the car.

"I'm not a redhead." The words leaving her mouth before she knew it. And only after she had said it she realised he could be calling her cherry for a completely different reason.

"'Course you're not, but you have some cherry red streaks in that little black ponytail of yours." He was telling the truth but judging by Tyler's snort and the dubious grin on Reid's face. She doubted if the little nickname had anything to do with her cherry red streaks.

"So you dated Aaron Abbot?" Reid said out of the blue. She just knew they were going to bring that up. "You don't really seem the type, bit overdressed."

Overdressed? Okay she had been one of the more covered girls at Nicky's with her dark jeans, faded grey shirt and black hoodie but it was fall!

What sane person ran around in barely more than a bikini during fall?

Aaron's girlfriends…okay maybe Blondie had a point.

The car suddenly started spinning like crazy, she squeaked in surprised and silently thanked every God she knew for the fact she had remembered to put on her seatbelt, having had a feeling that Garwin wasn't the most responsible driver in the world.

She closed her eyes and waited for them to crash into something as the car kept on spinning.

"Reid stop it!" She heard Tyler shout.

Garwin wasn't doing this on purpose was he? That's impossible! He isn't skilled enough to be doing this on purpose…

The car came to an abrupt stop.

"Dude there's like nobody and the road and that was just my way of saying earth to Mia."

"How did he do that?" Mia asked dumbfound when Reid started driving again as if nothing had happened.

"He has a gift," Tyler said sounding aggravated.

"Yeah I'm the shit, I know, now answer my fucking question 'bout you and Abbot."

"Yes I dated him-"

"You have really bad taste you know-"

"Let me finish!" Mia said. "We dated when we were ten 'till we were twelve. Our parents thought it was cute."

"You were dating Aaron Abbot and your parents thought it was cute? Bad parenting if you ask me," Reid stated before being smacked across the head by Mia.

"Fuck you, what was that for?"

"For insulting my parents and for that little stunt you pulled back there." Mia huffed momentarily choosing to forget her friendship plan.

Tyler chuckled. "You disserved that Reid."

"And don't be a baby I didn't hit you that hard."

"It didn't hurt you hit like a sissy."

"Jeez, thank you."

"A word of advice, never get into a fight, you'll lose."

"I'll keep that in mind," she retorted dryly.

(Back in Mia's dorm, an hour latter)

She stared at her computer screen with a satisfied smirk on her face and reread her little essay.

Garwin is impulsive and a hothead: he'll jump into something without thinking it through and doesn't seem fazed by he consequences of his actions, maybe there is no need to keep them in mind because he doesn't have to bare them?

Simms is, although more grounded than Garwin, easily manipulated by his friend. He also expressed some respect/fear towards Danvers and feared his reaction to Garwin's behaviour. This gives me reason to believe Danvers is indeed the leader of the group.

Her gaze shifted to Tyler's binder, which was laying on top of her bed, she had 'forgotten' to give it back to him, thus giving her a reason to visit them tomorrow.

She was a clever one now wasn't she?


Well that's it for now,

Tell me what you think I guess