Hello to all the peoples reading this. I am rewriting my fruits Basket story, mainly because as I was rereading it, I realized that it has been very poorly done, and I messed up a heap of stuff. I also apologize but I am taking out Len-Len and Ellez, and just so people don't try to correct me on this; I know Akito is female! For the sake of my story however, Akito is male. Kureno has actually been forced to return to the main house too, but before that happened he had married Arisa (awww) and they have had a daughter. They haven't lived together but Arisa and their daughter (whom I've renamed Ying Fa) use the secret entrance to visit him all the time.

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A small girl is walking next to her mother. Nothing much is happening, they are just talking, but the small girl has the brightest smile on her lips, and her mother has laughter escaping her mouth. The sky gets darker; a storm is brewing. The mother begins to pick up her pace, so that she won't be drenched by the oncoming storm, but she's walking too fast for her daughter, who has started to run, trying desperately to catch up. Lightning flashes across the sky, and thunder is all that can be heard, aside from one small cry from the child.

"Mummy! Please wait! Please don't leave me! Mummy!"

The mother doesn't respond, in fact, the mother is longer even there! She has faded in the distance. The little girl falls to her knees and starts weeping.

"Please don't leave me all alone ..."

The storm hits, and darkness and rain threaten to swallow the poor child whole. Just as the first slivers reach the child, light pours into the room, and the child turns into a teenager, surrounded by many people, all of whom make the girl smile. Suddenly, a chill crawls up the girls' spine. A shadow looms over her, and as she turns, and see the silhouette of someone laughing. The darkness from before returns and everything vanishes, but some one cold cruel words ring through the air.

"Unless you want me to spill their blood, you had better make yourself vanish, foolish woman."

Tohru POV

That dream again ... why do I keep on having it? Is it retribution? I, who fear so much being left, have left the Sohma's ... is this the price I pay for forcing my own fear upon others? Kyo...

Normal POV

The young woman's hand moves slowly to the small pendant around her neck, and she holds it, while tears form in her eyes and a slight blush colours her cheeks. The pendant doesn't appear to be anything special or unique, it is a small flower; a daisy. Despite this, the woman holds the charm carefully, delicately, almost as though she were afraid breaking it would cause tragedy. As the first tears begin to fall, the woman known as Tohru Honda gently says his name once more, before drifting slowly into the nightmarish sleep, that she has suffered for the last six years.

Your attention has now been shifted to many kilometres away to what is recognized as the Sohma Family Estate. Little has changed in six years, but today, something will. All members of the Sohma family curse, the Zodiac members, have all collected together in the meeting hall that belongs to the family head, Akito. Inside the inner family, Akito is known for his violence, and has even revealed that he is the one who made Tohru Honda leave, by threatening great pain upon the people she cared so much about. Once this was revealed, any feelings of malice the zodiac members may have had towards Tohru, swiftly vanished, and flew onto the surface of the sun, never to be experienced again. Today, all thirteen members of the curse have gathered to inform Akito of a great happening.

"Free ... how ... impossible! The chains which bind cannot be broken! Those born into the Zodiac were born to be with me until the day we all die!"

Akito is yelling in a fierce manner, but looks like a child that has just been informed of the death of their dog; sad, desperate, and above all, scared. The God of the Zodiac cannot be God without the Zodiac, after all.

"That has been fulfilled Akito. The animals of the Zodiac have all died, and all stories say that God died right after the animals had perished. We are no longer bound by past promises. We are only people now, and for the first time in six, long years, we are all able to live as we want to."

Yuki's voice was calm and clear, without a hint of the terror that used to be in his voice when talking to or about Akito. It is as they all say; when freedom is granted no fear can break its first steps.

Akito sits on the floor, motionless, as all the members leave the establishment, without as much as a backwards glance. As the last member, Shigure, leaves and closes the door to the hall, Akito looks to the ceiling, and begins to cry.

Outside the main gates, all the members stretch and relax, as though they had just woken up from a deep sleep. As they finish up, a couple of figures appear from around the corner and Kureno looks surprised, though happiness dances unhindered in his eyes.

"Pa!" "Honey!"

"Arisa! Ying Fa!"

Kureno finds himself wrapping his arms around his tiny, six year old daughter, and his beautiful twenty two year old wife, while they do the same to the thirty year old man before them. While the others are watching this display of familial affection (that only Tohru and Kisa's love attacks could beat in adorableness), three members of the group are trying to sneak away unnoticed by Arisa. Namely Kyo, Yuki and Shigure. Arisa notices anyway.

"What? I don't even get a greeting from my extended family?"

As they were rightfully caught, the four exchange greetings, as does the others present, and once all the pleasantries are out of the way, little Ying Fa speaks up

"Pa, since you don't have to stay here any more, let's go home, kay?"

"I would like that very much Ying Fa. How about it Love?"

Arisa smiles and blushes at the pet name, and nods her head. Linking arms with Kureno, who has picked up Ying Fa, the three say good bye to the group, and head to their home. Momiji pulls a phone out of his pocket and calls his father. Though surprised to be receiving a call from his son, Momiji's father soon arrived at the gates with transport for all the members to stay at one of his hotels (a recent expansion venture) which all took, willing to stay anywhere away from Akito.

Rooms were divided as such: Kagura, Rin, and Kisa

Kyo, Ritsu, and Momiji

Yuki, Hiro, and Hatsuharu

Shigure, Hatori, and Ayame

Even though the curse of centuries was broken, they all still felt a deep connection with one another. That's why they didn't mind sharing rooms even though individual rooms had been offered to all of them. For the firs time in six years, the dreams of twelve Sohma's didn't turn into nightmares.

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