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Kazuma had returned to the dojo after having several nice hot chocolates, only to find it empty. Kyo had vanished. After the mandatory thirty seconds of panicking, Kazuma saw the note left on the table.

'Feeling confined, gone out for a bit. Should be back before dinner'

Dinner was supposed to have been a few hours ago. Kazuma wasn't allowed in the kitchen unsupervised. Saki had been given time off for the holidays and Kunimitsu was visiting family in the next town over. Kazuma was not allowed in the kitchen.

As the sky grew darker, and the hours turned later, Kazuma began to feel a little apprehensive. Kyo may have liked the night, but he never stayed out the night in preference to dinner ... unless he was meeting up with the ex-zodiacs, but he would have come back home first to update the note ... it was one of a few habits that Kyo, Yuki and Shigure had all honed for Tohru. They would make sure she knew where they would be and usually with whom. That habit had been unknowingly cultivated to make sure that Tohru wouldn't worry about them, and it carried on for their current guardians (for Shigure, it was Hatori, and Yuki, it was Ayame)

It was even later when Kazuma had the brilliant idea to go out and actually look for his son. He pulled a thick coat over his kimono, and was about to lock the door when he realised that it had begun to snow. The crystals of water floated down gently, and Kazuma found himself stunned in awe at the near dancing the snow flakes were displaying. Swirling and spinning in the gentle breeze, the snow seemed delighted to have an audience, and Kazuma just kept watching, until he felt a hand on his shoulder; almost waiting for his attention.

"You'll catch cold if you stay out too much longer Master"

Kazuma turned to see Kyo heading inside. Not to mention the gentle smile on his face and the calmness of Kyo's aura, which had been on edge ever since he was forced into the cat room.



"What happened today to put you so at ease?"

Kyo's smile broadened and Kazuma found himself on edge waiting to hear the answer

"I found an angel."

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