Him and Her
By Neech
Category: Goong
Rating: K+ (for themes of romance)
Status: Goong one-shot (completed)
Pairings: Kang-Hyun/ Jang Kyung, Shin/Chae-Gyeong
Genre: Romance
Disclaimer: I do not own Goong. Darn

It is a typical spring afternoon, and he's chasing her again.

You pretend not to pay them any attention, your eyes focused on the book on your table as you attempt to hide the smile on your face, watching quietly out of the corner of your eye as she growls at him in irritation, struggling to push him out of the door. He is undeterred, of course, the blissful smile on his face indicative of the depth of his infatuation.

He publicly declares his undying love and she swats his arm, telling him to make himself scarce. Surprisingly, he listens, and makes to leave, but not before kissing her hand gently and tucking a rebellious strand of hair behind her ear. He takes advantage of the stunned expression on her face to press his lips against hers, and then- he runs.

Smart boy.

You are barely able to restrain your laughter as your friend blushes a magnificent red before violently slamming her paintbrush and palette into the sink, muttering angrily about sneaky, rich idiots that kissed girls without any prior warning. A giggle slips out, and she shoots you a baleful glare, taking her frustration out on the mould of clay that sits on her table (You wince slightly in sympathy for the poor student whose artwork is slowly being reduced to a pile of glop). After a moment, the vicious jabs halt, and the turns her seat to the window so you cannot see her face.

What she does not know is that you have seen the playfulness in her demeanour when she chases him around the room, the slight quirk of her mouth when she half-heartedly listens to his outrageous praises and the secret smile in her eyes when he calls her 'Swan' and tells her she is beautiful. And you know, somewhere hidden behind her façade, she loves him too.

He returns with a plate of food and a single white rose, and you choke back laughter as you are witness to the barely perceptible brightening of her eyes at his return, though it changes quickly to an expression of aggrieved horror as he bends down on one knee, launching into a frivolous speech on the wonders of her beauty.

Gentle hands reach out to clasp your wrists and you close your eyes and breathe in the familiar scent of cool cologne, your smile widening on your face. "Guess who." His breath tickles your ear and you open your eyes, grinning as your handsome husband smiles back.

You reach out to press a kiss against his cheek, but he turns slightly, so your lips touch his instead, a playful glint in his eyes as he smiles at your shock. You give him a gentle kick and pull him into the seat next to yours, admonishing him to behave, though inside, you enjoy the playful streak inside your Shin-goon, for it warms your heart that you are the one that set him free. He smiles, unrepentant, but you notice that his glance lingers on the unlikely couple before you.

"Thank you." You tell the former Crown Prince of Korea, and you smile inwardly as you watch his eyebrows crinkle in confusion.

"For what?" He asks, and you intertwine your fingers with his, smiling to yourself.

"For marrying me. They never would have a chance otherwise." He laughs at this, and then the both of you sit in silence as you watch your friends laugh and fight, within a world of their own. And for once, you are content.