Title: All Kinds of Time

Author: Girl Who Writes

Fandoms: Sailor Moon

Characters: Michiru.

Notes: Written for 15 minute fic's 10th prompt, music. Part of a short little series of ficlets focusing around Michiru and Haruka; most likely with an emphasis on Michiru, but I'll see.

Summary: It's a little more intimate, a little less familiar – she has made it hers.

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi. I'm just a humble fan and make no profit from this fan based venture.


She lifts the violin and her eyes trace the notes on the music in front of her. She is completely focused, the outside world fading away from her conscience. She has always been precise, a perfectionist – something she learnt about herself when she first started playing the violin.

Her fingers dance over the strings, and she is playing the piece from memory; it's a little more intimate, a little less familiar – she has made it hers.

This life or the next, she is the music. Like the sea, she is the music. It will be her legacy, coercing beauty from the strings of an instrument. Perhaps the finding of beauty - in music or in art – is her true talent; to create something magnificent, rather than the creation itself.

The past, the present, the future. She is the music, the sea, the beauty.

She finally puts the bow and the violin down, back in its velvet lined case, shuffling the sheets of music together and slipping them back into her book, packing things away – the book on the top shelf, the violin in it's case on the bottom shelf, the music stand back in it's corner. The curtains are drawn on the slowly sinking sun, and she leaves the room, shutting the door behind her.

Michiru can hear Hotaru out in the swimming pool, and she pauses until she hears the voices of Setsuna and Haruka with her. She flicks the switch to the garden lights and slips through the darkening house, going to the cabinet in the lounge room, and flicking through plastic cases, until she finds the one she's looking for.

When the three come in from the pool, only a few rooms are lit against the twilight, and a CD spins in the background, violins and pianos twisting around each other, Michiru humming along to the music, lost in her own world.