Tenchi Muyo Never an Ending: Ryoko Freaks Out

After reading the story from Jason Goodman "Bonds - Chapter 1: "The First Night" form the Tenchi Muyo Fan Fiction Archive (www.tmffa.com), and replaying several scenes in the Tenchi OVA series this story came to mind. The scenes I am referring to are in OVA episode 5 where Ryoko was possessed again by Kagato and then at the end of episode 13 when her mom holds her captive in her lab. Others have written about this particular part of the series as well like "June Mermaid" by The Entry Plug from Fan Fiction (www.fanfiction.net), and while they both saw stories going in one direction or the other I just guess I am a bit different and this story came to mind.

For realism, I played the last portion of "Here Comes Jurai" repeatedly till I had all of what Ryoko had said. I am not taking credit for it, I am just citing where it came from. I do not own or hold the rights to any of the characters or activities that have gone on through any of the TM episodes as they are the Property of AIC and Pioneer. I want no money or fame out of this, nor do I want a lawsuit so please go easy on me.


Tenchi Muyo Never an Ending: Ryoko Freaks Out

Just a few days after the Jurai nobles had left Washu had gotten Ryoko to enter her lab to do a test or two on her, but as soon as Ryoko entered she was grabbed by several mechanical arms and held fast to a wall. Another set of hands stripped her of all but a small purple top that barely covered her. Of coarse she was not happy with this and began screaming at Washu to let her go who responded by having her gagged. To ensure that Ryoko would not teleport or phase out of her bonds a device was placed that circled her hips that disrupted her powers.

Several moments later Mihoshi entered and began to talk to Washu about Dr Clay. Ryoko tried to hide the humiliation and anger by being quiet hoping Mihoshi would not notice her or say anything to the others. But after the blonde left so did Washu, leaving her trapped in the darkness half-naked.

Ryoko hung there, cold and alone wondering what had happened when she started to struggle against the bonds. When she got the gag off, she began to holler out, "Hay, Let me go! Release me! Damn you Washu! Hay, Washu! Washu, Washu, Washu! Washu damn-it! Washu, Hay! Hay...Washu? Do you hear me at all? Hello? Hello there? Here little Washu? Are you there? Washu, hay, anybody? Washu?" Ryoko then began calling her mothers' name between sobs as she was starting to cry now.

She cried for a few moments and began to call out again. "Mommy, please release me! Mommy? Please mommy? Don't leave me here! Don't leave me behind! Please? I don't want to be alone! It's dark, It's Scary! Mommy! Mommy? In tears, Ryoko kept calling out hoping someone would hear her.

Out of desperation she cried out, "Tenchi! Help me..."

Upstairs in his bed Tenchi sat upright as he looked around. "Ryoko?" After hearing, nothing he dismissed it as the wind then started to lie down again.

"Tenchi!" Ryoko called out and began to cry harder.

He knew something was wrong, he had heard her call for him again, he thought, but she was no where to be seen. Turning on his lamp he grabbed a robe and walked to the door. As he looked about he did not see her, but he knew that she had called him.

Washu was watching her daughter and was starting to think this had gone far enough. For Ryoko, it had already gone too far. Her mind had closed it's self off to everything. Washu felt a cold feeling, the same she had felt a long time ago. But before she could place it a nightmarish scene began to play out in font of her.

In her mind, Ryoko saw another time when she was bound to a wall. Shortly before her attack on Jurai she had shown emotion and spared the life of a family. Kagato had seen this and destroyed them in front of her then punished her. She was again strapped to a wall as waves of pain washed over her body. She cried out in pain but it did no good. He stood before her rebuking her and insulting her for showing weakness.

Involuntarily Ryoko's body shuddered as it relived the horrible experience. Washu watched in horror as her daughter was racked with pain. Then the one thing that she hoped would never happen, was taking place at this moment.

Crying out Ryoko said, "I'm sorry Kagato! I'll never show emotions again!" her body was wracked with another series of energy waves hit her in the nightmare that seemed to be real life. She heard him ask what she will do to which she responded, "I'll kill till there's no one left! I won't be weak, I won't show mercy!"

Falling to her knees Washu realized she had awoken a memory of when Kagato had tortured her. Only now she was reliving that same pain and torture, this time at the hands of her own mother. She began to weep and think of a way to correct this when Ryoko screamed again. If it had not been for being in another dimension at the time all of Japan would have awoken from it.

Tenchi could feel something was wrong horribly wrong. He rushed into the living room and looked up to see Ryoko's pillow, but not her. Running this time to Ayeka's room, he pounded on the door asking her to wake up.

When she did, he asked her frantically, "Have you seen Ryoko?"

"Ugh, you woke me up to ask about her?" This was the one thing that she had hoped he would not have woken her up about. She had been having another dream of them getting married on Jurai.

"Ayeka, something's wrong; I don't know what, she's in pain you have to help me find her!" His eyes held a begging look that she could not look away from.

She thought about it, but Sasami appeared behind her with a sleeping Ryo-Ohki in her arms and said that they would look for Ryoko. Sasami woke up Mihoshi and the two of them went downstairs while Ayeka headed to the Onsen. In the Lab though, Washu was frantically typing on her laptop when an energy burst scared her. Ryoko had somehow torn her way out of the robotic arms and was now throwing energy beams everywhere destroying the lab.

Ryoko was wearing her red and black battle suit; her eyes were lifeless and glowed with a green tint. In one instant she shot out a large energy blast at Washu that she almost did not dodge and then Ryoko was gone. Ryoko had teleported outside and looked at the Masaki residence. She knew which room the Princesses were in and in a flash she shot a blast through the house at that direct spot.

The blast tore a hole in the wall and raced into the house through the princess's room diagonally and then it exited the house on the other side so that she could see into and through the room. The demon looked and saw that the room had been empty, but the blast was loud enough to alert everyone to her location. The hole was big enough for her to float through without needing to duck or phase out.

Sasami and Mihoshi had been downstairs and were only tossed about from the shock as pots, and other items landed on them. Ayeka had been in the Onsen so she was not hit either. Tenchi who had been in the front room was also safe. He ran outside and saw her there. "Ryoko! What are you doing?"

As he looked up at her, she started to descend towards him and that's when he noticed her eyes. "Ryoko! What's wrong?"

She pointed an energy sword at him and replied, "so Yosho you've come to fight me? Then die!" She hissed and threw several energy bolts at him. Taken by surprise he barely had the chance to defend himself. He dodged the first as it hit the house close to the kitchen. The blast knocked several support beams down. Mihoshi had tackled Sasami as the beam descended upon them.

Washu emerged from the lab and looked about. Hearing a noise from the kitchen she went to investigate. Inside Mihoshi was laying over Sasami who still held Ryo-Ohki and all three were not moving. The ground was covered with pots, pans, wood and other rubble, but the splatters of red that could be seen everywhere seemed to get her attention more. She leaned over hesitantly to investigate when another series of explosions shook the house from outside.

Running outside she saw Ryoko attacking Tenchi with a ferocity that she had not seen before. Ayeka appeared with her guardians, but with Ryoko in a hyper charged state, she tossed them aside easily. Ayeka tried to create a force field around Ryoko but the devil woman moved to fast for her now.

Ryoko let a massive barrage of attacks on Ayeka that any normal person or Juraian would not have survived. Ayeka had been able to erect a field to protect her just in time while Tenchi also deflected some of the attacks as he called out for Ryoko to stop this, so somehow she had avoided certain death. His grandfather had heard the first explosion and was running down the stairs to investigate. Tenchi said a silent prayer of thanks that his dad had gone on a business trip just this afternoon.

She now stood before him with their swords crossed, her face contorted with evil intentions. He still had to help her but he could not think of how so he spoke softly to her, "Ryoko, it's me Tenchi. Please come back to us? Come back to me..." Though most of what he said did not seem to do anything, that last bit seemed to have an effect as her eyes changed for a moment then she disappeared leaving them all confused.

Tenchi was unsure as to what had just happened, he had never known her to become like this and for her to not recognize him meant that something terrible had happened. For a moment, he stood there with his sword activated looking at the spot where he had last seen her. In his mind, he could still occasionally hear her calling out for help just as he heard when she attacked him, but her lips did not move as she attacked him.

Ayeka stepped up beside him, "Tenchi, are you ok?" Her voice was soft and filled with concern, as her love seemed very confused. His grandfather also appeared and looked at the damage unknowing what had just transpired.

He turned back towards her and Washu. Opening his mouth to speak he could just stare beyond both of them at what was coming out of the house. The two turned to look and they saw Mihoshi covered in what looked like blood carrying an unconscious Sasami who also had Ryo-Ohki on her stomach that appeared to be just waking up, though still quite dazed.

Letting out a scream Ayeka ran to her sister to see if she was all right. Washu was right on her heels but they both smiled when they discovered that the little girl was ok. Both Sasami and Mihoshi had ketchup all over them as they had been in the kitchen when the blast hit near them. And thanks to Mihoshi's incredible luck, both were ok save a bruise or two.

When Tenchi, his grandfather, Ayeka, Sasami, Mihoshi and Washu were all together they were glad to still be alive, but they still did not know what happened. Ayeka was the first to speak, "I never trusted that demon much, this just goes to show..." She was silenced not only by a stern look from Tenchi, but he held his blade in front of her close to her neck. She had never known him to be so hostile about anything and this took everyone by surprise.

"Ayeka, understand this. She's not a demon, she's just a lost soul like yourself that has come to this house." He dropped his sword and everyone including Ayeka took a deep breath. He began again after he had a chance to clear his mind. "I had not seen or talked to Ryoko since yesterday, and she did not seem unhappy or upset about anything. Ayeka when was the last time you saw her?" After he had spoken, he continued with a few relaxation techniques that he had learned.

She looked down as to think then replied, "At dinner last night was the last time I saw her, we were about to fight again when you stopped us, I then excused myself and have not seen her till just now."

He looked at Sasami, who said simply, "I saw her last night too, she left the kitchen while I was cleaning then..." She paused and looked at Ayeka, "Mihoshi and I watched a movie before I went to bed too."

Here sister looked at her startled, "Sasami! You didn't watch THAT show! I told you not to!" Sadly the little girl nodded her head. Everyone else was out of the loop until Mihoshi remembered the movie.

"Oh it was just one of his dad's movies." Everyone looked down and groaned then the thought donned on her, "Well it wasn't one of his graphic ones it was the one where..." Everyone cut her off by screaming her name.

Looking back at the blonde he asked, "When did you last see Ryoko?"

"Oh she was in Washu's lab last time I saw her, but that was after the movie." As she said, this Washu had taken a few steps backward to distance her self.

"Washu? What have you done? Is this another of your experiments?" She could see the anger growing in his eyes, his voice seemed to loose it's natural warmth and everything about him turned cold.

She stepped back another step and began to cry as she told them of what she had done. How she left Ryoko bound against the wall as she watched. Tenchi was almost shaking as he spoke without thinking, "you mean you, her mother, locked her up and tortured her!" He was practically screaming the last parts.

"Tenchi!" He turned to see the stern face of his grandfather. He lost his anger and looked back at the girls. Most of all he looked to Washu.

His words had hit harder than any physical attack could of. She doubled over crying hard telling them that it was just to get her to cool down a bit and then she went ballistic and started talking to the air as if Kagato was there. At the mention of that name his fist clenched around the sword as he began to concentrate hard on a relaxation routine again. When he had regained his thoughts and composure he was able to realize that Washu was upset over what had happened as well.

"The last thing she did," Washu offered in hopes it would calm him down, "was call your name Tenchi before her eyes changed."

Looking at her now with an almost disturbing calmness he asked, "Did she call my name twice?"

She looked up at him, "Yes, how… how did you know?"

"I heard her call out my name a while ago, then as I turned on the light in my room I heard it again but she wasn't there. Even now I can hear her voice like a faint whisper calling out for help."

Approaching him she asked, "How? How's that possible? You don't have Psychic powers or even a gem to communicate with her?" Washu and the others were equally surprised.

" I don't know, I didn't even have the Master Key in my hand or even near me when I heard it the first time." He realized that this was not the first time he had thought he heard someone call him, but no one was there. He was reminded of when Zero had kidnapped Ryoko and he remembered a similar feeling. "When Zero took Ryoko, she'd said that she called out for help and it was about that time when I was in your lab that I heard someone call my name as well." No one could talk for the moment, as they were surprised at what he was suggesting.

Washu nodded her head; "yes she said that she called out, for you, but... I guess it was at that same time,"

"Tenchi," Katsuhito said, "now that you know this what are your plans?"

Ayeka knew he would go after her despite how much she wanted him to stay away from her. "I'll go and bring Ryoko back to us. Washu, I don't know if she can forgive you for what you did." Her head dropped and she started to cry again knowing how badly she had treated her only family. "But I do know that we all have done things that we wish we could change or forget." He looked at everyone one at a time. "Despite the evil that can lurk in each of our hearts I can still forgive, but things cannot go on forever like this. Washu, can you forgive yourself and change? Ayeka can you forgive and change?"

Both looked at him, he seemed so different so changed. It was as if he had grown twenty years in one night. They could not answer him. Not right now, not yet. Even Mihoshi seemed to be affected by this sudden change. He told Washu to take Ayeka, Sasami, Mihoshi and even his grandfather into her lab where they would be safe for the moment. He looked in the direction of where he had last seen her. "Remember this, I care for each of you, but you must go to a safe place while I bring Ryoko back."

At that moment, a tortured scream echoed through the woods, sending a shiver through everyone. Tenchi could hear Ryoko call to him as the scream permeated the woods about them. Without another word, he ran off up the stairs. Ayeka tried to go after him but Katsuhito stopped her, "Ayeka! I told you before that there is a time when a man must fight. This is Tenchi's battle." She nodded as the five of them entered the remains of Washu's lab with Ryo-Ohki.

Entering her lab she went to work having her robotic drones start repairing the house while a few worked on her lab. Ayeka and Sasami were amazed at the destruction. Both looked at Washu who felt tears welling up again as they saw the result of her sin against her own daughter.

Ryoko had teleported herself to the top of the cave that had served as her prison and home for the past 700 years. She swore that she could see Kagato and could sense his displeasure that she had failed because of a moment of weakness. Her mind replayed each and every torturous thing that he had done to her in the past thousands of years that she was with him. As her mind replayed the events, she could feel the pain coarse her body like it had never done before.

Unable to control it anymore she began to scream as the torture continued. She would not let him know how much she loved Tenchi and how when she did recognize him she could not fight anymore. But it was no use, she continued to see him being destroyed repeatedly by Kagato as her punishment.

Ryoko wanted to be with him badly but she wanted him to know that she would protect him. However she had been unable to and he was nearly killed on several occasions as she could only stand by helplessly. She then knew that he would never love her, she was a pirate, and a demon just another abomination created to destroy.

Tenchi could feel her agony, he was not sure how, but he used it to locate her. Within moments, he was in front of the cave again. He could see a figure above it that he knew was Ryoko. Climbing up he stood just over ten feet away as he called her name softly.


She looked up and hissed, as all she saw was Yosho and his sword. "Yosho you shall die this time!" She brought up her energy sword and advanced on him.

Tenchi dropped to his knees and bowed his head. "Kill me if you must Ryoko, but first tell me who I am." She laughed and called him Yosho again. "No Ryoko. I'm Tenchi Masaki, your friend. I freed you from this cave. Do you remember?"

Her eyes twitched and her sword began to flicker as he watched her closely. Inside her mind her emotions were fighting the will inside her to strike out at him. Her inner turmoil gave him the time to stand up and move to directly in front of her. The energy sword was still there so he placed a hand on her wrist. At his touch, she lunged at him.

Scarcely able to catch her other wrist before it did any damage to him he caught her other arm, and by some miracle, he managed to use her momentum to bring her down to the ground, with him over her pinning her down. She hissed at him like a caged animal and tried to bite him. At seeing her like this, Tenchi let a tear fall. He could not stand to see her like this when he could hear clearly in his head that she was screaming for help.

Bringing his head down close to hears and repeated several times, "Ryoko, it's me Tenchi. Please come back to me!" As he repeated the words, he felt the voice starting to fade away in his head. He began to repeat the words not only out loud but also to the fading voice. Caught in a mix of emotions he leaned in and gave her a kiss. He tried hard to kiss her with out having his face bit or scratched off, as she struggled against him at first. But the longer he kissed her the calmer she seemed to get.

When her body stopped trying to claw at him and her lips began to kiss back he pulled away to see her eyes had returned to their normal coloring. Overjoyed he leaned in again and gave her another quick kiss. When he pulled away this time, he told her, "Ryoko! I am glad your back!"

Looking at him, she could not say a word. She was conscious of everything that had happened and she cursed herself at trying to kill him. She knew he would never want to see her again, but in the recesses of her mind, she hoped that he would still want her back. She just a few moments ago had heard him begging her to come back, but when he had kissed her it broke the vicious cycle of self-loathing and painful memories.

"Tenchi?" He could hear the weakness of her voice but it still sounded sweet to him. "Why'd you do that, I mean come for me?"

He had not allowed anything to come into his mind other that getting her back and until now he had not been sure as to why. "Ryoko, when you called for me from the lab all I could think about was to come and save you."

Ryoko recoiled as she remembered the lab, but she then looked up at him as if to ask something but unable to form it into words. Tenchi answered her unasked question, "I heard you call my name twice last night and I began to look for you. I am not sure how, but I am sure that you had been calling to me all night." Her mouth hung open as she knew this to be correct, but how, why?

His hand against her cheek interrupted her thoughts, as he placed another kiss on her lips. She may have wanted to know the answers, but they can wait as she returned his kiss. As it continued she rolled him over and looked at him, he could tell what she was thinking by that look in her eyes.

"No Ryoko." When she heard the words some of her hurt returned till he finished. "I love you but the time is not right for that. Just lay down with me, ok?"

Her eyes went wide as he said those words. No one had ever said that to her and no one cared enough about her just to want to stay with her. Unable to speak she just kissed him lightly then curled up beside him on the ledge and began to sleep. Tenchi held her tight as he thought of his own words. "I've said it, I've told one of them that I love them. Now what? What happens when I get home? What happens tomorrow? What do I do?" He looked at the smile on Ryoko's face as she slept. There had been only a few times when he had seen her this happy.

He then realized that he did not care about all those things, all that mattered right here and right now was making the woman in his arms feel safe again. He hugged her close and he too drifted off to sleep as the sun began to rise.

In the lab Washu began to calm a little as she felt Ryoko's thoughts become happy again. Ayeka had allowed her to just sit down as the feelings had started to become too much for her. Ryo-Ohki had tried to calm her while Ayeka, Sasami, Katsuhito and even Mihoshi worked on cleaning up the lab for her.

Tenchi awoke some time later with the feeling of a rock digging into his back, but with having Ryoko lay on his chest he ignored the pain. He lay there and watched her as she slept, this time with a smile on her face and no signs of fear or bad dreams. This was not the first time he had watched her sleep; he had done this several times before when he awoke in the middle of the night to get a drink. He had also watched her as she slept perched up in a tree while he worked in the field.

However, now he was holding her as she slept so he let his hand move through her hair as he lay there pinned down. For once having her this close did not scare him and he did not want to run. Still the thought was in the back of his mind about what he should tell Ayeka, not wanting to face that he desperately began to think of something else. All he could think about though was Ryoko, how soft her hair was as his fingers slid through it, how relaxing the sound of her heartbeat was and how warm her breath felt. He looked at her face and could not help but see just how beautiful she was and how soft her body was against him. Although she was still in her combat suit, she seemed relaxed. Looking at her, he wondered about last night, how he had heard her so clearly. Picturing her in his mind, he began to talk to her image. "Ryoko, I. I'm not sure what to say or how to say it." His mind began to try to forms the words.

While he thought about this he did not know that Ryoko had woke up as he talked to her mental image. Amazingly somehow she heard it, but did not realize it was in her mind. She looked at him and asked, "what did you want to say?"

His eyes shot open as he looked at her, "you, I mean you heard me?"

"Yes, now what are you trying to say?" She leaned over him and brought her face up close to his. For some reason, she did not pick up on the fact that he had not voiced those words.

Regaining his concentration, he told the mental image of Ryoko, "It seems as though our minds have joined."

Unable to believe it she just looked at him as he spoke to her without moving his lips! She responded in kind, to the voice she heard, "Tenchi? If this is you tell me, why'd you come to get me?" Her eyes searched his for what she desperately wanted to hear.

"Ryoko," he began with his voice, "as I said, it seems that our minds have joined somehow." He then finished through their new link, "so now let our hearts join. I love you."

Tears formed in her eyes as she heard those words, but she mentally told him, "please tell me that out loud so I know I'm not dreaming."

Tenchi nodded and cupped her face in his hand as he told her, this time out loud, "Ryoko, I love you." He then kissed her once more as more tears, this time it was tears of joy streamed down her face as she returned the kiss.

After the kiss he sat up and looked at her, "I still have one problem. I'm not sure what to tell Ayeka." Ryoko looked saddened, but not hurt. "I care for her too. I'm not sure what I feel for her. And I really don't want to hurt her." Ryoko could tell that he was telling the truth.

"So, um, what do we do from here?" Never experiencing this type of emotion, she was unsure as to what to do.

Smiling he said, "first off no more experiments for either of us." She tried to grin at his apparent attempt at humor. "Second, we need to return to the house to make sure everyone is ok. And third we need to seriously talk about us."

Floating off him, she gave a reassuring smile and then they walked down the steps to the house. This time as they walked he had his arm around her trying to reassure her that all would be ok. This was a good thing, for when they got close enough to the house for her to see the damage she tried to run again. He held her tight and would not let her go.

"Ryoko," he began softly, "don't run, everything's gonna be ok. Trust me." Looking into his eyes she knew that it would, but that did not make the pain or fear go away. Nervously she approached the house, looking around at the hole through the house and at the damage done to the outside. When they entered the house there was no one to meet them, but there were still things laying around the room that needed to be cleaned.

Tenchi let go of Ryoko to begin cleaning, and Ryoko joined him and together they worked to clean up the living room. After a few moments, Ayeka and Sasami left the lab to inspect the house when they saw Tenchi and Ryoko cleaning. Sasami seeing that Ryoko was no longer trying to kill everyone screamed her name and ran to her. "Ryoko! Ryoko, I'm glad you're back. I was worried about you."

When she heard her name being screamed Ryoko turned around just as the girl ran into her knocking her down. "Easy kiddo. I'm sorry for scaring you. Tenchi's brought me back though I'm not sure that I'd be welcome back here after last night." Ryoko looked at the floor in shame of what happened.

"Well Miss Ryoko, you are welcome back and Miss Washu has explained the situation so it is evident that it was not entirely your fault." Ayeka looked at Ryoko and Sasami and could not help but feel sorry for this tortured soul that Ryoko was. But more than that Ryoko was a friend that was hurting. Just a year ago she would have tried to kill anyone that implied that she liked this pirate, but now she is admitting it herself.

Standing Ryoko looked at Ayeka, "I, I'm not good at this, but I wanted to say I'm sorry for attacking you and destroying your room."

"It's alright you pirate, just don't let it happen again." Ayeka said the word pirate with a bit of playfulness; very different from the tone she had used so much in the past. She did not know that Tenchi had proclaimed his love for the pirate, but his actions had done that for him yesterday. She may not be entirely happy about it, but she did have to admit that they seemed to really love each other. And she knew that someday she would find a love like that as well.