Tenchi Muyo Never an Ending: Tsunami, Musings of a Goddess

This is a continuation of "Tenchi Muyo Never an Ending." Although this takes place after "Katsuhito Learns to Live Again," there are things that happen before that time. I do not own or hold the rights to any of the characters or activities that have gone on through any of the TM episodes, as they are the Property of AIC and Pioneer. I want no money or fame out of this, nor do I want a lawsuit so please go easy on me.


Tenchi Muyo Never an Ending: Tsunami, Musings of a Goddess

Eons, to many they are a thing of fantasy, as no one has ever survived long enough to see one. No one of the mortal class that is. But there are a very select few that have seen not only one eon but also multiples. One such being is currently thinking not of the eons past or future but of the days to come. Tsunami, the first Royal Tree, the goddess, the power of Jurai and the battle ship of Jurai sits alone thinking of what to do. In the ages past, one of her sisters forsook all that she knew and became as a mortal, but yet not a mortal. And as a mortal she had children, though not in the conventional sense of the mortals around her. For every year of her so called life in the mortal realm, her sister believed she was, and is just like them though very long lived.

Many times had her sister seen the births of stars and mortals, and many times over she's had to watch those very ones she saw born also die. As the years turned to hundreds of years then to thousands the cycle of birth and death became all too common. So much so that she lost her touch with her feelings and treated all things like an experiment. Even to the point of treating her sires or children as they are called, as if they too were experiments. For many years, Tsunami was intrigued about these people and her sister to the point that she decided to experience this herself. Her problem was that she could not leave her place or her people during this time, so a compromise was created.

During an attack on her planet, she allowed a ship to be hit and it crashed into the building where beloved children housed the Royal Tree's in. There the one she had chosen was talking to the trees. Why she was there she had thought noting of, only she had to be there. This was the part that Tsunami regretted the most. In the ages past regret was unknown to her as she had to plan things for the greater good, but this incident nearly took the life of a precious child. The fall should have killed many and in truth, none would have survived. The only reason this child did so was that it was Tsunami's choice that she live. As the child lay there in a puddle of her own, blood reaching out to the first tree and calling its name Tsunami was unmoved, though later she shed many tears over it. "Forgive me Sasami!" She had cried many times afterwards, and each time Sasami would forgive her.

The outside world lay in destruction and with her goal reached, Tsunami allowed the invader to be pushed back and forced to leave. The invader, the attacker and killer of so many also played a part in Tsunami's grand scheme, although the goddess had no direct control over her destiny. The invader was none other than the demon and Space Pirate Ryoko Hakubi, daughter to Washu Hakubi. This pirate was not driven away but led by an unknown force, yet she did not know it at the time. All to fulfil the wishes of not just one but two goddesses, the pirate had been allowed to attack and destroy much so that through her Tsunami could experience life as a mortal.

Once The pirate had been driven away Tsunami began to processes of assimilating or as others would call it merging with the child, a process that would take years to complete. The child was Sasami Jurai, Second Princess of the Jurai Royal family. The girl's older and only brother was Yosho Jurai, the First Crown Prince of Jurai and next in line to become Emperor if he would have been allowed to follow the paths set about by his parents. But Tsunami had other ideas for him, and he left Jurai to chase after a demon in a battle that he was destined to win, but never return from. Her plans had been set in motion and in order for them to work certain things had to happen and she would have a hand in many of them, such as then with Sasami. With the child near death and her mother frantically looking for her Tsunami began the process.

Her grand scheme nearly met a disastrous end when Sasami and her older sister left Jurai to search for Yosho. The process had barely started when the two children were put into a cryogenic chamber only to awaken years later. This had not been a part of her original scheme but she allowed it to happen. She allowed it so two of her goals were to be met. She had a plan for the pirate and for the prince, but this also gave her the chance to watch it unfold before her. The goddess had kept close tabs on her sister and gave her little pushes from time to time to ensure that both of their planes were met, but she could not reveal herself to her, without seriously damaging things.

And so it was that in the years past, Kagato captured Washu and her daughter Ryoko and he forced one into prison while he forced the other to destroy. But even as he tried to destroy, Tsunami found ways to use it to her benefit. Just like his attack on Jurai, she used him to allow her to sample mortal life, without becoming one herself. Not only his attacks on planets were used later for Tsunami's good, but also his attacks on the girl Ryoko. However, she used his attacks to not further her own good, but for the good of the girl Ryoko to experience later. Her sister had been against it at first, but had agreed that the girl had to go through so much in order for things to turn out the way they wanted it to. Tsunami is the one that had the master plan that she kept secret, and only shared parts of it with her sisters. One sister took Kagato and controlled his destiny, while the other controlled that of herself and Ryoko. Tokimi, the controller or Kagato had done her job well and often times nearly brought Tsunami's grand scheme to ruin.

Sometimes it was nearly lost completely, but for some strange circumstances, all was saved. Once such change in things was the girl Mihoshi. Her past and future were effectively blocked off from Tsunami but there was something in the girl that she recognized as the handy work of one of her sisters. Another circumstance was the strange tormenting of the girl Ryoko at the hands of her mother. Tsunami had seen that in order to keep all from failing she had to take action and so while others look back on that night as a strange twist of fate, Tsunami knew better. And later the girl Sasami knew better as well, but it was not by her plans or doing, as again one of her sisters had pre-determined that this was to happen. It was strange feeling the things that the girl did and it filled her with great remorse and sadness as she looked back on all of her plans and she could name each and every one of the mortals that had died to fulfil her purposes. Some were willing and others knew nothing of her, yet it had to happen. The thought that it did happen and it turned out well did little to comfort her at times though.

Many things she had pre-destined to happen, however there were a few things that she was surprised about and were not a part what she had originally designed. One had been the strange ship that the pirate flew against Jurai was also able to transform into a small creature of sorts then later into a young woman. That same young woman who was called Ryo-Ohki in all of her various forms also became a part of Tsunami's plans in a very unique way. The goddess had planned on the girl Ryoko having a child later with the grandson of Yosho who was named Tenchi. Together the two of there were to have a son who was to be even more powerful than his parents.

However the two did not have a son, but a daughter, and the woman Ryo-Ohki also married Tenchi and they were expecting their first child. The destiny of this child though was not revealed to the goddess no matter how hard she tried. Just like Ryoko, she could allow things to happen to them or around them so that her purposes were met, but another was controlling their destiny. Tsunami smiled, as she knew who had planned their lives, even though that very one at this moment did not know it.

There was one other that also had been affecting the lives of those in her care, but not ever would her powers allow her to see the mind of the one doing it. She knew the one, as it was unmistakable from the ages past from when the same one had down something before. That one was her sister the goddess Tokimi. Tokimi kept her mind hidden and only placed things in her families way or near them to cause them to react to it. Several times these things nearly caused all of Tsunami's plans to fail, but her family was able to pull through them. But no matter what she tried, she could not sense her sister's true intent though she knew that Tokimi was after the same thing, the child of Tenchi and Ryoko.

This child was no ordinary child but one that could be considered a god because of the powers that it would possess. Tsunami had integrated the Light Hawk into the defenses of Jurai to not only protect her people but to provide a source of everlasting power. Starting with Tenchi this power was then placed into a mortal, and thus began to change them. Already Tsunami could see that he was immortal like his wives were. However he being the first could only pull a certain amount of power before it overcame him and consumed him. Ryoko being who she was had access to the wings as well though she has to this date not discovered them, but like her husband she would not be able to handle much. Their child the second generation of the light hawk would be able to pull immensely more power, and Tsunami found it strange that she could not even guess how much power was possible. Combining Ryoko and Tenchi's powers into this one child it would be the fulfilling of the Light Hawk.

The Light Hawk was and is the ultimate in light power, or as some races called it the Supreme Being though it was no where near a god. It could not create, only protect. But this being still gave Tsunami and Sasami something to worry about. This would give it a choice over it's own destiny, even above her own which meant it could not be destroyed, or contained. She knew that this had to be what her sister was after, as this power could also be tainted and instead of protecting or giving life, it could easily take it away. Such was the contrast for the light. It can be bent but not broken though it can be tainted and turned evil.

However at this moment the child that so much rides on is cleaning her room. Rei Masaki, daughter of Tenchi and Ryoko has started growing into a young woman. She has recently turned twelve and the son of Ryo-Ohki just turned six. Even through there were some years between them Rei had taken it in stride and helped watch the boy as he grew. The fact that Ryo-Ohki had a child was an amazing feat in it self. Washu had to do a few operations and with a little cloning of parts from Ryoko, she was able to give Ryo-Ohki the ability to bear children. Just the fact that Ryoko willingly took part in this was a testament to how close the two were, and with Tenchi. Washu had explained that since Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki were both created using the Masu then only Ryoko could be used to generate the right parts needed, namely her ova and womb.

When it was explained to Ryoko what was needed she took one look at her family and said yes, no other persuasion was needed. She was nervous about being in the lab again, but for her family she would do it, and so not even a year after Ryo-Ohki had decided to have a child she was expecting one. Washu kept close tabs on her while she was not spending time with Katsuhito as the two of them had developed an interesting relationship. The two Masaki children were not only different because of their mothers, but Ryo-Ohki's daughter, Mia, had dark skin and silver hair. The child had looked human when she was born though her ears were a little longer than normal, as were her legs. With a bit of computer work Washu was able to tell that as she grew the child would be slightly taller than the rest of the family in leg height, but would remain about the same height as her mother. What could not be told was how many of their powers would the child posses.

As soon as each child became old enough, they began training with their parents and Katsuhito to hone their talents and test their abilities. Her parents, Washu and even their great grandfather Katsuhito could not even guess at what they would be capable of, and for that matter neither could Tsunami. She wanted to see their futures and destinies but for some reason, it was hidden from her. This is one of the reasons that she longed to tell her sister of her forgotten past. Sasami really wanted to tell but it was not her place to say it, nor was it the proper time, but that did not stop Sasami from asking Tsunami about it occasionally.

Shortly after Sasami's sixteenth birthday, the assimilation was complete. Tsunami was Sasami just as Sasami is Tsunami. This process also changed the princess so that she was immortal as well which meant that of those in the Masaki house only five were known to be immortal to the others in the house; Sasami, Washu, Tenchi, Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki. The others knew that their time was limited though most of them had extended lifetimes.

Nobuyuki was the only true human of the family and he was in his fifty's when he was bonded to Funaho. Those in the family even Tsunami expected him to live longer, but what they did not expect was that some of his youthfulness would return. But it has not been over twenty-five years since his bonding and he was not showing signs of getting older but younger. He actually looked about five to ten years younger than when he was bound to the tree. Tsunami had never had someone be bound to a tree at his age so she had only told them that it would increase his life span, and the fact he was looking younger took her by surprise.

"Remembering the past again sister?" The voice brought her out of her remembrances and back to the present. Tsunami looked over at the remaining sister that had yet to be revealed to anyone.

"Yes Tokimi, I feel that there are many secrets in the past that will be answered shortly."

"Ah," she closed her eyes and let her mind perceive the thoughts that Tsunami allowed. "You are wondering why some of this had to take place." She spoke more of a statement than a question so Tsunami remained silent. "The time is upon us sister, and the day of choosing is coming. Though I do not think that either of us had expected to be this way."

"True sister, the choice was to be made by Tenchi's son, not his daughter."

"Indeed, though I believe our sister has had a hand in that though I cannot see it."

"Neither can I, nor was that shared to me by her before she joined them."

"Then you believe that she is still the one." Tokimi raised a majestic brow as if to question Tsunami.

"Yes I do believe, though I have felt your hand in this matter as well."

"You perceive much young one, though I am interested in why you think it was me?"

Sasami's voice rang out clear and bright through the goddesses' form, "It's simple really! Some have their destinies and past hidden from me. But the touch on them is too much like our other sister and too ordered to truly be her. She is too chaotic to be that organized. I see that you have a hand on them though they don't know it and you're making it look like it was her."

If a goddess were capable of fuming Tokimi would be. "I see. Very well, I shall tell you. No better, yet I will show you. Look back on the girl Mihoshi."

"But sister her past and destiny have been…" She stopped suddenly as realization dawned on her.

"I have removed the block on her, you may examine her now." Tsunami and Sasami looked at the Girl Mihoshi, they could see her life and her experiences and it was apparent that Tokimi had been molding her for quite some time. "That girl had too much intelligence from her great-grandmother So I had to block off her from it by giving her that I believe you called it "a bubble-head" mentality." They could now see how Tokimi had used her to make certain that Washu was released at the right time and how she used Mihoshi to make sure that no harm came to Tenchi because of Washu. Several times Washu had almost succeeded in destroying her own plans by her treatment of him. If not for Mihoshi's intervention then all might have been lost. Tsunami had never realized what would have happened if Washu had succeeded in getting that 'sample' from him.

What surprised her most about the girl Mihoshi was not just the touch that Tokimi had on her but her heritage. Mihoshi was the granddaughter of Washu's lost son. Tokimi had her hand on the life of Washu's husband, so that at the appointed time he left her taking the child. The child grew and had the intelligence of his mother and her long life as well. Each successive generation though was shortened but still long lived.

"You've controlled her?"

"Not controlled, guided as you say. Having my hand directly on her would have alerted you to my presence. So, I merely guided her life and experiences. With her partner, they chased another I touched the Pirate Hisato. When she had served her purpose I released my touch and she rescued Kiyone and the two of them now live without the knowledge of what part they played for me."

"Have you released them all completely?"

"Why sister I am shocked." She said in mock hurt, which surprised Sasami. "I have released them, but I still hold claim to them. If they are needed, again I shall once more use them. But I fear I have told you too much, so I must be going." With that the goddess Tokimi left, but it left Sasami and Tsunami with more questions.

"How could she have controlled them without me knowing especially since they had been so close?" She asked herself. Not coming up with an answer she decided to just watch things closer as now she could clearly see everyone that had played a part in coming to this point in time. Though there were a few that still had something hidden, but Tokimi had not mentioned that she had touched them.

One was Ryo-Ohki, who at this moment was sitting on the floor with her daughter Mia in the Masaki house while Rei was busy cleaning her room while her mother looked on. Six years and one wall separated them at the moment. And though the two children were born with so much time between them, Rei really looked out for her sister. It was hard at first as she had been an only child and had the exclusive attention of her three parents, but then it all changed on her. The goddess watched with interest as the child went through several stages of jealously or envy to joy and protection.

Then in the distance she could see that Funaho had met up with a certain freighter and a reunion was being held. Mihoshi had finally found the freighter that her long lost partner lived on with her family. Until a few moments ago, the paths of Mihoshi, Kiyone and Hisato had been hidden but now she perceived much more and it troubled her some.

"Aki! Meg! Come back here now!" Bellowed Kiyone as she waited anxiously for the Juraian Vessel to dock with their ship. The ship had made contact with them about a month ago and has been making it's way towards them ever since. What unnerved her even more was that they asked specifically for her! The name of Masaki though she had not heard before so she wondered what they could possibly wants. To top it all of her daughter and her niece were just not paying attention to her again. Instead, the two of them were talking about some of the boys they had met.

"Akemi, I mean it!" She screamed again at her daughter. Out in the fringe systems it is hard to keep proper track of time but the two girls were now in their mid twenty's and giving Kiyone and her sister a hard time trying to keep them in line still.

"Oh mom, it's just a Tree ship, we haven't done anything wrong," she said with obvious disinterest.

"At least not yet," piped in Megumi with a sly grin that Kiyone immediately recognized as having the same sly qualities that her mother Hisato had.

The two of them had been dating and seeing some of the other boys on the ship, but thankfully they had not been serious about any of them, at least she hoped so. "I really don't want to know and…"

She was cut off as a voice droned over the speakers in the room. "Jurai Tree Ship Funaho has now docked and the boarding ramp has been extended. Visitors are expected to board in moments."

There were a few tense moments as footsteps were heard coming up to the air lock. The boarding ramp, the lifeline of ships in deep space provided a way for crewmen and passengers to get from one ship to another. Luckily, there is rarely any passengers on a freighter besides the crew, but that was about to change. The door opened with a hiss as a man stepped into the room with Kiyone. The first thing she heard was gasps from her daughter and niece as they took in his looks. He was not tall, but he had a broad chest and looked to be very muscular with dark black hair.

"Excuse me I am looking for Kiyone, which one of you is her?" His voice was rich and warm, and if it had not been for her having a husband already Kiyone would have loved to take this guy out on a date, even is she was over twice his age now. She stepped forward as excited whispers were heard coming from the girls behind her. "You're Kiyone?" She just nodded still unable to speak. "My mom has told me many stories about you and it's a real honor to meet you! I was asked to bring you and your family aboard."

"Huh? Mother, what do you mean and who are you?"

"Oh I'm sorry, I'm Tenchiro Masaki, son of Nobuyuki and Mihoshi."

"Mihoshi!" She nearly screamed and suddenly she realized he had some Mihoshi's facial features and more importantly, he had her eyes. He just nodded as he motioned her to follow him. Without even a second though she raced after him. The two girls took a moment longer to realize what had happened before they too ran after Kiyone. The reunion was a teary one as Kiyone and Mihoshi were reunited after nearly thirty years of separation. Her daughter and niece though decided to spend their time getting to know Tenchiro and both were delighted to find that he was single.

Tsunami shook her head as she watched this reunion. She looked into their paths and saw that they would be spending a lot of time together. Only one thing caused her to frown over this though, and that was that Tokimi had claimed them so they were out of her grasp at the moment, though she hoped that nothing evil would come from it. Many times those that her sister had dealings with turned evil and caused a lot of destruction like Kagato. However there was one difference, with Kagato she actively used and controlled him, where these she just persuaded or pushed them in certain directions. This resulted in them keeping their own personalities, but having very little evil in them.

It was worrisome to the goddess though to think of why had Tokimi helped things along to make sure Tenchi and Ryoko had a child. She could see how Dr. Clay had been manipulated by her and how Zero was created at her command, but it was done to ensure that Ryoko and he came closer by forcing Ryoko's feelings into the open. The problem was that it worked nearly too good and the Zero unit almost failed in the goddesses mission. However, in the end it actually worked better than Tokimi had planned as Washu merged Zero and Ryoko.

Turning her attention back to Earth, she longed to tell her lost sister about her past, but the time was not yet right. Sasami though being connected to Tsunami still feared that all would be lost. One thing she did know better now was that since her sister Tokimi never took an active part in their lives then they may not have any after affects, but the reasons why she did that still were unclear. She suspected the reason is that direct involvement would taint them making them easier to detect as being in her hand, at least she hoped that was it. But Ryo-Ohki was still a mystery to her. Everything around her was blocked off from her sight. Only a few others had the ability to do that, one had just left and the other was at this moment having a rather passionate meeting with Yosho. Shaking her head, she looked to Jurai.

On Jurai Ayeka had settled into being the Empress almost right after taking her father's place. The Holy counsel had been adamant that she marries someone before becoming the Empress, but Tsunami had but a stop to that thinking rather quickly.


"Yes Sasami?"

"Do you really have someone for her?"

"Yes, I have a plan. But she could not have come into it unless she went through the heartbreak. She has many trials and tears ahead, but she will be happy." Sasami looked with Tsunami into the future or her sister's life and it would not be long before Ayeka was to fall in love and marry someone. But he would not be a Juraian, but he would be a noble of sorts. The two of them smiled at Ayeka's future and Tsunami basked in the joy of Sasami. Though the two had long since become one they still remained separate so that they could talk to each other.

Sasami looked back towards Earth and she could see her family and friends there. They were happy and carefree now. "I wish they could stay that way."

"I know Sasami, I… I feel what you do for them. They do not know that is to come; though, I feel as you do. I wish that this did not have to happen to them." The two looked in on Rei Masaki, the first born the one who so much would depend on. But for now, the child could remain just as she was a child.

"When can we return her memories?"

"My sister's memories cannot be returned yet, but I feel… what is that Sasami, I am not used to it yet."

The princess laughed almost sadly, "It's being impatient. You may have lived for a few trillion years but I haven't."

"Oh you make me sound so old!" This time Sasami did laugh. The two had been completely connected for many years and since they were connected the Goddess Tsunami was introduced to many human traits, one of which was impatience and another was humor. These two seemed to be the most interesting to her as she got to understand how impatient Sasami was all those years ago when she would have a birthday party. Sasami would literally bounce in excitement, as she wanted so much to get into her presents. Tsunami being a goddess could have just looked at the presents and known what was in each, but it just would not have been the same.

It could have been days or weeks or possibly even months that passed, but in truth, it had been years. To one who is timeless time stops having a meaning. Sasami has grown accustomed to time seemingly flying by one moment then crawling by the next when in fact it was her focus that changed. Just as one might see things fly by on a fast moving merry-go-round if they were to keep their head looking straight out. But she wasn't looking just straight out, she was keeping her eyes focused on Tenchi and his family for short bursts and even while things seemingly flew by she was able to keep a close eye on them.

Tenchi with having become a man and a father had lost most of his old whining and whimpering ways when he practiced. He had become actually proficient in his swordplay so that his grandfather now father found it difficult to beat him. Many times, they would spar for hours and neither of them would score a hit on the other. Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki too had become very accustomed to sword fighting as well but they employed different tactics. Ryoko preferred to use two shorter blades while Tenchi used a single longer blade that he could hold with one or two hands depending on the need. Ryo-Ohki amazed them both, as she preferred to use a weapon employing two blades with the handle in the middle. Though she practiced with a wooden weapon her real weapon an energy weapon like Ryoko's but she continued to hold the center with the blades extending in both directions.

None of them would use their real weapons outside, as they preferred to use them in the room Washu provided for them. Rei after watching what her dad called cartoons had suggested to Washu that the gravity in the room be increased which that first time provided a lot of problems. However they got around it and even as Washu increased the gravity to ten time normal and beyond. Tsunami watched, as did Sasami, as the three of them became even stronger than before. Tenchi's children also became stronger as they grew.

"How much longer will we have to wait?" Sasami had learned patience though it was still fun to watch the exasperated look on the goddesses' face each time she asked.

"Not much longer, you see the child has already become stronger than we thought, even though she has not generated the wings yet."

"Tenchi's hasn't used them much either."

"That is true, but they have not had a need for them. But he still practices with them."

"But away from everyone."

"Yes, they hold much power and could easily destroy anything, though the power is in them to create as well. He knows this and he will only allow himself to use them when there is no chance of another getting hurt."

"What about Ryoko? She should have their power too?"

"Only when she holds all of them gems, and the power is not hers, but our sister's."

Grinning the two as one looked back towards Earth, where Tenchi was enjoying some quiet time with his wives. Though there were no sounds or voices uttered the two knew that the three were deep in discussion as they normally were. It had been some time since Washu gave them a very interesting present. The three of them could now communicate mentally or as others call it telepathically. Washu after talking to them had devised a way to allow them to do that with relative ease. She had given them each a gem of sorts that was imbedded into them that linked the three of them. This had brought their relationships to a heightened level as not only did it allow them to just talk but to feel each others emotions and desires as well.

"They can't be separated can they?" Tsunami regarded Sasami and just gave her a slight smile as she nodded.

"The three of them are so devoted and connected to each other that it would be impossible for one or even two to live without the other." She could not be certain but she was sure that she was not far off on her assumption that their life forces had nearly become one, so that if one were to die it would devastate those remaining. However it also prolonged their life as well and if they had not been immortal before then they would definitely be now. As it was Tsunami could not even put a date to the end of their lives like she could for nearly every other being around. Sadly Nobuyuki and Mihoshi, even with their extended lives had a date which they would join his first wife.

"When can we restore her memories?"

"Sasami, it has only been a few years, give it time." Sasami just sighed and watched her family and friends growing old.

Until the day she was to join with Tsunami, Sasami had also been growing older, but now she just was like Tsunami herself. It had taken some getting used to but she had not accepted it completely yet, though she did accept the assimilation. The two were joined, and though it would be sad to watch her loved ones slowly die while she remained for ages to come. In the back of her mind, she still toyed with the idea of giving up her body some day as well just so she could be with her friends.

For now, Sasami was content to watch and she knew that not all of her family would leave her so quickly. Already she knew the day her parents would die though they were retired and her sister had assumed the throne. Although she knew this, she chose not to think of it or let it rule her thoughts. Instead, she chooses to just let it happen and have things surprise her. However, there was one thing that she could not turn her mind from nor could she stop thinking about, as this one thing had ruled her mind for the past decade or more.

"Tsunami… is there a way to ask what she knows without telling her of her memories?"

"As in all things there might be a way, but finding that way will be difficult without telling her the truth."

"May I try?" Sasami looked at Tsunami and though she always felt that she was looking at a mirror image now that the two looked alike. However they were still very different though they were the same.

"Yes, we will try." And with that, they disappeared from Tsunami's eternal home to a bedroom close to Earth. The room was not actually on earth but in a small pocket dimension attached to it. Along one wall was a very large and lavish bed with sheets similar to the finest silk on Earth but better. They were not of Earth though as the owner had picked them up from a planet far away from there. She moved closer to the bed where a woman with red hair lies sleeping. Her hair was disarrayed across the pillows and at the moment she was on her side not far from the center of the bed. Tsunami sat on the edge and placed a hand on the sleeping scientist's shoulder to wake her up.

Washu groaned and tried to swat the hand away, obviously not willing to wake up just yet. The goddess kept shaking her gently until her eyes slowly opened. Upon opening her eyes, she wearily looked around and her eyes finally settled on Tsunami, which only resulted in another groan from the scientist. "What do you want?"

Right before Tsunami was about to speak a male voice was heard, "Tell them to go away!"

The goddess looked up suddenly and noticed Yosho was sleeping behind Washu and up till now her hair had been partially blocking him from view. "It's Tsunami…" Washu mumbled and pulled the sheets up over their shoulders close to her neck.

"Oh that's nice…" He mumbled and fell back to the bed from where he had been trying to sit up. At least until he heard the goddess snicker then he sat upright. "Tsunami!" His eyes were wide open and he slowly turned his head to see a snickering goddess sitting on the edge of the bed. It wasn't until he saw her turn her head away from him that he remembered that all that was covering him was the sheets of Washu's bed and that was only from the waist down! As he clutched the sheets to himself, the goddess went from snickering to actually laughing. "Oh Tsunami! I'm… well I'm…"

She just held up a hand, "Don't worry Yosho. I have come to see Washu. You may stay there." He just nodded and tried to hide under the sheets.

Waving her hand Washu's clothes swarmed around her and she removed herself from the bed. As she did this Tsunami moved away still snickering slightly to give her some room and to save Yosho from more embarrassment. The two females met in what looked to be a large living room or sorts. Tsunami looked around slightly at it wondering where exactly they were in the lab.

"If you're looking for the lab we're not in it."

"Then where is it?"

"This is my home, where I go to rest and think. Surely you didn't think I spent every waking moment in my lab did you?" Tsunami as Sasami just nodded her head. "Well, I guess I never showed anyone this place before…" she started thinking to herself then chuckled, "I don't think Ryoko even knows this is here."

"You really need to get out more."

"Now Sasami I don't think you came all this way just to tell me that did you? So off with it, what's up?"

"Do you believe in fate?"

"Fate?" She asked raising a brow also in question, "You mean like do two people belong together and stuff like that?" Sasami just nodded. "I guess it's possible, though it's hard to believe that two people belong together no matter what?"

"What of Tenchi and Ryoko? Do they seem fated together or is it just a lot of random chances that got them to where they are today?"

"Good question, I have actually had my computers working on that, but I've tabled that as it really didn't seem all that important. Though the chances of such a thing are amazing!" She began to pace the room prattling off things. "Just imagine for a moment that Tenchi listened to his grandfather and never released her then he would never have known what he really was and Ayeka would still be asleep. But if Ryoko had never attacked Jurai then Yosho would have never left meaning that Achika or Tenchi would never have been born and Yosho and Achika would be married." She stopped suddenly and shook her head as if some near disgusting thought had come to it. "And Let's not forget about how this all affected me, I would still be trapped on the Soujya if none of that had happened, though I still don't see how Mihoshi got down there…"

"Washu? Little Washu?"

The scientist had gone off into her mind trying to understand how the ditz had actually managed to appear in the right place at seemingly the right time to change the course of history. "Huh, oh yea. Well I guess it's possible." Suddenly a revelation hit her. "You had something to do with all that didn't you!"

"Yes I did, but a small part," the goddess said gently hoping that she would not give too much away.

"Are you saying that something happened that wasn't supposed to? If this is about Yosho I can explain, you see he and I were just very lonely and you see…" Washu was making hand gestures and a slight pinkish hue appeared on her cheeks as she began trying to explain what happened.

"This has nothing to do with that," she said giggling.

"Oh that's good… Hay! Then what does this have to do with?"

"Do you think that everyone has a purpose to fulfil? Like a lifetime goal?"

She thought about it and Washu was not quite sure she liked where this was headed. "Don't tell me I've reached my goal?"

"What?" It donned on her what Washu was referring to, "Oh no not yet… I mean I was talking about Tenchi."

Washu studied her for a moment and wondered what it was that she had not done yet, as the sudden change in subject. "I see, so he had something else to do? Don't tell me he has to go to Jurai?"

Tsunami groaned, as this was not going the way she had intended. "No, he doesn't unless he wants to. I meant…" she paused for a moment trying to find a way to say this without giving it all away.

"Tell her what you really meant." A feminine voice called to them from nowhere.

"Tsunami, did, you do that?"

Tsunami stood erect and paled at the voice. "It can't be time!"

"Time for what!" demanded Washu.

Washu's room disappeared leaving the two women standing in the vastness of black nothingness. She realized that she was no longer in her lab and was being moved to another place. When she looked at Tsunami she looked frightened, but not of what was going on but for something else. Before she could even give it much though she appeared in a vast room standing on a dais with a large red gem floating in mid air.

"Greetings Washu and Tsunami," it said in a very monotone voice.

"Greetings D3, You're presence is not required for now."

"As you wish." It said then disappeared.

"Tsunami, what the hell was that?"

"That my sister is my servant." Again the voice seemed to come from everywhere, yet nowhere.

"Sister! Tsunami what's…" She did not get to finish as the walls and ceiling disappeared. As they disappeared, large black figures formed around what was the room. But what got her attention were three silhouettes that appeared ahead of her in the air. One of them came into view as being a very regal and proud woman. The other two stayed as ghostly figures, but Washu was sure one was of Tsunami but he third, looked like her.

"Must you always go for the dramatic entrance." Tsunami said with a hint of laughter.

"Sister it has come time now for the reunion." The woman said without moving her lips. Washu was just staring at the shadow that looked like hers, as if mesmerized. "Yes Washu, you are our sister and it has come now for you to remember. Call the gems."

"What the hell is this! And who are you!"

"That is Tokimi, our sister." Tsunami provided gently. Washu's head snapped over to Tsunami so fast that the goddess was afraid that she might have hurt herself. "Please call the gems and all will be answered."

She did not want to admit it but Washu was scared, "But Ryoko has them and they are her power source."

"No, her power was amplified through them. Call them and all will be explained." The voice demanded.

"Well for one the gems are too far away and how do I know that they will come to me? Also how am I supposed to call them, and wouldn't it hurt Ryoko?" Washu was trying to find any excuse not to do this.

She relaxed some when Tsunami placed her hand on the scientists' shoulder. "Washu, do not fear for her safety, and yes they are yours. Trust me. Just call to them to return."

Closing her eyes Washu did as she was asked though she felt silly doing it. Before she could open them she felt confusion and pain from Ryoko and then everything seemed to evaporate around her as the gems appeared around her. Opening her eyes she knew, she knew who she was and what she was. "Oh god!"

"Wrong sister, Oh goddess is more like it." She looked at her sisters and they were now somewhere that she had not been in for many thousands of years. Beside her were her two sisters, Tokimi and Tsunami.

She looked back and forth between them but before a word of welcome could be uttered, Washu began to laugh. Her sisters just looked on with a confused but amused look as they waited for her to finish. "You know, Yosho is gonna have a heart attack if he finds out he's had sex with a goddess!"

"Oh Washu! Be reasonable, that is not what this is about," grumbled Tokimi.

"Come off it, you're just jealous that I've had sex and you haven't!" Washu retorted grinning the whole time.

Anger raced across Tokimi's face as she stared at Washu. Such hate and loathing she had not felt for a long time, in fact the last time she felt this way was when Washu had left to join the mortals. "Washu… If I could I would kill you now just like I wanted to then."

"Yea, but you couldn't so there!" She replied sticking out her tongue.

"Sisters! Please." Tsunami nearly shouted to get their attention. "I must admit I am surprised that it is time already for the One…"

"Really sister, you've spent so much time worrying about Washu and her family that you've completely forgotten that the One is to come."

"I have not! I mean, yes I have been wondering about them. But I guess she is of the right age, though Washu why is the one a female? Wasn't she supposed to be a boy?"

The scientist started snickering. "You're both a bit off, the One as you put it is not old enough yet."

Tokimi hissed out between clenched teeth in an effort to quell her anger, "Yes she is, The One is to be the first born of Tsunami's Avatar and Washu's Daughter, and he shall…"

"Wait, wait right there," Washu Interrupted. "You're right that the One has been born and that the One is the firstborn of my daughter, but it is not Rei. We have six more years before the One is ready."

"What do you mean Washu?" To say the least Tsunami was confused.

"What I mean sisters is that Mei Masaki is the One you are waiting for." Behind her appeared the image of Mei appeared and this thoroughly confused her sisters.

"But how can that be? She is not the first born, she…." Tokimi stopped suddenly as Washu began laughing. "I fail to see how this is funny."

Washu tried hard to tell her sisters between her laughing that since the plan was originally made she had set this to be. "You… should see… your… faces!" She added barely able to contain her laughter anymore.

Tsunami thought about it for a moment, and then suddenly she began to snicker followed by outright laughing as well. 'This is why I have been unable to see her path, she is the One! And all this time we thought it would be Ryoko's child!" Sasami and Tsunami laughed so hard that she actually fell over backwards and landed hard on her backside, but after all, of her worrying and thinking, she had not expected this, 'It's just like the Goddess of Chaos to do this!'

Unable to contain her frustration Tokimi huffed off for a moment while the other two continued to laugh for a mew minutes longer. Finally the two of them were able to stop; Tsunami looked up at Washu as the scientist was still standing. "Why Mei? I mean couldn't it of been Rei too?"

"Yes Rei could have been the one, but she will not get as strong as Mei will. You see Mei is a going to grow up and me a meta-morph like her mother. She will be able to become a spaceship, a cabbit or a woman at first, then as she grows she will be able to change into what ever she wants."

"Oh, but is that the only reason?"

"No, actually since Ryo-Ohki never had a uterus or ovaries she could not conceive at all no matter how hard she tried. So I cloned Ryoko's uterus and Ryo-Ohki assimilated it into herself."

"But what of the ovaries?"

"I'm getting to it! Anyway Ryoko gave up one of her ovaries for Ryo-Ohki and when she assimilated those, it gave her Ryoko's powers to go along with her own. Then when combined with Tenchi it added the Light Hawk Wing's to it as well." Tsunami's face became serious as she contemplated this, as Washu sat on the ground beside her suddenly becoming very serious herself. "Tsunami, not only will Mei fulfil this prophecy, but she will become the Light Hawk."

"WHAT! No!" Tokimi suddenly blurted as she had heard the whole exchange.

"But sister, if she becomes that then she…" Fear was evident on Tsunami's normally happy face.

"I know Tsunami, she will become above us and could end us as well."

"Washu! How could you do this!" Spat Tokimi.

"I knew that you were looking for a male to become that, which is why I made it a female. A male that could become the Light Hawk would become unstable and could lash out before he knew what he was doing. Males have too much bravado and fighting tendencies and are never in touch with their emotions, where Mei already shows that she prefers the passive route and most importantly she can express her emotions."

"But Washu!"

"No buts… Look she is born and her powers have not come into maturity yet, and I do not fear her when they do. You Tokimi would have preferred a male as would I for the simple reason that we might could control him through sex or love." Tokimi's face reddened, but it was hard to tell if it was from embarrassment or anger.

Tsunami looked back to Mie and looked into her heart, and like her father, there was a great deal of respect and tenderness. But unlike him, she was in touch with her feelings. This would allow her to achieve more and do it faster that he ever could. Since he had spent so long wrestling with his emotions, he could not even call on his full power. Instead, he only accessed three of his five Light Hawk Wing's. Mei and her sister will each have more than that but Mei will have several other advantages over them all.

She stood up from her spot on the floor and rubbed her backside, which felt a little sore from falling on it but the soreness was soon gone. "Sisters, I see that Washu made the right choice in this, better than me even. I support this and if Mei does decide that she wants our power, I will give it to her. From the Light Hawk we used the power to create, and in the end if the power must return then this child can take my power back to the Light Hawk."

Tokimi shouted, "You can't be serious!"

Washu just nodded. She knew when they made their pact before all was set in place she knew this would happen. "Well sisters," she said at last, "I need to return home."

"Already Washu?"

"Yes Tsunami, my family is waiting, and I need to do some explaining to Ryoko about the gems."

"Very well," Tsunami said then hugged Washu, "Take care and tell the others I said hello."

"You could return with me ya know?"

Tsunami thought about it but it was Tokimi that made up her mind for her, "Fine! Both of you go and leave me! If you wish to give this child power to destroy us all then so be it!" And with that, the two other goddesses found themselves back in Washu's lab.

"Well, she took that pretty well."

Tsunami just laughed again and the two goddesses talked more about their families and destiny. As they talked Tsunami thought about the two children. 'Rei, you will have a hard life if you choose space. Many still hate the name Ryoko and with her being your mother you will have a dark shadow following you. But you could be the one that heals the pain and hurts of the past; you could restore the family name to a place of honor as it once was. Mei Masaki, so much is riding on your development, I only pray that you learn the love of your parents and choose the path of honor and love. When you become the Light Hawk itself you will have all the power of the three, and you could destroy us. I hope it does not come to that.'

"Hay! Tsunami?"

"Yes Washu?"

"You zoned out on me there." The other goddesses looked down and was about to apologize when Washu spoke up again, "It's kind of late now on earth and Yosho is gonna come back I was wondering if you could maybe…"

"Say no more," she said holding up a hand. "There I have given him over to you. His destiny and life is in your hands, though I would suggest you tell him that."

"Oh he already knows his life is in my hands." She said grinning evilly.

"I don't even want to know what you will do to him from now on," she said to her sister then giggling she gave Washu one last hug before she departed to her own realm.