The doors to the Great Hall flew open.
"Severus, how could you?" McGonagall screamed, whilst following a striding Snape up the center isle.
"How could I what Minerva?" He replied smirking, as they reached the head table.
"You bloody well know what!" McGonagall shrieked and a few first years nearby giggled as she swore. A smoldering gaze was sent their way as McGonagall turned back to Snape.
Dumbledore stood up puzzled, "Minerva dear, what are you talking about."
"Relations! Albus, Severus is having inappropriate relations!" McGonagall replied fuming. Dumbledore chuckled.
"Minerva, Severus is a grown man, he is able to have relations with whomever…"
"With a student!" McGonagall interrupted by shrieking. Gasps entered the hall and Dumbledore turned gravely to McGonagall.
"Do you have some proof? Anything that may prove he is guilty, for I believe that one is innocent until proven guilty, you know that Minerva."
"Proof," McGonagall said in disbelief and her mouth retained its stiff line expression as per usual, "Oh I have proof all right, a students school-robe and house tie were strewn about on the sofa." Everyone turned to look at Snape who was smirking slightly.
"And you didn't think they might be Draco's? You know I am his god-father Minerva, it is only logical that he would visit me and treat my quarters like a laundry room." Snape replied with a smirk, he glanced to the Slytherin table, where he saw Draco about to get up to clarify that. Just as Draco was about to speak, McGonagall interrupted him.
"Yes, and we all know that Draco Malfoy, hailed prince of Slytherin wanders around the castle in the Gryffindor uniform." She bit this last comment out sarcastically. Snape blanched and cursed under his breath. Dumbledore sighed in defeat.
"Do you have anything to say for yourself Severus?" Snape just smirked indifferently.
"Just the fact that if Minerva here didn't stick her nose in the business of others, then no one would have been any the wiser and we would only have had to keep it a secret for a little while longer." Gossip filled the hall at this biting remark when people realized that Snape wasn't denying dating a student. Dumbledore however sighed deeply, he was about to loose one of his most favored teachers.
"I have to ask, Severus, Who was it?"
"Pfft. Like I'd actually tell you, do none of you have any sense of privacy?" Severus replied adamant that he would not give any information.
"Very well then, Minerva do you have any idea who it may be?" asked Dumbledore, turning to Professor McGonagall. McGonagall fiddled with her hands restlessly and Snape just cleared is throat and smirked when she looked at him. 'Well' she thought and huffed 'if he expects me to give him an answer then so be it'. Her face set into that of someone with a lot of determination. She turned to Dumbledore and started to reply;
"The size of the robe indicates that the student is either in their sixth or seventh year, more likely to be the seventh. And the shape …" she trailed off. Dumbledore queried,
"What about the shape?"
"Yes McGonagall, What about the shape?" Severus repeated with a large smirk on his face. McGonagall looked flustered.
"The shape of the robe indicated that the student was a male." She finished flushed. Silence loomed over the hall and then suddenly Ron Weasley shouted.
"Snape's GAY!?" Snape gave him the Snape-glare-of-death and quiet calmly stated;
"I may be a homosexual Weasley, but I most certainly am not gay. Do you see me skipping around all happy and jolly? No then I suggest you take. a. seat."
"So Minerva," Dumbledore interrupted calmly, "You're telling me that we are looking for a Gryffindor male in his seventh year, who is without a tie and robe." At this comment, all eyes in the hall traveled over to the Gryffindor table and everyone went silent.