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Everyone stared in sheer amazement as Sirius bounded across the room, seemingly oblivious to the happy couple, and started devouring the sundae's left on the table.

"Sirius one of those was for Moony" Harry reprimanded from the lap of the resident potions master.

"Sorry Harry" Sirius said sheepishly glancing up at him and then back to the sundae. No one except Ginny had noticed that Draco had gone a ghostly pale.

"5...4...3...2...1" Sirius' head snapped up and his eyes were blazing with fury. He jumped up drawing his wand, pointing it at Severus. Draco subtly moved Ginny off of him and placed himself in front of her. He drew his wand out, making sure that it was unnoticeable, and pointed it at Sirius. Severus pushed Harry up by the hips and then rose fluidly in one movement facing Sirius.

"These are my quarters Black and you will abide by my rules. Please put your wand away."

"The hell I will!" Shouted Sirius, "Who the hell do you think you are?! First you brainwash my Godson and then you ask me to unarm myself."

"Sirius please..." Pleaded Harry, "He didn't brainwash me ... Please let us explain."

"Put your wand down Black"

"Harry get away from him. That death-eater scum has brainwashed and poisoned you look." ... Harry stared in desperation at Sirius. He looked from Sirius to Severus, before walking with resolution, to stand at Severus' side. This pushed Sirius over his limit and he lunged for Snape. No one expected the "Expelliarmus" to come from Draco. Sirius flew across the room and slammed into the dungeon wall before slumping to the ground.

"Padfoot!" Harry screamed, running to him.

"Harry what are you doing?... he's a mass- murderer!" Draco exclaimed. Ginny tugged at Draco's sleeve.

"Draco, that's Harry's godfather." She explained timidly.

"I don't care if he's a monkey's nephew! He murdered innocent people!" Draco screamed. "He murdered my brother!"

Silence came over the room. Draco sat down heavily onto the settee.

Sitting down next to him, Ginny pulled him into a hug. Remus looked at Draco curiously.

"The best kept secret in the wizarding world." Draco laughed harshly. "Well... almost." He said glancing at Severus and Harry.

"Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, on the fifth of June, 1980, became the proud parents of Draconis Lucian Malfoy and... Cygnus Ajax Malfoy. My twin." Draco ran his hands over his face whilst all but Severus and Ginny were staring openly at him. "It was his first outing, unofficial of course, he and one of the many Malfoy relatives were running a few errands for my mother. He was not a month old. She was at home looking after me. I was a sickly child. Weak. Not good enough to be the heir to the Malfoy line. Sometimes I used to think that father had wished I had died in the explosion."

Ginny put a comforting arm around Draco whilst Severus explained.

"Draco, Black, although I hate to admit this, is innocent. Both he and the Potters were betrayed by the Death Eater Peter Pettigrew. I believe your father used to refer to him as Wormtail. Unfortunately after the final battle, much as he did on the day of the explosion, he transformed back into his animagus form, a rat. Order members are out searching for him still, in order to prove Black's innocence." Severus then turned to Harry. Gently he said;

"Harry maybe you should revive him."

Harry whispered the spell and then gently put his hand on Sirius' arm, shaking it into focus.

"Siri, are you okay?" He asked. Sirius violently jerked Harry's arm off of him.

"Get your traitorous hands off me Potter. You lost all right to touch me or speak to me when you sided with that scum." He spat bitterly. Harry looked at him with tears in his eyes.

"Sirius plea..." Sirius shoved him back, away from him.

"Didn't you hear me Potter?! You don't talk to me. You don't even look at me. I no longer consider you my God-son. I'm ashamed of you. What's worse, you have shamed your parents. Your Father would be disgusted if he was alive to see what his son has grown into."

Harry stumbled back as if he had been burned by Sirius' words. With one sob, he turned and ran into a door that appeared to lead to a bathroom and slammed the door behind him.

The next thing Sirius new, he was up against the wall, a pale hand cutting off his air supply. Severus had him by the neck and in his anger had lifted him a good foot above the floor. Sirius grasped at the hand clutched around his windpipe, his legs kicking wildly.

"You imbecilic little... words don't express how much I hate you at this moment. You know, out of everyone he was most worried about telling you!. Not the public, who would judge their saviour without knowing him, not his friends who have grown knowing only the mask I wore, but you! The closest thing he had to a father in his life. I'd kill you right now of Harry didn't love you so dearly!"

Remus put a hand on Severus' arm. Glaring hatefully at the now very pale Black heir, he spoke calmly.

"Severus, Harry needs you. You are the only one who can reach out to him. He has his wards up Severus, I can't breach them. Besides it's not worth killing the mutt over." Severus' grip tightened. "Go talk to him. I'll deal with Black".

Severus looked into the werewolf's eyes before releasing his grip. Sirius dropped to the floor gasping for breath. Giving him a sound kick in the side, Severus turned and strode to the door Harry went through. He opened the door with ease despite Remus' previous attempts.

Harry was curled up in a ball, hugging his knees to his chest, in one of the corners of the room. When Severus saw him he strode over, got down next to him and pulled the younger man into his lap. Harry resisted at first, but recognising the scent that was purely Severus, a rust smell from cauldrons mixed with cinnamon and vanilla, he clung to Severus, wrapping his arms around the older mans neck and burying his head into the others chest.

Severus' shirt quikly became sodden as he ran his fingers through Harry's hair, whispering soothing nothings into his ear. Dropping small kisses onto his forehead and rocking Harry back and for, created a safe feeling for his young love, whose sobs slowly became quiet whimpers.

After a while the noise Harry was making ceased all together, making Severus look down to his face.

What he saw there broke him like no Dark Lord ever could.

Harry sat staring into space lifelessly, much like Severus had found him after the final battle.

"You absolute sodding wanker!" Remus screamed at Sirius. The canine-like ex-convict stared determinedly ahead.

"Did it not occur to you once, in that minuscule pathetic excuse you call a brain that the one thing Harry wants more in this world than love, is his parents approval? And who the hell do you think you are saying what James and Lilly would approve of? Lilly was best friends with Severus, you know this even though you might not want to admit it! Is it so impossible to think that Severus might have changed since you went into that damned place?! And even if he hadn't the point is Harry has someone who loves him. NOT for being the Saviour of the wizarding world! NOT for being possibly one of the most powerful wizards who walked the world. Hell not even because of whom he is related to and considers his family,though God knows why he loves you. If anything Severus loves him in spite of those things!"

Sirius was flinching with every word and could sense that the wolf inside Remus was getting angrier.

"Severus loves Harry for being the kind, loving, sensitive, funny giving man that he is! NOT because he is 'Death Eater scum' as you put it!. And guess what Black! Harry loves Severus with all of his heart! Harry knows that you and his father hated Severus, he also knows that Severus was a death eater. Hell he went through some of the torture Voldemort cast upon Severus through his visions. You know nothing of the man that Severus is. You and James never cared to look past the fact that he was a Slytherin. Lilly did! She learned to look at the man behind the mask that he held so proudly and do you know what she found?! A charming loving young man who is not only one of the most humorous men I've ever met but sheer genius as well."

Here Sirius sneered.

"You honestly expect me to believe that snake is a genius? Pull the other one Moony!"

"Harry...Please snap out of it c'mon!... Harry!"

Nothing Severus did seemed to work. Harry had withdrawn into his memories and nothing Severus tried could snap him out of it.


No! He promised he would never do that again even if under Dumbledore's orders!

"Harry... Baby please... come back to me!"

Severus gathered Harry in his arms and pulled him tightly to his chest. If Sirius could see the tears running down Severus' face then there would be no doubt in his mind how much he loved Harry.

"Understand something Black, and understand it well." Remus answered in a deadly tone. "I am very close to loosing control over the wolf. And it's not to happy about how you hurt his cub. The way your acting I wouldn't feel any remorse watching it tear you to shreds!"

Sirius started to look a little weary.

"Yes Severus is a genius. Not only did he invent that little potion that keeps me sane enough not ti kill you when the moon is full. But he also, being the kind man he is, anonymously submitted it to the apotherical board to be registered and then set up multiple charities for werewolves in which said potion is mailed to nearly every werewolf in the UK for no charge. He brews every batch himself. Also, wanting to surprise you and Harry, he is in the middle of inventing a potion that can hone in on a specific animagus form and find their location. That means, you numb-skull, that we will catch that rat once and for all and you will be free. Listen up you insensitive bastard! If you so much as think about Severus in a bad way again, believe me I will not be so restraining to the wolf."

Severus walked out of the bathroom to hear Remus finishing his threat. He saw the four teenagers sitting quietly on the settee, the youngest Weasley still comforting Drace.

"Lupin, I need your help, he called from the doorway." Just past him Sirius could see the lifeless form of Harry on the floor.

"But, his wards..."

"Don't worry," Severus int erupted, "He's in no condition for those wards to be effective."

Sirius sneered.

"Why Snivelus, what did you do, drug him with one of your potions?"

The punch from Ron sent Sirius reeling in shock. Severus narrowed his eyes.

"Actually Black, I think it was your words that harmed him so much that he has recessed into his mind, probably to his memory of the last battle, thinking of the words you used. Harry is reliving the worst moments of his life because of you so forgive me if I don't give a damn about what you think. Remus?"

To be continued...

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