Naruto 40,000

Chapter 1: Naruto was training by himself this morning. The blonde haired ninja sighed as he wiped the sweat off of his brow. He had destroyed severel trees and many great rocks in a matter of hours with his Rasengen already. He felt his muscles begin to relax. I should go get some lunch at Ichiraku. Thought Naruto. He began walking towards Konoha's great gates. It was still amazing, Naruto had seen these gates so much, and yet its sheer size still awed him. He waved at the two jounin guards and walked into town. His favorite ramen cart was always stationed near the gate.

"Old man, same as per usual!" Said Naruto sitting down in one of the seats.

"You got it Naruto!" responded the jolly old man.

"Ah, Naruto-kun, good to see you again." said a voice from behind the blonde ninja. He turned and saw his friend Thick Brows.

"Hey Lee, how are you today?" asked Naruto as he invited the green suited nin to join him.

"I am fine, thank you for asking. I came to ask you a question though." Said Lee. "Really? What is it?" Replied Naruto as his ramen was given to him.

"Well, me and Shikamaru were going to make a squad together, except we were missing a nin, so we decided, you would be best, would you like to join us as Squad LeeShikaNaru?" He asked, striking his signature nice guy pose. "Hm," Thought Naruto as he slurped up his ramen, "I guess so, because we do make a great team." "YES! I shall go and inform Shikamaru! Thank you Naruto-kun! Thank you!" Lee stepped out of the small cart and disappeared in a flash.

His taijutsu, combined with Naruto's determination and Shikamaru's smarts, seemed like a perfect team at the moment. So, Naruto forgot about the thought as he continued feasting on his ramen. It was barely noon, and Naruto finished up his ramen. "Thanks for the ramen Old Man!!!" shouted Naruto as he laid some money on the counter and walked out. The sun shined down upon his face. Its gonna be a great day. He thought, walking back towards the training grounds. people were crowding around the great Konoha gates. Hey, what's going on?" Naruto said out loud, of course no one was listening to him. He pushed and shoved through the crowd, trying to get to the front to see what the commotion was. As he reached the front, he saw what it was that had everyones attention. A large purplish hole of some sort had appeared. It was spinning, and from just looking at it, you could tell it had massive power in it.

"What the hell is that?" He said. Someone near, who sounded familiar, said, "I dont know, but you better not go near it, or I'll have to tie you to a log." The voice belonged to the silver haired, secretive Copy Ninja of Konoha, Kakashi.

"Hey Kakashi-sensai! Good to see you again!." said Naruto turning back towards Kakashi, who was half looking at the hole, and reading his little book.

"Same here, i see you've grown over the year! I can see you've also been training alot more, havent you?" He said, its been a year since Naruto came back from training with Jiriaya.

"Ya, every day I've been out here working on my-" He was interrupted by a loud stomping. Tsunade walked through the crowd. The people moved out of her way after the first few were swatted away by her strength.

"WHAT GOES ON HERE!!" She shouted, Shizune quickly running to keep up with Tsunade. Tsunade's golden yellow hair blew gently across her face as a small breeze drifted by. She stomped up to the hole, and threw a rock into it. Nothing. "Dammit, this thing needs to be kept under constant watch, SHIZUNE!! Call the ANBU black ops imidiatly!" Shizune took note of Tsunade's slight drunken state. "Yes, Tsunade-sama!: She rushed off. "Kakashi! Come here!" Ordered the drunken Hokage.

"Yes Tsunade-sama?" He said appearing in front of her in a cloud of smoke.

"Get the best team you think would be up to an S-ranked mission." She said, slightly wobbling.

"Yes, Tsunade-Sama." Kakashi vanished in a plume of smoke. Tsunade then proceeded to wobble drunkingly back to her office. Naruto stared at the hole, mezmerised by its purplish coloring. Someone tapped his shoulder. He spun on his heels to see Sakura staring at him. "Oh, hi Sakura-chan!" Said the blonde ninja, his face slightly blushing, "What are you here for? To look at the hole as well?"

"Actually, I came to see you, Naruto." she said looking up at him. Her pink hair was really bright this morning. I wonder why... thought Naruto. She giggled and grabbed his hand and began pulling him back to town. The purple hole was still in his mind as he went with Sakura. What could it be? Well, whatever it is, it isnt Sakura-chan, so ill just forget about it. He thought as he was still being pulled by Sakura. "Are we there yet Sakura-chan?" Asked Naruto excitedly.

"Almost, just a little bit further!." She continued to giggle. They neared the Hokage's building. "Hurry up Sakura!!" Came Tsunade's voice.

The pair on ninja ran up to her office and burst through the door. Lee, Shikamaru, and Kakashi were assembled before him and Sakura. "Team LeeShikaNaru shall embark on an S-rank mission, to go inside the hole thats appeared at the gates." said Sakura smiling.

"Its gonna be troublesome..." Said Shikamaru rubbing his neck.

"It shall be a grand adventure!!" Shouted Lee.

"An S-rank mission...about time!" said Naruto, smiling. Sakura smiled and whispered to Naruto, "I told you that your good enough for an S-rank." Naruto's smile widened at her words. "Alright, we embark in the morning!" He said raising his thumb in a mimicked version of Lee's Nice guy pose. Finally, Thought Naruto, an S-Rank mission, this is gonna be great!

End Of Chapter 1

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