Finally, the long anticipated continuation! What is the alternative solution to saving prince Zoro!
"You mean.. there's another way?" Nami said slowly.

"Wow! This is great for you Zoro!" Luffy said and hit Zoro on the back.

"Eh! Legendary mysterious dragon? Coool!" Chopper said with sparkles all around him.

"Where did you find that information!" Zoro said, demanding to know since he had searched so long for another solution.

"I read it in a book" Robin simply said.

"…Oh" Zoro, Nami and Luffy answered in the same tone.

They stared at the young maiden as she dragged forward a summoning scroll and started the summoning. W-Wait! From where!

Robin gracefully cleared all the stages and they were all very impressed. Then she dragged up a long silver knife…

"Ah!" Chopper looked scared.

"Where does she get all those things from?" Nami silently wondered.

"I need some blood now" Robin said with a mysterious smile, still holding the knife.

"… Well, Zoro is the one with most blood to spare" Chopper said in the tone of his doctor mode.

"Yes yes, so just go ahead" Nami said and pushed Zoro a bit forward.

"Be brave now!" Luffy said and patted Zoro's shoulder before pushing him even more forward.

The young prince then realized that it was probably more to the young maiden than a pretty face. Yes, maybe he could see her heart just for a small second?

Zoro stared at Robin and suddenly thought she looked a hell lot more dangerous now that she had a big knife in her hand. And what was that small sparkle in her eye? Damn! She was enjoying this… Well, he wouldn't lose to any weird woman…

"Get it over with" Zoro said and reached out his arm in front of her.

"Yes" Robin said and before Zoro could blink she had just cut his arm so a looot of blood dripped down onto the scroll.
"O- OI! I thought you were just going to make a small cut!" Zoro said staring at the blood.

"Yes, I did a small cut. Hmm, how odd" Robin said with a small shrug.

But Zoro didn't get the chance to answer before a flashing light started to lit up the dark castle. Yes, and a mysterious green- …. Oi, woah woah, WAIT! Isn't this supposed to be "Beauty and the Beast"!.

………………………………………… just wait a moment while I check the script *Runs away*

"Uhh, you're the dragon?" Zoro said and raised an eyebrow. Nami looked disbelieving and Chopper blinked. Even Luffy looked skeptical.

"Yes, I am Dragon" Dragon answered in a serious tone.

"Ah, how good you could come, legendary mysterious Dragon-san" Robin said with a mysterious smile, without looking surprised at all.

"You summoned me? What do you wish of?" Dragon said in a stern and serious tone.

"It's about breaking the curse of Kenshi-san here" Robin said and nodded towards Zoro, talking about him as if he weren't really there.

"A curse, is it?" Dragon stared at Zoro in a critical manner.

"Spit it out, intruder. I don't have the entire day" Zoro said in an irritated tone.

"I would be able to help you…. If my legendary mysterious items hadn't been lost for so long time ago" Dragon said to Robin while fully ignoring Zoro.

"I see, that is troublesome, ne?" Robin said and nodded.

Prince Zoro sent the fair maiden a curious glance. He wasn't sure if he dared to believe it, after all these years of isolation and people fearing him, a person speaking about him with hope …

"He just has to go and retrieve them then. What do they look like?" Robin asked in a cold and analytical tone and then took up a notepad.

"They have the shape of spheres and there are seven of them." Dragon said with a serious face expression.

"So Kenshi-san here just has to find those seven…" Robin started.

"Dragon balls" Dragon finished.

O-O-OI! Stop joking around! _

"But this will be a dangerous quest, I think it would be wise for you to accompany him, summoner of mine" Dragon continued with a wise nod.

"Wait! No way that woman is going anywhere with me!" Zoro shouted angrily.

"You expect to find the way all by yourself? This quest isn't going to be a walk in your own castle yard. Or should I say within the closest 10 meters?" Dragon said sternly and showed that he didn't think very highly of Zoro's sense of direction, but on the other hand, who did?
"Yes, Zoro actually does lose his way within 10 meters occasionally" Chopper said with a confirming nod and then backed away because of the glare Zoro sent him.

"Buuuuuut, you know, I don't want Zoro to lea-" Luffy started but was interrupted.

"Excuse us for awhile" Nami said with a smile and dragged Luffy and Chopper away.

"Hey Nami! What's wrong with you!" Luffy said in an annoyed tone. He didn't want Zoro to leave.

"Luffy, don't you get it? If they travel alone, even if they don't succeed the quest, that woman might just fall in love with him during the search!" Nami said while nodding in a convinced manner (even though she in truth wasn't convinced at all).

"Oh! Is that so? That's great of you Nami! Thinking ahead for the sake of prince Zoro like that!" Chopper said and looked impressed.

"Yes, great, but…" Luffy said, still not wanting Zoro to leave.

"Besides, that leaves ME, I mean.. us… to look after the castle!" Nami continued sounding almost obsessed for a short while.

Zoro still looked stubborn and unwilling when Nami, Luffy and Chopper returned.

"Ne, Zoro, we think you should go. This would be an excellent opportunity for you to be able to lead a normal life again!" Nami said in a happy and enthusiastic tone.
"What? Since when do you care?" Zoro frowned and seemed even more suspicious.
"Or you will never be able to open a bottle with alcohol again and just have to continue to sit alone by, yourself sulking in the wine cellar every night to come" Nami said with a frank tone accompanied with the beginning of a smirk.
"Oi! Who would do that!" Zoro said while obviously seeming embarrassed.

"But fine, I get it, I will go – but only to prove that no stupid okama can control MY life!" Zoro continued and then turned to Nico Robin.

The prince cast the fair maiden a longing glance. This was their chance to change his fate and create a future for the two of them.

"I want compensation in the form of books" Robin said with a matter of fact tone.
"Fine, I'll give you whatever stupid books you want" Zoro said grumpily.
"That's a deal then, Kenshin-san. Well then Dragon-san, we are both in an agreement to find your seven missing spheres" Robin said and turned to Dragon with a mysterious smile.
"How good. Then, I will bestow upon you the power to travel between worlds. Regardless whether the world contains a Dragon Ball or not, there will always be something that you need to finish in every world before being able to go on to the next. Youngsters, are you prepared?" Dragon said and then glanced at them while suddenly smirking at them.
"Heh, of course. I have no regrets" Zoro said with a sharp smile.
"Anytime" Robin said and also smirked.

And thus, a strong flash a light appeared beneath them and the prince and the fair maiden exchanged a last deep glance before being engulfed by the light and sent to an unknown world. The servants watched them until the light as well as the prince, the fair maiden and the mysterious dragon had disappeared.

"Well then, there are going to be some changes around here" Nami said and suddenly laughed out loud in an "Ohohohoho" laughter.

What will happen next? To where have our two main characters been sent? Will they all finally start acting like in the fairy tale next time! Stay tuned!