Boogerman Short #1: Clean Isn't Always Supreme!

By BoogerMan Jim The Clayfighter

Narrator (Jim Cummings): In the not-quite-sacred Flatulent Swamps, Our Hero, Boogerman, has come face-to-face with his worst nightmare…A WALKING, TALKING SHOWER!

Shower: HAHAHAHA! Time for YOU to come clean, Boogerman!

Boogerman: NEVER! You can shred me to bits, You can make listen to Yanni, BUT NOBODY MAKES BOOGERMAN COME CLEAN!

Narrator: And eating a mighty jalapeno pepper, Boogerman uses his Gas Rocket to escape!

Shower: Where'd he go?

Boogerman: Looking for me?

(The Shower looks around, and finds Boogerman waving)


Narrator: Launching bubbles out, Boogerman tries to think quick.

Boogerman: What to do, what to do…HUH-HA!

Turd: You lookin' at me, punk?

Boogerman: No, but I'll be USING YOU!

(Boogerman lifts up the turd foe)

Turd: Hey, put me down, you psycho!

Boogerman: OK!

Narrator: Waving good-bye, Boogerman watches as the turd gets sudded to death. Then, something hit Boogerman!

Boogerman: OUCH! Hey, who threw that rock?

Narrator: Not THAT way!

Boogerman: Oh, Sorry. I know who might be behind this! None other then the neat-freak, Deoder Ant! Well, time to pay him a visit!

Narrator: Meanwhile, at the Navel Caverns, Deoder Ant is waiting for his Shower-Bot to return.

Deoder Ant: Hmmm…That robot is late. Where could he be with that Putrid Boogerman?

Boogerman: Gee…I wonder…

(Deoder Ant turns around, only to get a sniff of a flamin' fart)

Boogerman: It takes more then showers and deodorant to defeat…

(Booger thrusts his finger into the air, standing atop the defeated Deoder Ant)

Boogerman: Boogerman, The World's Greatest and Grossest Superhero!

Deoder Ant: You Stink!

Boogerman: Frrt And Don't I Know It.

The End!