Take the Green and Go

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Chapter 1

'Great, I'm being flung through time to some unknown destination.' The woman thought to her self as she flew through a tunnel of oddly colored surroundings. The guy who called himself her employer had decided for her to test out the newest invention. Of course, it was a time traveling invention, and she wanted no part in it. She was goaded into it, however, by the promise of a month off. Maybe it was foolish, but she half-expected it to fail.

She forgot at that moment about the competence of the so called genius with most of his inventions. As the good doctor began to fiddle with the controls, his mind forgot a few things, and so he began to press some buttons willy nilly. On the last button press, the machine became overloaded, and parts started to burst and fry.

Unfortunately for the girl, she was stuck inside of the locked door of the machine with no way out. As she screamed obscenities at the fool, the machine exploded and sent her through the time-space continuum. It was something that the idiot was hoping to have work, but under different circumstances than what occurred. There was no telling how/if/when she'd ever get back would be.

'I really hate time travel. I should have included the damn thing into my contract. In fact, there are a lot of things I should have added.' As she continued to be propelled through the tunnel of multicolored lights and oddly floating clocks, she saw that she was coming to the end. At least she thought it was the end, because what else would a large white light at the end of a multi-colored time portal be? It sure as hell wouldn't be a club resort or something. 'If I ever find my way back, I'm going to KILL Blue Boy.' She thought as she closed her eyes.

Her eyes opened a few seconds later to the sight that was around her. The place appeared to be an isolated region of… somewhere. There were a whole bunch of small springs and bamboo sticking out. 'Wait, Bamboo?' On closer inspection, her suspicion was right. 'Bamboo would mean I'm in China. Now I just need to figure out what year I'm in.' She thought with a sigh. The idea of just sitting around and reading some magazines sounded more appealing.

The raven-haired woman proceeded on her trek as she took in her surroundings. As she thought from her observation earlier, the place was virtually uninhabited, and it also seemed to be untouched by human hands. The thought of actually being so far back in time like that did not sit well with her. There had to be some human life around here, and maybe that would mean some way to get back to her former time.

It was several more minutes before she noticed that some people were watching her. 'Hmm… it seems that the natives are getting restless.' She began to flex her gloved hands for the possible incoming attack. The attack had come a little sooner than she expected it would. Glancing around, the pale woman noticed she was surrounded by no less than about 10 women in tight Chinese style mini dresses, brightly colored hair, and sharp weapons of various sizes.

//Who are you and what are you doing on Amazon lands?// One of the women asked as she scooted forward with her sword at ready. The strange lady in front of her didn't look like anyone they'd ever seen before. Her skin was a bit on the pale side, and her hair was raven black. Those dark green eyes held coldness, amusement, and boredom all at once. What really seemed weird was the outfit the stranger wore. It appeared to be a body suit of some kind that alternated between green and black, and the gloves looked almost like they were clawed.

"Just as I expected, we have a language barrier on our hands." The woman said as she looked at the weaponry without an ounce of worry. The strange women seemed to get even more agitated for some reason when she proceeded to just ignore them.

//You had better do what you are told, outsider.//

//I don't think she understands out language, Sin Kah.// The one with bright blue hair said as she stepped forward a little bit and prodded the woman with the end of her staff. She jumped back with a shriek when the tip of the staff was suddenly shredded by some odd glowing green energy that sprang up on the stranger's hands. //She's a demon!//

With that proclamation, the warriors began to move in on the woman. 'About time I got a little fun around here.' The raven-haired woman said to herself as she made a flying back leap out of the mob and landed a few feet away. The native warriors stopped and turned towards her. Silence reined for what seemed like eternity before the women charged.

Hands glowing of green energy, the time traveler shot forward and dodged under a sword swing of a woman with black hair. Turning on her feet, she sent a fist to the chin of the woman and sent said woman flying a few feet before crashing to the ground. With a leap into the air, the green clad woman landed a knee drop on the Amazon's stomach; knocking the wind out of her.

Just as a weapon was about to bean her upside the head, she moved under it and conducted a leg sweep against the girl with blue hair. Before the girl could hit the ground, the raven-haired woman grabbed a hold of the Amazon and tossed the native towards the group. The entire party was suddenly squirming around on the ground trying to get up.

Leaping into the air, the time traveler put her hands together and formed a small sphere of green energy. Casting her hands forward, the ball shot from her hands and headed towards the downed group. There was a resulting explosion that caused the Amazons to be scattered. Landing back onto the ground, the pale woman looked around and saw that everyone was out cold.

'That was rather disappointing.' She thought with a frown as she continued walking. She didn't get too far before something shot out of the bushes and managed to get behind her. Before she could react, the something had pushed a point behind her that caused her to fall to the ground unconscious. There was some rustling in the bushes as an older looking woman walked out and clanked at the fallen stranger.

//This is indeed a strange person, Elder Leiun.// Her gaze looked to a woman who appeared to be a little shorter than she was. The shorter woman's hair still had traces of black in it as she looked upon the downed figure.

//She dispatched 10 Amazon Warriors with ease. They may have still been in training, but they weren't weak.// Leiun commented as she poked the girl with her staff. //She could prove to bring a bit of interest to us. Assuming we can stop our warriors from invoking the Kiss of Death.//


It was a few hours later in which the raven-haired woman came to her senses. 'Gah… how the hell did I get defeated so fast?' Opening her eyes, she found herself lying in a room on a sheet. Except for the makeshift bed, there didn't seem to be anything of interest within the room. It was then that her eyes caught sight of a very old looking woman. "Looks just like a walking mummy." She received a hard bonk upside the head.

"One of several people in this village who even fully understand this English language nonsense, and I turn out to be the one who has to communicate with a person happens to be disrespectful."

"That's a nice little story you have there, old woman." The pale woman said as she stood up and looked around. "I honestly don't care, and would like to try and find away to get back home."

"Then maybe we could help you get to this home of yours."

"I doubt it"

"Could you at least tell me your name, young one?"

"My name is Shego." With a slight frown, she began to look around some more. Her dark eyes traveled to the small window which was near the bed. Upon looking outside, she noticed that the entire area she was at was some old village of sorts. "I'm out in the boondocks big time."

"Where exactly are you from, young one?" The elderly woman was quite curious about it. From what the other two elders who had been in the woods said, she dispatched 10 Amazons without any real effort. There was also something about glowing green hands.

"It's more like a question of WHEN exactly. Jeez I really hate time travel." The raven-haired henchwoman saw the look on the elder's face at the mention of time travel. "I see you're on the ball for your age. I'm not exactly sure what year I'm in at all, and so that's what is bugging the hell out of me."

"This certainly is something I wouldn't have expected." The wrinkled elder said in shock. "Please… Shego, tell me about yourself."

"There's not much to tell. I'm the 'sidekick' to an evil mad scientist sometime in the future. It was his blundering that caused me to be sent back to who the hell knows what time." The elder was a little put off by the 'evil mad scientist' part. "I have always wondered why I put up with an incompetent moron who's the butt of jokes among other villainous circles." Shaking the thought out of her mind, Shego proceeded to head outside of the hut, but was stopped by a cane.

"I'm afraid I can't let you go if there's a possibility that you could harm innocents within this village." The elder would not make that mistake. The young woman in front of her obviously had less than good tendencies. Her eyes widened when the woman's gloved hands glowed green and sliced the end of the cane that was blocking her way.

"Don't worry your wrinkled little head." The woman in green and black said with a yawn. "As long as nobody pisses me off, they'll be fine." Pushing the remaining bit of the staff away, she walked out the door and to the main part of the village.

//An eye needs to be kept on that one.// The elder mumbled to herself.


As much as she loved the idea of relieving a little stress, she didn't want to put the natives on high alert for no real reason. They could very well be the only way back to… wherever. She may have been evil, but even she knew when the situation called and did not call for it. This was one of those times that did not call.

On the bright side, she could look at this as a much needed vacation that she had really needed for a while. The thought of being away from Drakken and all his bumbling had a certain appeal to it as well. 'Maybe I can just relax for a little while.' Shego thought to her self with a smirk. How long had it been since she found a chance to just unwind?

Her green eyes narrowed as she ducked a sword swing that was aimed for her neck. Her leg went into a sweeping motion that knocked her attacker to the ground. Standing up, she saw it was one of those warrior women from before. It was the one with black hair that she had knee-dropped earlier. 'Well I guess this answers my thought about relaxing.' A feral smile appeared on the raven-haired woman's face as her hands began to glow.

"I'll gladly give you a fight, if that's what you want." At an unannounced signal, Shego charged at the woman getting back to her feet. With a quick slash, the sword was cut to pieces before a kick was sent to the Amazon's stomach. "Jeez… where the hell is Possible when you need to vent a little aggression against someone who can keep up?" The woman in green and black watched as the black-haired girl got back to her feet. 'Maybe these people are tougher than I give them credit for?'

//I'm going to kill you!// The Amazon shouted as she charged for the outsider that made a fool of her earlier. The fact that those glowing hands cut seamlessly through the sword she had did little to stop her. Each blow she tried to land was dodged by the demon girl. What was more annoying was how said demon girl still had that feral smirk as she dodged.

Pain came to the black haired Amazon that caused her to jump back. Looking down at her clothing, she saw four slash marks on her outfit, and the marks went deep enough to cut her skin a little. "Don't tell me we're done, Pinkie. I was just getting started." Of course, the Amazon didn't know what the woman said, but she figured it was an insult. Narrowing her eyes, she leapt forward.

Shego rolled her eyes at the tactic that was being used again. She was about to counter when a cry of 'Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken' was shouted. This confusion turned to shock when she was suddenly hit by hundreds of quick punches. The final punch from the pink haired Amazon was aimed for her chin, which caused her to be thrown several feet away and onto her back.

'That was some fancy trick.' The one in green and black thought with wide eyes as she got into a sitting position. Her body started to hurt as if she was hit by a steam roller. 'Not bad for some backwoods bimbo… but this just calls for my own trick.' Smirking evilly, she held a clawed hand forward and sent a barrage of energy towards her adversary.

The Amazon's eyes widened at the energy coming her way and attempted to dodge, but she ended up getting clipped by a few. Wincing in pain, the black haired Joketsuzoku girl got back to her feet and was ready to charge again. The shout of the matriarch who talked conversed with Shego stepped in.

//That is enough!// She shouted towards the young Amazon woman. //Khu Lon, you should know better than to outright attack a person without a challenge when in the village.// Her eyes then turned towards the woman in green and black. "I am sorry for the girl's behavior. She was sore from the confrontation you two had earlier and wanted to get back at you." She saw this woman fight, and could see that she was not someone to trifle with. If the green-eyed girl was serious, she could have killed Khu Lon without a second thought.

//I am sorry Elder Xiao.// The black haired Amazon said as she bowed deeply to the small and aged woman. //I was blinded by my anger, and should have thought it through.//

//Now that's the attitude of a proper Amazon.// Xiao said with a small smile. The girl would learn how to properly behave and take her place on the matriarch council someday. She then turned towards Shego. "Please come with me so we could talk, young Shego." The elderly matriarch proceeded to hop away on a replacement staff.

"Eh, why not? It could be worse… I could be forced to accompany another Drakken, Killigan, and Monkey Fist scheme. I swear, they could possibly pass for the three stooges." Grumbling to her self about those small facts, the green-eyed 'sidekick' followed after the hopping woman.


It turned out that the old woman had brought her forth to the Amazon council to decide what to do with her. The matriarchs had originally decided to just have one of the defeated warriors perform the Kiss of Death and be done with it. At Xiao's commanding, though, they decided to take a greater look at the issue.

Here stood a pale woman with long black hair who happened to be in possession of some advanced martial arts ability. It was also apparent that her hands could generate an odd green energy that could shoot out in blasts, and that her claws could slice through AT LEAST a sword. There was also the fact that the young woman mentioned that she was the assistant to a mad scientist sometime in the future. This at least hinted that the woman had no qualms about causing disaster if she wanted.

She was a great fighter, however, and they could not pass up that idea too easily. The loyalty factor was a tough one, but that would be a really simple matter that could be solved. They actually had a mirror that would allow someone to be transported through time. They decided to let loose that it was only in planning stages, however, and that if they managed to get it finished, then the woman could use it.

As they anticipated, the strange girl from the future decided to agree to not cause too much trouble. That is, however, as long as she is provided her with the mirror whenever they got finished with it. She had her eyes set on it, and she would cooperate until it was created and came into her hands. What Shego didn't tell them, however, was that if someone else offered a way to get back, then all deals would be off.

Upon being allowed to live in the Joketsuzoku, permission was actually given to show her a technique she had experienced during the fight with Khu Lon. The council figured that they could get some more trust from the pale woman if they offered to train her in a few techniques. Not any of the more secret ones, of course. It was also around this time that they decided to drill the Chinese language into her.

The girl in black and green cursed numerous times over the fact of having to take chestnuts from a blazing fire. It took a few weeks before she even managed to do it at a fraction of the speed it was supposed to be. An unnatural joy came to the woman when she found out just how fast her hands could be, and firing off blasts of energy was almost like using a machine gun. Of course doing this little demonstration damaged a bit of property in the process, but it she didn't really care much about that.

Khu Lon had proven to be a girl who didn't want anything more than to flatten the demon woman once and for all. It actually proved amusing to Shego at just how much the young Amazon would try and knock her for a loop, but only to receive several injuries that made the girl count her losses and swear to return later.

The black haired Amazon was actually starting to get a little better due to proper motivation. That motivation was to beat the head in of the pale woman who humiliated her constantly. She was nowhere near the level that Shego cared about though, and the green-eyed girl found herself wishing that the damn Possible girl was here. A challenge is what Shego needed, and Possible was the only one who really brought it.

Everything was starting to really get boring in the Joketsuzoku at about a month and a half later. The villainous 'sidekick' was starting to feel a kind of 'evil' withdraw at not having committed any crimes or destroyed anything as of late. If the damn elders didn't create that mirror soon, she was going to go postal.

It was around that time that word got around about a diminutive and ugly thing of a man was raiding the village and groping the Amazon women. Figuring it would provide some amusement, Shego decided to take a look and see just what was happening around the place. Maybe it could provide something for her to do to alleviate the increasing boredom she was having.

After a while of searching, she came a cross the man that everyone was talking about. The guy, and she used the term loosely, was hiding behind a hut and going through a few items that he had most likely stole. //Causing quite a mess around here, aren't you?// She watched as the little dwarf turned around and took a stance. //Calm yourself you little monkey. There is no reason for me to stop you.// She was able to speak Chinese, but she couldn't read or write it.

//What do you mean?// The short guy with messy black hair asked cautiously. //Aren't you an Amazon warrior who's trying to protect the village and treasure?// Confusion came to him when the woman gave a laugh.

//Who am I to stop a person from being a criminal when it doesn't concern me?" Shego asked with a lazy shrug. //I'm just waiting around this backwater village for when they create the damn time traveling mirror they said they were working on.//

The diminutive man got an odd look in his beady eyes after the woman in green and black said that. //You mean something like this?// In his small hands was a pocket mirror that looked a little on the valuable side. //The lovely Khu Lon had this little thing in her possession a day ago, and I decided to snatch thing little trinket. I've been overhearing conversations, and it's an old Amazon treasure. The Nanban Mirror… capable of sending someone to a different time with the use of a tear.//

Shego's eyes widened at the information before narrowing. Giving off an angered growl, her hands became ablaze with her green energy. The very image was quite unsettling to anyone who might have been watching. //Those lying pigs. Just what the hell were they trying to pull?! Try to get on my good side and use me as a weapon? That is one big no-no, and they just signed their fates.//

The small dwarf of a man was startled when he saw the reaction of the woman in front of him, but that shock turned into an odd glee. The Amazon's thought they could turn him down, but he would show them that error. It also seemed that the aforementioned tribe had wronged this woman as well. He had the very thing she wanted, and he could use that to his advantage.

//How about we strike a deal, miss? You help me cause a little trouble for the women here, such as possibly stealing a few treasures and cause some property damage, and I give you the mirror you desire.//

//You aren't just trying to make a false deal, are you? If you are trying to fool me, then you have picked the wrong person to mess with, Tiny.// To emphasis this, Shego swiped her hand and created several long gashes against the hard stone of the wall.

The man gulped, but smiled. //I promise on my word as a martial artist that you can have the mirror.// He raised a hand. //By the way, my name is Happosai.//

A feral smile appeared on Shego's face //Shego//


It was a day that would be remembered by the Amazon's for decades to come. What turned out to be a calm and peaceful day turned into a day of chaos and damage. At the root of the cause was a young woman dressed in black and green with hands glowing and eerie green. In her eyes was a hard and cold look as she zeroed in on the damage that she had caused. On her back was a sack that had a few Amazon treasures in it.

//Shego! What is the meaning of this attack?!// Elder Xiao asked furiously as she glared at the woman who had lived in the village for the last month and a half. She had destructive tendencies, but they didn't think she'd turn on them.

//Aww… is the poor little elder surprised? This is what happens when you try and mislead someone, old bat.// The pale woman said with an amused smile as she jumped to the ground. //A little birdie, and ugly one at that, let slip about a certain item called the Nanban Mirror that you already had.// The shocked look on Xiao's face caused Shego to smirk even more. //Yes, I suppose you now realize that tricking someone who's evil is not a wise choice.//

//I won't allow you to leave with those treasures and with what you've done!// The matriarch shouted as she rushed forward. She saw the evil smirk on the black haired woman before said woman gave a leap over her attack before giving a swipe at her back. Pain came to the matriarch as her back gained for gashes that started bleeding a little. A cold sweat appeared when the clawed hand was pressed against her back, and Shego's head peeked around the elder's shoulder.

//Tricking and lying to me was not a wise decision, mummy. I bid you a not so fond farewell.// After the talk was over, the pale woman fired off a few energy blasts dead center. The matriarch was then sent careening into a building and buried under rubble.

After the deed of mayhem was done, Shego took off out of the village; blasting anyone who got in her way. That Happosai guy told her to meet up at those springs with the bamboo poles sticking out of them. It didn't take too long to find her way to the place, and her eyes caught sight of the dwarfish man sitting on the ground.

//Here's some items, Happosai. I believe the mirror is now mine.//

//Yes… you're right, it is now yours. First, however, you need to do one more thing.// He saw the frown on the woman's face. //Oh it's not much. It would just be a good thing to let a young man to catch a feel of your beauties!// The small man jumped up to land on Shego's chest, but he was suddenly in pain as a claw mark swiped at his chest. //Why you little… it was only a grope I wanted!//

The pale woman's face turned into a snarl. Nobody used her for their perversions and lived to tell about it. //Just give me the damn mirror and I'll let you live.// Her hands were glowing in preparation.

Happosai looked down at his clothing and became angry. //You little bitch! That was my only shirt that I have with me right now. Just for that, I'm not giving you the mirror you want so badly.// The little man jumped backwards to avoid a glowing claw. //It looks like I'm going to have to teach you a lesson.// Holding out his hand, it was revealed to be holding a medium sized firecracker. //HAPPO DAIKARIN!// The sphere was then tossed towards the girl in green and black.

//Such a little thing.// Shego said with a smirk as she swiped at it. What she wasn't expecting, though, was that it would cause a large enough explosion to send her rocketing backwards and heading for one of the many springs that seemed to litter the place. //What the hell?// She asked herself. That was the last conscious thought for Shego before her head hit a rock on the side of a spring. Blacked out, the woman began to sink into the spring.

//Such a waste for a beautiful woman such as her.// Happosai sniffled out. He really wanted to have at least one grope at her first, but it was useless. //She would have made such a great partner with her abilities also.// A noise broke him out of his thoughts. Turning around, he saw several Amazon warriors with weapons drawn. //Hello ladies// The dwarfed man said with a smile. //I regret to inform you all that the lovely young woman had drowned in that spring.// With that said, the pervert grabbed the sacks of Amazon treasure and hi-tailed it out of the area before the women could capture him.

//So the woman has met her end at the springs.// Elder Leiun said as she looked upon the spring that still had a few bubbles and ripples breaking the surface. //Someone bring the guide here. A new spring has been created, and we must make sure that nobody ever falls into the thing. If someone does, I fear that destruction would once again rein upon us Amazons.//

As soon as the Jusenkyou Guide arrived, they made a small fence around the spring and gave it a name. 'The Spring of Drowned Demon Woman' must never have a victim. There would be too many old wounds brought up if it were to happen. Mass destruction of the Joketsuzoku, theft, and the death of an elder would not be weighed lightly if the girl would return.


Another idea that came to mind that I couldn't ignore. It was completely screaming at me and wouldn't shut up until I started it late last night. All came about because of one thing I wondered… could a fanfic where Ranma becomes Shego ever be done? The answer has been given apparently.