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Bleeding Hearts

Chapter 1

By Yami no Kokoro

Yusuke's POV

The world is ending.

Stars are shining in crimson grass, and the moon flies backward in the sky, setting in the east. My ears ring as young men and women dance to unheard music, unaware of the coming massacre. Children's laughter turns to screams as a torrent of blood-red rain begins to fall from the heavens, matting my hair against my forehead.

Looking down I find a rose nestled safely in my palm. I smile. The beauty of the flower isn't marred by the blood falling upon it at all. Reaching out I gently caress it, but with each touch the flower begins to die, quickly blackening until it's rosy color is completely gone.

A dragon appears and tries to snatch the rose from my grasp, but I hold on, protecting it from the snapping jaws of the beast.

In the distance, the screaming stops.

All around me there is silence save the dragon's angry snarls. Not even the soft patter of the coppery blood reaches my ears.

The rose pricks me, a jagged thorn cutting into my finger as I clutch it close. A single drop of blood escapes, moving to join the rising puddle on the crimson grass.

I open my palm to examine the wound, and the rose slips from my fingers. It hits the puddle and begins to sink quickly, while I only stand and watch in horror. The dragon lets out an anguished roar and turns to face me, flames rushing forth from behind whetted fangs to devour me.

And I awake.

Kurama's POV

How long has it been since he left? I suppose it would be romantic to say I could count the days since I'd last seen him, but that would be a lie. If anything the days seem to all blend together now, a meaningless cycle with no joy, no light, to distinguish one from the other.

I knew that he wouldn't stay. There was nothing for him in the Ningenkai once his parole was up, nothing but me. . . and one lonely kitsune is hardly enough incentive to give up all that he was offered.

Heir to an entire third of the Makai, and Mukuro, who I could tell thought of him as more than a pupil.

He hardly gave me a second thought.

How long has it been now? Like I've said, I'm not really sure. Almost two semesters of my school year, he'd left as last summer had just begun to fade, that wonderful summer that I'm sure was nothing more than a meaningless fling in the mind my garnet eyed love and had left me only wanting more.

Despite my reputation as Yoko for being shameless in my pursuit of lovers I in this form have had none before, and none since my little flame.

My heart belongs to him, and him alone, though he will never know it.

I should stop dwelling on the departed demi-koorime. At times, though, I find myself remembering our time together, picturing his smirk, his touch . . . it isn't healthy, especially not for one with Yoko blood. Even my mortal mother has noticed my depression these past months, and asked me to tell her what's wrong.

If only I could.

My senior year is almost over, it's time to move on with my life. Leave old wounds behind. Try to find someone new.

And forget the one that has forgotten me.

Hiei's POV

A silver fox streaked with crimson watches me with fearful eyes. I try to step towards it, but it darts away, hiding in a crowded room full of ningen dancing to unheard music.

Fools. Do they not notice the blood rising at their feet?

I ignore the crimson liquid as well, moving through the crowd in search of the fox. He's hiding from me, darting away, always just beyond my reach, watching me with an untrusting gaze.

Suddenly I see a small metal cage behind him. I try to call out and warn him, but my voice catches in my throat, and I can only watch as it backs itself right into the trap. The cage shuts with a resounding snap, and the fox lets out a high, frightened whimper.

Finally, I can move again. I go forward to help it, but an unseen force knocks me aside, sending me down into the ever-rising red puddle.

The silver fox begins to let out terrified yips, as the blood becomes too high. It's drowning. Drowning in blood.

Tears fall down my face as I watch it struggle, falling into the liquid around me, each one a glittering gem in the sea of red. I want to help the animal.

Yet I can do nothing but cry.

Slowly, the silver fox sinks.

And I awake.

Quickly I sit up, gasping for breath as though it were myself and not the dream fox that had been drowning.

It's been ages since I've dreamed of the kitsune, as I'm sure that's who the fox in my dream represented. I've been hoping that I could forget him.

After all, he chose to stay in the Ningenkai after that summer we'd spent together, chose those human fools over myself and the Makai.

And why would he not? He was once Yoko after all, a thief of hearts who took what he desired and tossed you aside once he tired of you. I doubt that I was more than a pawn of his lust, or at least, that's what I try to convince myself.

My quick breaths are finally slowing, and I glance to the woman to my left, making sure that I haven't awoken her. She sleeps on, undisturbed and unaware of my less than faithful thoughts.

Mukuro. I do not love her, but in the Makai 'love' is a word seldom used and meant much less. She is a good mentor, a good ally, and a good companion. Her intentions, at least, I can be sure of.

Unlike the kitsune. She never tries to complicate our nightly meetings with talk of a relationship or other such fool words that mean nothing in the end.

Mukuro I can always understand. The kitsune whispered words of love in my ear but chose the Ningenkai. Never trust a Yoko's words.

I was nothing but a convenient partner for Kurama, and I'm sure he has forgotten me already. I was so sure I'd succeeded in doing the same.

So why was I dreaming of his death?

Yusuke's POV

I lay in bed, breathing raggedly, as I try to recover from that dream.

Man, that was seriously messed up. The raining blood, the screaming, the blackened rose.

No more falling asleep to the music of 'Disturbed' for me, thank you.

After a long moment I sit up, pushing my black hair back from where it's plastered against my forehead.

/Children's laughter turns to screams as a torrent of blood-red rain begins to fall from the heavens, matting my hair against my forehead./

No. It's sweat. Just sweat. Damn it, I've never been frightened by dreams before. Why start now?

Maybe because the dream was giving me some kind of a message, and this one I think even I can figure out.

The rose in my dream was obviously Kurama, the plant-taming kitsune I've loved secretly ever since our first tournament together. Since the time I first realized that my attraction towards my current girlfriend, Keiko, was entirely platonic, and since I'd noticed that the aforementioned youkai only had eyes for our fire-taming teammate.

See, I'm not as oblivious as some people think.

But Hiei's been gone a year, plenty of time for my friend to get over him, and that dream was telling me, clear as day, that if I let that rose slip through my fingers it'll only mean bad news for the both of us.

It's time to tell Kurama how I feel, and get his answer once and for all.