Silent Reflection

Inuyasha is the most wanted male in all of his high school. The ladies crave him and the guys idolize him. They, however, do not know that he is dating the quietest of the students in Shikon High, Higurashi Kagome. In fact, nobody knows they're dating.

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Silent Reflection

"You have the right to remain silent," he whispered in a deadly tone, "or I will shoot your brains out for even threatening to touch Kagome—UNDERSTOOD?!"

Akira's eyes widened as he saw Hitoshi, well, in his eyes Hiroshi, walk into his living room with a patrol of police officers behind him. Inuyasha still had Akira's collar and Kagome was panting, leaning on her brother.

"Hiro-shi… LET ME GO YOU HALF DEMON!!" Akira roared, thrashing. Inuyasha glanced at Hitoshi to see him not before letting Akira crumple on the floor. Right away, Inuyasha rushed to Kagome and gathered her into his arms, stroking her hair and whispering in her ear that everything is, and will be, alright.

Hitoshi had the gun pointed at Akira's forehead and the murderer watched the barrel with his eyes, afraid of breathing.

"You tried to kill Hitoshi," he whispered, his voice deadly, "you tried to kill Kagome—YOU KILLED KORARI!" Kagome winced and dug her face into Inuyasha's chest.

He held her there.

"So answer Kagome's question," Hitoshi whispered, "why did Umiko fucking release tapes of her private life into the media?"

Akira spat blood onto the floor as he cast a quick glance to Kagome before turning back to Hitoshi. The officers behind him made no move to take some action as they stood and watched the drama unfolding. Their squadron leader knew what he was doing and they weren't in any position to intervene.

"Mother…" Akira panted, "Was the one to suggest killing Hitoshi… and Korari…"

Kagome's eyes widened as she watched her, presumed, father tell his part of the long mystery. Inuyasha glanced at Souta and saw that the kid was, truly, confused and took it unto himself, as an older brother, to explain to him everything he was entitled to know. Standing up, Inuyasha gave Kagome a reassuring glance before ushering for Souta to follow him.

The kid, confused, abided to what the elder boy was saying and followed him directly into the kitchen. Kagome turned her attention back to Akira.

"Umiko told you to kill us?" Kagome whispered as Hitoshi burned with anger.

Akira nodded. "Shehated it that Korari fucking loved Hitoshi more than she loved me. She constantly talked about Hitoshi, Oh Akira, Hitoshi did this for Kagome or Hitoshi would've done this and shit! Fucking pissed me off!! I thought I was supposed to be the damn good guy, helping her recover from the death of that blasted bitch but no, she constantly compared me to that dead piece of shit!"

Kagome's eyes locked with her fathers for a split second before they turned back to Akira. The man seemed to be foaming at the mouth.

"I made Korari promise not to mention Hitoshi so much and she wanted Miyuki to be the paternal grandmother for Kagome!! Shit, why?! Because my mother didn't live up to Korari's expectations?! And even then she always spoke about Hitoshi… mother said to get rid of her and that's exactly what I did…"

"And you didn't get rid of Kagome?" Hitoshi wanted to get as much out of the man as possible.

"I wanted to… dear lord the love child of Hitoshi and Korari… I hate you…" Akira spat, fuming, glaring at Kagome, "but when the crash didn't do it, I couldn't risk doing something to her without being found. But she was fucking dead to the world after Korari's death so I had killed her, one way or another!"

Kagome was crying by now.

"Cuff him," Hitoshi ordered and just then Inuyasha came out of the kitchen, Souta's eyes wide in shock.

Inuyasha had told him everything.

"I'LL BE BACK!" Akira shrieked, "I WILL BE BACK!"

"Yeah right." Hitoshi muttered as the squad left the house, ready to shove Akira into the patrol car. Hitoshi walked up to Kagome, his eyes soft as his body quivered in anger. He held Kagome's hand.

"You okay sweetie?"

Kagome nodded, shakily. Hitoshi embraced her tightly before, slowly, turning to Souta. The child looked up to him with amazement in his eyes. "Da-dad?" Souta quivered as Kagome moved out of the way, and into Inuyasha's arms.

Hitoshi had a smile on his face that Kagome wouldn't ever forget…



Three months had passed since that incident in the Higurashi house and Akira's trial had finished, sentencing him to a lifetime in prison. Souta had, at first, lived with Inuyasha in his house but, slowly, moved in with Hitoshi, accepting him as his true father.

Kagome lived with Inuyasha now, as his courted and intended mate. Their final exams were coming up and the entire school was going down under in the extremity of their situation.

It was their final year.

Kagome sat in Inuyasha's room, one evening, studying, when Inuyasha's cell phone rang. Raising an eyebrow, Kagome picked it up.


"May I speak to Sato Kagome please?"


"Kagome? Hey! I got this number from file, from a little while back and I'm glad it's still valid!"

Kagome frowned. "Who's this?"

"Midoriko Tama," the woman introduced herself, "I was your mothers agent way back when. I saw, in the papers, that Akira was convicted of murdering your mother—I called to check on you."

"I'm fine Tama-san," Kagome stated and glanced at her boyfriend walk into his room. Inuyasha raised an eyebrow and tuned his ears in to Kagome's conversation on the phone.

"Darling," Midoriko started, "I just had a question… I apologize if I am offending you but… we are coming out with a new Calvin Klein fragrance and… well… you do have modeling experience right?"

Kagome's eyes widened.

Inuyasha's eyes locked with Kagome's as she held the phone tightly between her fingers.

"Kagome? Kagome??" Midoriko called as Kagome broke out of her state of trance.

"Ye-yes?" Kagome stuttered and Inuyasha caught Kagome's hands in his.

"Darling, what do you say?"

Kagome took a deep breath.

"I'll do it…"


Some Years Later ---





A giggle.


Bounding on the stairs.

"Muteki-nii is so slow!"

Another giggle.


A crash sounded.

Inume Takahashi rounded into her parent's room as her elder brother, fourteen year old Muteki Takahashi, cornered her. Their parents were at the hospital and their godmother, Sango, had been babysitting them. Sango, however, was in the bathroom and the war of the siblings began.

"INUME!" Muteki roared as he lunged at his sister but crashed into his fathers cabinet instead. Shaking himself, Muteki stumbled back to find a pile of books and papers to fall where he was just moments ago. Inume blinked as she walked up to her brother and peered at the mess.

"Muteki-nii is gonna be in trouble."

Muteki glared at his sister and went to put the books, in some way, back on the cabinet. But his eyes caught an old newspaper clipping…

He picked it up.

A Not-so-silent Reflection

Sato Kagome, daughter to the late Sato Korari, has entered the field with an amazing performance at the Gucci catwalk show last week. Caught smiling, below, is Sato with her fiancé, Takahashi, at the after party.

"She seems so much happier," says an unnamed friend of Sato.

Takahashi and Sato were caught leaving the after party together on his Toyota motorcycle. Takahashi's elder brother, Sesshomaru, was also present at the party, caught mingling with some of the guests.

"I've known Kagome for her whole life and she hasn't seem happier." Sesshomaru Takahashi claimed before he turned back to the bar.

For the past five years, Sato Kagome was a mere reflection of her mother's beauty. Only there, but not doing anything.

But she proved herself. Proved to be a not-so-silent reflection.

Muteki's eyes widened as he looked up to his ten year old sister reading over his shoulder. Inume, too, was surprised.

"Mother never told us she used to be a model…" Muteki murmured.

Inume blinked. "I thought… Mama was always a doctor."

Hearing the bathroom door open, Muteki scrambled and put the books back on his father's desk before tucking the news article in his back pocket. He rushed out of his parent's room with his sister behind him.

"Muteki! Inume!" Sango called as the two children walked into the hallway, looking innocent. Sango shook her head.

"Inuyasha and Kagome are coming home in an hour kiddos, so come eat and get the house ready for your parents." Sango ushered the two kids towards the kitchen, "Your mommy had another daughter."

Inume squealed.

Muteki groaned.

Life goes on with ups and downs. But it is a person's reaction to those situations that decides their outcome.

Besides, not everybody can live with being just a mere reflection…

A silent reflection.

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