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Summery: Jarod's helped countless people over the years, but will those people help him when he needs it?

Author's note: A big thank you to RaChell for helping me with this story. Hopefully I got it right.


By: 24

He sat watching the ducks as they swam along the lake the water was crystal clear, the sky was a little cloudy, but it was still warm. He got up from the bench; his stomach was telling him he was hungry. He had two roommates this time, but they have no idea who he was.

He unlocked the door, opened it, slipped in and walked towards the living room to watch some TV and then later heat up some food in the microwave. Before he could turn on the TV the lights came on and there stood Miss Parker, Sam and another sweeper that he'd never seen before. She was dressed in a green shirt with black pants and high heels on. She had a grin on her face as she leveled the gun on him. He turned to run, but there were some more sweepers were there.

He punched two of the sweepers and tipped over one of the lamps on the end table as one of them shoved him. He quickly got up as they got closer, he once again tried to run, but they tackled him to the ground upsetting some of the papers and books that were on the table. They putt the cuffs on him before leading him outside. They gathered his DSA case and bag.

"We finally caught you Jarod. Time to go home." She smiled. She was happy that she finally caught him.

"That is not my home, Miss Parker and you know it." He looked up to her with his chocolate brown eyes. They were full of pain and fear. His lip was cut where one of the sweepers had punched him in the face before the cuffs were put on trying to get him to be more manageable.

"Shut up and put your hands on your head." She snapped at him.


Jarod's roommates came into the room and looked around them. They had just gotten home from work. The house was in disarray with the lamp that was broken; the books that were on the table were scatted on the ground along with the papers that were on there.

Lauren went to Jarod's room to see that his things were taken. She walked back to the living room where Katie was. She was worried because Jarod wouldn't go anywhere without telling them. The silver case was gone, his duffel bag and his jacket was gone.

"His things were gone. His bag, his silver case and his jacket." Lauren said as she came back into the living room.

"What happened?" Katie said as she looked up from picking up the papers. She had already picked up the broken lamp and the books.

"I don't know, but he wouldn't have gone without telling us. Something happened to him and I don't know what."

"We have to go to the police because we'll probably have to fill out some forms." His other roommate Katie said.

They both got into the car and drove to the local police station.

Lauren walked up to the desk and waited for the person to finish writing on a paper. "Our roommate is missing. We came home from work today and when we opened the door we noticed that the lamp was broken and papers and books on the table were knocked over. We checked his room and his things were gone. We know him and he would of never left without telling us."

"What's your roommates name?"

"Jarod Grady"

A brown haired woman who was wearing a red shirt, brown pants and white tennis shoes was listening in. When she heard the name Jarod she started to walk up to the two women, as they were finished with their report.

"Hello, my name is Susan Dillon. I am a reporter from the Dallas Tribune. Can I talk to you and ask you questions."

"Sure." Replied Lauren.