Why I wrote this fic: While I like Rue and Mytho as individual characters, personally I never found their relationship all that interesting. So I guess you could say this is my way of making it interesting for myself. Also, there's so much room to explore in their relationship after the series, and so many questions that pop up into my mind when I actually think of what their lives will be like from now on, that I wanted to try my hand at writing it.

Most chapters will probably be short, as this is looking to be more like a collection of drabbles dealing with the subject of Rue and Mytho adjusting to their new lives and to each other. In this first chapter, I wanted to explore the fact that we really don't know much about the Prince...I mean, we only get to see him with all of his heart back in the final episode!

Chapter 1: Getting to Know Him

Despite knowing him her entire life, Rue realized now that she never really knew him. At times, being with Mytho felt like she was with a stranger. She loved him nonetheless, of course, but still it was like getting to know a new person.

Mytho had likes and dislikes. The first week in the castle, she discovered that he liked to get up early in the morning to start the day with dancing. He didn't eat breakfast, preferring to have a late brunch in the afternoon instead. He didn't like runny eggs.

She found this funny because, before, when he didn't have a heart, he was fine with eating his eggs cooked in any way…of course, back then he didn't show preference for any foods either.

Mytho got angry sometimes. Once, when there was a problem in the kingdom, and Mytho had been stressed all afternoon, Rue innocently asked him for a dance to clear his mood. He snapped at her that this wasn't the time.

It wasn't the same as when his heart had been stained with the Raven's blood (though perhaps it was still there, hidden deep within), but it was a normal, human response. He apologized to her later on, and they danced all night to make it up.

She also realized that in some ways, Mytho was no longer just a perfect prince from a story. She saw it in the way he interacted with the people in the kingdom. He had carried something back from his life in the real world, those experiences making him so much more real than what she'd read in the book. He was now truly a story come to life.