[A/N: sorry about the fight scene

[A/N: sorry about the fight scene. The numbers just didn't work]

Anakin held up a hand just before they walked through the door. "Wait."

Domion frowned at him. "Wait for what?"

"Stretch out," Anakin said. "Who do you sense out there?"

"A few passerby," Luke said, "A couple….wait. Two minds saturated with the dark side."

"That's right," Anakin said, "and they also have the mind-texture of drop ins."


"Wait," hissed Nacht, "you see that building over there to the right?"

Maul nodded. "Yes."

"Let's climb it. If we leap down from there, we can take out one or two more quickly and even the odds a bit."

Maul nodded silently. They leaped quickly to the to the top of the one-story building, and crouched at the edge, waiting.

They did not have to wait long.


The six Jedi exited the gym, sticking together in a tight group.

"Keep an eye out," Anakin murmured. "They might atta—"

Before he could finish, the two Sith dropped down from above, instantly lashing out. Domion caught a kick to the jaw and fell backwards, only half-conscious. Maul's foot impacted Obi-Wan's stomach hard, knocking the wind out of him. Anakin and Luke attacked Nacht, who was hard-pressed to stay ahead of two sabers. Mara and A'jin were fighting Maul, who was having a bit of trouble. Sadly, teenage clumsiness had accompanied his reemergence, and soon enough he was disarmed. Mara started to move forward to help her husband, but before she could, Maul slid forward, and kicked at her, abandoning the saber and using some impressive hand-to-hand combat moves. Mara blocked his foot with an arm, then grabbed his leg and twisted. He allowed himself to be flipped onto the ground, then scythed his other leg at her ankles, trying to take her down. She simply kicked back, her toe catching his instep painfully. He winced, glancing toward Nacht for support. He wasn't going to get any. Darth Nacht was having problems of his own, trying to deal with multiple Skywalkers. Finally, Nacht had to admit defeat.

He glanced at Maul, then used the Force to boost himself into a high leap. He landed a few meters away, then ran. Maul followed him.

Anakin sighed, glancing at Luke. "Good job," he said with a grin. Luke nodded, smiled, and glanced towards Mara and A'jin, who were crouching beside the half-conscious Domion. "Is he going to be all right?" Anakin asked.

"Yeah," said Mara. "He just got kicked in the face a little too hard, but there's no permanent damage."

Domion shook his head slightly, trying to clear it. "Kinda screwed up, didn't I?" he asked.

"Hey, no prob," Anakin told him. "They're gone, we're heading home. Guess we shouldn't have worked so hard during practice."

Luke shrugged. "We had no way of knowing this would happen."

"Who were they?" asked Mara.

"Sith, obviously," replied Obi-Wan. "The tattooed one was around when I was an apprentice, but I don't know his name."

"Maul," Anakin said. "His name is Darth Maul. He was an apprentice of Palpatine's." Unspoken was the comment before me. "The other one, he's an old Sith Lord, from a millennium or so ago, named Darth Nacht. He's considered one of the famous ones, which is a pretty bad thing for us. He's the closest to respected a Sith can get."

A'jin frowned. "Rather than standing here discussing this, why don't we get back to the apartment and maybe get some sleep?"

"Hey," Domion said, "why would we want to do that? I was having fun out here getting bit by insects."

They started to walk back, sticking close together and not talking much.


When they arrived, Yoda was busy in the kitchen making swamp stew for the returning Jedi (cue groaning). Qui-gon was on the balcony, studying the Coruscant skyline. Margara was already asleep, as it was late. He entered the living room as Anakin collapsed into a chair. Luke and Mara sank onto the sofa, and Domion, Obi-Wan, and A'jin took up places around the room. "What happened?" Qui-gon asked. "You all look like you've been fighting in a war!"

Anakin gave him a wry look. "Well, that's sorta what we've been doing," he said. He related the tale of the fight outside the gym, and Qui-gon made a face.

"I'd hoped no Sith would bother us out here," he commented.

Domion snorted. "We should be so lucky."

Obi-Wan said with a barely repressed grin, "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

"Yeah," said Anakin, "that's because you've never had any."

Obi-Wan sniffed. "Hmph. You should talk."

"Well," Anakin replied, "I've had more than you."

"Prove it."

"Oh, uhm, how about that race I won on Tatooine, the one that ensured you'd get home? I'd say that was pretty good."

"That was skill, not luck."

Anakin laughed. "Well, I suppose I should take that as a compliment. How about that time on the crawl that I nearly got gooshed by some tough in a bar but didn't because he tripped?"

"Nope, because it was you who tripped him."

Everyone else was listening to the banter, laughing.

"Sounds pretty exciting," Mara commented. "Didn't know humans could podrace."

"Most can't," replied Anakin with a grin. "I can."

"And you're not exactly shy about letting everyone know," Domion chimed in.

"Are you saying I boast?" Anakin sounded offended, but his eyes were sparkling with restrained laughter.

"You? Boast?" Domion snickered. "I have never heard Anakin Skywalker boast."

A'jin replied. "Maybe once or twice."

Domion grinned. "When he deserved to."

"When it seemed convenient."


Amid general laughter, Anakin held up his hands. "Okay, okay, so I like to talk about what I can do. You're not exactly humble, Mr. I'm-so-cool-I-beat-the-teacher. You've done your fair share."

"Slander!" Domion exclaimed. "Foul lies! I'm the picture of innocent humility." He pressed his hands flat, palms together, and fluttered his eyes towards the sky.

Anakin snorted. "Uh-huh. Right. Sure y'are. And I'm shorter than Yoda."

"Heyyyy!" Came the indignant shout from the corner. "Not short am I! Vertically challenged I am, yes."


They decided to head for the Jedi Academy the next day. It wasn't actually involved at all with the Sith attack; the only real reason was that Luke and Mara's Coruscant apartment was the proper size for two people, and trying to cram in nine was a bad idea.

Their arrival on Coruscant required some serious explanation, but once the Jedi students there understood the situation, they were extremely enthusiastic about the drop-ins. Tionne wanted to be able to talk to all of them, since her particular interest was history; Kam wanted to know if they'd be willing to assist with the lessons. During the trip from Coruscant to Yavin IV, Anakin had been commenting (whining, if you asked Domion or Obi-Wan) that he didn't want to go by his real name, that he was afraid the Jedi Academy would be closed or at the least frosty to him. Luke and Mara had spent the entire trip assuring him there wouldn't be any problems; Luke was quite confident of this, remembering the way Kyp had been treated after the Exar Kun episode. Anakin hadn't been so sure, but in the end he was willing to trust his son's judgment on the situation.

Luke had been right, too. Some of the newer trainees were hesitant, but the majority accepted Anakin as though he was just any person, not the ex-Sith lord.

A few days after they all arrived, Luke received a call from the planetary leader of Anomil, an Outer-Rim planet near Tatooine. The leader, Milimoa Diunnach, wanted Luke and Mara to come out and talk to him about concerns he had regarding the Jedi Order.

"Now," Luke said very seriously to Anakin and Domion later that day, when he'd described the situation to them, "travel takes time between here and Anomil. Mara and I should be gone for about two weeks or so. Your mission, should you two choose to accept it, is to make the ultra-serious and no-sense-of-humor staff of the Jedi Academy laugh. You are free to use any methods necessary, as long as they do not incur any permanent damage."

Anakin and Domion high-fived. "All RIGHT!" Anakin exclaimed. "The Triple-T is back in business!"

"Dum da dum dum," added Domion dramatically.