Chapter Seventeen: Re-Introducing

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"So he's awake?"


"Bue he doesn't know who he is?"


"And you kissed him?"


"And you watched?"


"And a Medi Witch from St. Mungos is there with him right now?"

"She'll be here in the morning alongside with his parents,"

Sirius and Lily laid on the sofas over at the Heads Tower while the other interrogated about the severe improvement reguarding their now awake mate, James. Shortly after waking up the nurse and being interrogated and nagged about being awake and out after hours, they told her about the kiss Lily had given him and how he had woken up, but he wasn't capable to remember who they were, let alone who he was. Both Lily and Sirius were again interrogated again by the headmaster but decided on no punishment for Sirius, and as for Lily he had suggested that she wold to finish her round later on the following evening. As they walked towards the Gryffindor Tower they realized that the Head's Tower was so much closer, they could see the sun starting to rise. As they entered the common room they were very surprised to see Emma, Remus, Alexis, Danielle, Peter, and Gabrielle waiting for them. They had told them that Remus and Peter had woken up the girls asking wether they has seen Sirius, obviously the twins were outraged to be woken up just to ask where the mindless wonder was, if it were up to them they wouldn't care where he was. The further he was away the better for them, well more so to Gabrielle. But agreed to help look after a glare they received from Alexis.

And after summarizing the nights events for the third time, the only thing Lily wanted to do was sleep. But apperantly her friends had other ideas for her. Sirius looked more so awake then she did but his eyes were rather red and he kept on yawning but other than that he looked alert.

"Well he has to remember something, it's not like his memory could just leave just like that," stated Alexis as she snapped her fingers. She was seated on the rug next to the dimming fire.

"It depends how strong the amnesia is," said Remus as he wrapped an arm around Emma's sleeping figure.

"Well that bludger did hit him pretty hard on the back of his head," defended Gabrielle as she sat on the same couch as Lily.

"But the fact that he is awake is a big improvement itself," piped up Danielle

They all nodded in agreement.

"Well I'm going to try and go and see my Aunt and Uncle tomorrow, make sure they're completely hysterical," murmured Alexis as she looked at Sirius.

Sirius shook his head, "Well this is a different injury from all the others Prongs has gotten himself into."

"Well you know my dear cousin, he can't always pull the same trick twice," grinned Alexis.

Lily wasn't really paying close attention to the conversation. She was remembering how his eyes were such a delicate shade of light brown, she then remember how soft James lips felt against her own. She raised a hand and brushed her own lips remembering how soft the kiss had been.

"Lily are you ok?" asked Peter kindly

Lily shook her head.

"I think I'll go to bed."

And with that she left the room and climbed the stairs.

"She got it bad."

They all nodded in agreement.


"Thank you for sacrificing your Saturday morning to help to see how sever Mr. Potter amnesia may be," said Madam Pompfrey. Lily had barely gotten no less than four hours of sleep and was woken up by Sirius Black saying the she alongside with the others were summoned to the Hospital Wing.

They all nodded.

James was awake and staring at all of his friends with interest. He sat on his bed, and next to his bed were who Lily guessed were his parents. A tall man with round glasses acknowledged the Marauders and smiled at Alexis, the mom was rather short and had a gentle face her eyes were the exact shades as James.

Just then the door opened and in came in a rather young woman. Lily guessed she was the Medi Witch by how she was dressed in white robes and carried a portfolio with her.There was something familiar about this woman, even though Lily was sure that theyhad never met there was something about her appearance of dark glamour reminded her of someone.

"Andromeda Tonks here is the Medi Witch."

"Hey Andy," greeted Sirius

"You know I was surprised to hear that it was James Potter who was hurt, I thought for sure it was going to be you, Sirius." She said as she stood next to Madam Pompfrey.

Lily guessed they were related. And that's who she reminded her from, Sirius.

Sirius grinned.

"Well what we are going to do is I'm going to ask Mr and Mrs. Potter to stand alongside with James friends," James parents obliged and stood next to Alexis.

Andromeda walked towards James and smiled kindly at him.

"Ok James, I need you to stand in front of your bed," Andromeda instructed kindly.

James looked at her with curiousity but did as he was asked. His legs were rather weak from the lack of use. Andromeda supported him and walked him towards the front of his bed.

"Can you stand?" she asked

James mutely nodded.

Andromeda turned around to face the line of friends and family.

"Ok, what we're going to do is see how severe his memory loss is. It's important to see how he reacts to others, so what we are going to do to help him is we are going to introduce ourselves to him and tell him what is our link to him," she said as she grabbed a clipboard and a quill and looked over at James parents.

"Mrs. Potter can you please."

Mrs. Potter had a slight smile on her face as she walked towards her son.

"James, my name is Melody Potter, I'm your mother," she said as she smiled kindly at him.

"Hi mum," James said as she gave her a hug. This made Mrs. Potter laugh.

Andromeda had scribbled something on her clipboard and then called over James dad.

"James, my name is Harold Potter, I'm your father."

"Hi dad," and James shook his hand. This made Mr. Potter smirk.

Alexis was next. She walked over to him rather tentatively.

"James, my name is Alexis Cooper, I'm your cousin."

James looked at her rather blankly

"Alexandria." He said as he smiled.

Alexis, Sirius, and The Potter's laughed at his. Alexandria was Alexis real name and the fact that James remembered that was rather amusing. He probably forgot the fact the she detested that name.

"Good James." Said Andromeda as she scribbled something on her clipboard once more. She smiled at Emma.

Emma walked over to James with curiosity.

"Hi James, my name is Emma Patterson. I'm a friend of yours."

James eyes opened widely.

"I saw you kiss someone underneath a tree, I think." Said James as he looked over at Remus, although not sure if it was him, or let alone who he was.

Emma blushed furiously. She looked over at Remus who shook his head. Even with James memory gone he still managed to cause trouble. Lily was relieved, she was with him when they caught Remus and Emma kiss underneath the beech tree next to the lake, she smiled at the memory.

It was Peter's turn.

"Hi James, my name is Peter Pettigrew and I'm a close friend of yours alongside with Marauder," he said.

James shook his hand, "nice to meet you, mate."

"OK I think for the twins you should go separate, and try to tell him a wat to distinguish you two," asked Andromeda as she looked at the twins. The twins looked at eachother and apperantly agreed one something, mutely.

"Hey there James, my name is Gabrielle. I'm a friend of yours alongside with a fellow Quidditch team member, beater. The way you can tear me apart is that I have blue eyes," concluded Gabrielle.

James scowled, "Didn't you wake me up with a bat once?" he asked.

Gabrielle smiled, "Well to my defense, thanks to that we weren't late for Quidditch practice," she said. This made everyone laugh, including James.

Gabrielle returned to her spot, it was Danielle's turn.

"Hey there James, my name is Danielle. I'm a friend of yours and I'm also a beater for the Quidditch team. I have green eyes."

"What's Quidditch?"

He looked at the Andromeda.

"Don't worry about that yet James, let's finish this up first. Let's see Sirius you're next."

Sirius walked towards James with apprehension.

"James, my name is Sirius Black. I'm a fellow Marauder, fellow Quidditch team member, keeper, and mate, and more importantly you're like my brother," he said as James looked at him with apprehension.

Sirius stretches out his hand. James shook it.

"Mate, nice meeting you," said James. Sirius grinned and shook his head.

Remus walked towards James

"Hey there James, my name is Remus John Lupin, I'm a fellow Marauder and a close friend," he said as he too stretched out his hand. James shook his hand.

"Nice meeting you, mate."

It was Lily's turn. She tentatively walked towards his. James looked at her with curiosity.

"Ehhh, hi James. My name is Lily Evans, I am your fellow Head Girl, and just recently, a firned." She said as she looked at his eyes, and felt herself blush, slightly.

"You kissed me last night," said James as he saw her blush even more.

Lily nodded.

"It was a nice kiss."

"Thank you."