Chapter III:

Disclaimer: The characters that we all love to read and write about belong to the Marshall-LeSourd family. This story is for entertainment only.

As they rode along the wooded trails of the Appalachian Mountains, Christy couldn't help feeling safe sitting so close to Neil. The grass had that yellow tint that comes after too much rain has fallen. When they finally arrived at the Allen cabin, its inhabitants came running out to greet them.

"Doctor MacNeill! How you been? We sure are glad to see ya!" Bob Allen called out to them.

"Teacher! I was so scared for ya! Are you alright?" Creed ran over to Christy and hugged her as hard as he could.

"Hello Creed! I am so glad to see you! I wanted to come and talk to you today, can we go inside for a minute while Dr. MacNeill examines your brother?"

"Sure Teacher, what do ya want to talk about? Say, when are we gonna start

school agin? I miss it!" Creed said enthusiastically.

"So Little Burl, what seems to be the problem?"

"Weel, my head's been hurtin' ever since Creed knocked me down on Monday and I cain't take it anymore. What can you give me Doc?" Little Burl had his hand on his head as he spoke.

Inside Christy and Creed were talking about Sam Houston and how much he meant to both of them. They both had tears in their eyes but this time they weren't tears of grief, they were tears of friendship, tears of remembrance. After they had talked for about an hour, they prayed and walked outside.

"Miss Huddleston, are you ready?" Neil asked, happy to see her.

"Umm, yes Dr. MacNeill, I'm ready. Thank you for talking to me Creed, I'll let you know when school is going to start back."

"Thank you, Miss Christy. It was real nice to talk about Sam Houston with ye." Creed replied.

"Any time Creed, Well Doctor, let's head back." Christy had a lilt in her voice, she sounded at peace again.

"Bye Creed, Burl I hope your head stops hurting and come and get me if it doesn't." Neil got onto his horse as he spoke.

Christy hummed as they rode down the trail. She was clearly happy.

"Christy, I want to show you something. Do you mind if we take a detour? I mean, I know you probably want to get back to the mission but I thought there might be a chance you might want to see this…."

"Neil, Neil…I'll go, I want to go. Take me where you will…" She was laughing as she spoke.

"Alright. C'mon Charlie, let's go!" He spurred Charlie into a canter and they began on their adventure.

As they rode into a clearing, flowers flowed on to pallets of soft green moss. It was cool in the clearing and a small stream was flowing beside a large grey boulder. There was a small willow tree growing beside the rock. The whole area looked as if a troop of fairies could fly in at any moment; it was a beautiful place.

"Neil, this is gorgeous! How did you find this place?"

"Aye, it is. I was on call one morning and stumbled upon it on my way to another part of the cove. I saw it and immediately knew I had to bring you here."

"Thank you for showing me this. Can we sit for a while?"

They sat next to the stream facing each other. Christy had one hand in the cool water.

"Are you happy Christy? You seem happier."

"I am getting there Neil, and this helps…the beauty here, it's refreshing."

"Glad I could show you this then." Neil smiled as he spoke.

As the water ran gently in the stream, time passed quickly. Soon it was dusk and, as much as he hated to, Neil had to break himself from Christy's beauty and bring himself to rise. Seeing that she didn't stir, Neil reached down and brushed her shoulder to get her attention. She acknowledged the hour and, too, rose. As they mounted Charlie, Neil could feel that she was tired. When they entered the mission yard it was after dark and David was waiting for them.

"Where have you been Christy? I've been worried about you. We expected you back hours ago." David was clearly agitated to see that Christy had been with the good doctor this whole time.

"Dr. MacNeill and I were out on calls, you knew that. I talked to Creed today. I'm tired and I am going to bed now, goodnight Mr. Grantland."

"Goodnight Miss Huddleston, I had a lovely evening."

"As did I Neil, goodnight." Christy dismounted Charlie and quickly walked past David without a word.

"Goodnight Christy!" David gave Neil a look that would send a chill down your spine.

"Good night Reverend." Neil rode away quite pleased with his evening.