Chapter 2

I know that no one has read my story yet but I might as well write a second chapter.

"Jim for you!" Called Karen.

Jim ran into the kitchen. His house was starting to get nicer every day. After the promotion to boss of the Scranton branch he bought a house and got to renovating. His long fingers ran across the mosaic counter tops when he picked up the phone. All of the sudden Dana started to wail and Karen ran off into the other room to comfort her daughter who was only a week old.

"Hello?" He asked.

"Hey Jimmy boy! The Jimster. How's life as a father and a manager?" Asked the one the only (wait for it) Michael Scott.

"Well first how is life as the head of Dunder Mifflen?" Asked Jim.

"It's great! I got a mansion sold it for ten million dollars then got another mansion!" Cried Michael. "But besides my wonderful life how is your life?"

"It's great. The office is running a lot smoother now that Dwight was fired and Dana is doing great." Replied Jim.

"Well that's awesome my fri- wait what? Sorry Jim I have to go Hunter is putting extra cream in my coffee." With that Michael hung up.

"JIM! CAN YOU WATCH DANA FOR AN HOUR OF SO. I HAVE TO GET MORE FORMULA!" Called Karen. Without waiting for an answer she ran out the front door.

Jim ran inside to watch Dana. She was just starring at him with her eyes opened wide.

"Oh baby girl, how did I marry someone I don't even love?" Asked Jim. And for a second he thought that he saw Dana wrinkle up her nose like she knew what had happened. She had so much to learn.