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Night of the Living Fangirls

Created By:

Agent HUNK

Written By:

Agent HUNK

Posted By:

Agent HUNK

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Too many others to list


"Why is the rum always gone!?" Jack Sparrow growled as he swaggered down the sandy beach. "Always, always, always! This is the Carribean! There's supposed to be rum and pirates everywhere! I'm the pirate, so where's my rum?!"

"Rum, you say?" a voice asked from beside him. Jack stopped dead in his tracks and looked over to discover what appeared to be a lemonade stand. Only instead of lemonade, it was selling- you guessed it- rum. "I've got plenty of rum..." 10Join-Fei smirked from behind the counter.






Fullmetal Alchemist

Pirates of the Caribbean

Silent Hill

Evil Dead

Input by my fellow Authors


"Excuse me, Mr. Darthjag," a member of the hotel staff suddenly walked up to the Author, who was still sitting on the beach, and handed him a phone. "You have a phone call."

"Hello? Yes, this is Darthjag. Huh? What do you mean we're being sued?!" Darthjag screamed into the phone.

"The families of the fangirls you murdered are suing you. That's about all there is to it..." the lawyer on the other side of the line replied.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!" Darthjag screamed, hurling the phone as hard as he could at the ocean.

"Where was all that pent up anger when we were at war, soldier?" TK3997 asked.

"GRAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" Darthjag snarled as he tackled the other Author. "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!"

"Hm..." Agent HUNK stoicly watched the two Authors strangle each other. "I wondered when they would kill each other..."


Special Thanks To:

Dr. Insane-O








Man I'm like bored and stuff

Karin Uzamaki

Creative Tendancies

Joe of the Furlongs


Serenity Sugar



And every Author who reviewed but was not featured in the story.


Back at the Leaf Village, Kakashi was shocked to discover that he was not the only survivor. Sure enough, Guy Sensei had survived, as well as a few other students and teachers. "So... let me get this straight..." Kakashi stared at Guy. "While I was going Evil Dead with a shotgun on fangirls in a cabin, you were going Resident Evil with a grenade launcher on fangirls in a mall?"

"Yep!" Guy smirked. "Anything you can do, I can do better, Kakashi!"

"Whatever..." Kakashi sighed. "At least its over..."

"Or is it?" Agent HUNK suddenly popped up out of nowhere. "DUN DUN DUNNNNN!!!!!"

"..." Guy and Kakashi stared at the Kevlar-clad Author.

"Right... uh... I'll be going now..." Agent HUNK chuckled nervously as he slowly crept away.



Darthjag had to pay 57 bazillion dollars to the families of the murdered fangirls. But he took the TK3997 approach and just nuked them all.

TK3997 started a school for training Authors in Anti-Fangirl operations. It has a 50 percent graduation ratio and a 50 percent mortality rate.

Agent HUNK finished this story. He is now working on the sequal.

10Join-Fei finally got to glomp Jack.

All the remaining Authors went on a road trip with Pyramid Head. They were last seen heading to Silent Hill.

Kakashi wrote a book about his experiences. Currently it is outselling Make-Out Paradise.

Alucard went back to hunting vampires. He still slays the occasional fangirl, though.

Renji was promoted to Captain. He also ended up with Rukia, Byakuya's sister. He also wrote a book, and is now filthy stinkin' rich. Pretty good for a guy I originally intended to kill off...

Jack was last seen buying rum from 10Join-Fei. He will be missed.

Sasuke's fate is unknown. Reports indicate that he either died in the explosion, or is currently being held hostage by Sasuke/Naruto yaoi fangirls. May God have mercy on his soul.


Copyrights: I own nothing. All anime, video game, book, and movie characters used are property of their respective owners. All Author self-insert characters used are property of their respective Writers. Again, I own nothing. So please don't sue me!