My profile was getting a little too crowded, so I decided to bring some of the less smutty works over here. Each chapter is its own ficlet; warnings and whatnot will be at the tops. The general rating is high just in case, and the characters are Kishimoto's, not mine. Sorry for the ooo scene breaks, but the site ate my normal little dots.

The Hazards of Snuggling
200 words
T for implied situations

Gaara wasn't quite sure what he'd done to deserve it. But there she was anyway, her body draped across his and heavy in a way that apparently only a sleeping person's could be. To make things worse, she was possibly—no, make that definitely drooling on his shoulder, and a warm thigh had shoved its way a little too high up between his. A sense of self-preservation had prompted him to attempt shifting away from her earlier, but she'd only clung tighter, edging the pressure of her leg from uncomfortable to somewhat alarming.

But he didn't try to wake her. Instead he brushed his lips against pink hair and wrapped his arms around her as best he could, rubbing his fingertips against her spine and breathing silent thanks when she relaxed again—because he knew why she clung, what it felt like to be left behind, why she'd coaxed him into their situation and into her bed to begin with as well as why he'd allowed himself to be coaxed. And because of this knowledge, he could forgive her the unknowing abuses.

No, he wasn't sure of what he'd done to deserve it, but he didn't really mind at all.