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Summary: Hi my name is Kate McMinn, well you must already know that that because this is my biography, about my relationship with my mom and sister, let me tell you-it's no so simple and drama free. (What if Rory had a twin but didn't know about it and 1 Lorelai had never told Rory until one day Kate shows up and wants to talk to them and get to know them)

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Chapter 1

Hi my name is Kate McMinn, well you must already know that that because this is my biography, about my relationship with my mom and sister, let me tell you-its no so simple and drama free. Well anyway I'm a sophomore at Cape Cod Community College also known as 4C's to anyone from the Cape. I have lived there my whole life except I guess when I was born, as I have been told I was born in Hartford CT. So I have never met any of my real family. But by all means I don't I'm not complaining because my adoptive mother and father and their daughter have been nothing but loving and supportive of me throughout the 19 and ½ years that I have been apart of their life.

I always knew that I wasn't really a blood member of their family because they all have blond hair and brown eyes and I have brown curly hair and blue eyes and we have a lot of different habits, I can't stand healthy food and they love it, they love sports I hate sports. Anyway we have a Ying Yang relationship.

Well anyway on one of my early birthdays I think that I was 5 I asked why I was different and with no hesitation my mom told me the truth.

"Kate, Honey you were adopted"

"What does that mean?"

"It means that you aren't blood related to us but that doesn't mean that you aren't a part of the family your father and I love you so much and nothing will ever change that" when she said that she started crying she had just plain forgotten about my past she always consider me one of her own children but the fact was I wasn't she never wanted to tell me that I wasn't but she knew that it would be mean to hide that from me.

"what does blood related mean you're my mom aren't you" That was when I started to get worried I loved this woman more than life she had always played with me and tucked me in every night.

"It means that I'm not your real mother and you have or had another mother once and when she was alive I know for sure that she loved you"

"How do you know that she's dead?"

"I don't know but I do know that any living person couldn't give you up because you are so nice, sweet, funny and loving to everyone."

That was the memory that went through my head each birthday I just couldn't imagine that she wasn't my real mother. When my mom also known as Barbara adopted me she was 33 and married to my father also know as James. They had been married for 5 years and were having trouble having kids so they decided to adopt one. If I was going to ask a question about my real mother I would always ask it on my birthday I don't know why but I would. On my 13th birthday I asked another question.

"Mom, what was my real mothers name?" I was so scared about asking her that I could tell that she knew that something was bothering me all day she tried to ask me about it a lot but I kept on telling her that it was nothing and she finally gave in.

"Oh Kate honey I'm sorry but I don't know we adopted you when you were only 2 months old, and we found out that you had been in the foster home of a month at that point, we didn't ask many questions but I you want to know I think that I might want to find out" My mom was talking really fast as if she was really shocked by my question, but can you really blame a kid for asking who their real mom is?

"Its OK I don't really want to know right now but I might want to know in the future."

"OK honey just let me know when"

And that's how that went I didn't ask anything else until I was 18 and I told her that I wanted to know who my real mom was to be honest I only really remembered that I wasn't a blood member of the family on my birthday but deep down since I was 5 I wanted to know who my real mother was. A week after my 18th birthday she came back and told me that my mother was a lady by the name of 1 Lorelai Gilmore, and when she said that next thing she started to cry, and she is still alive. I never asked I only hugged her and comforted her but I assume she was crying because she couldn't imagine why someone would give me up. That night after everyone had gone to bed I started to do some research.

I typed 1 Lorelai Gilmore into the search box on Google and I got all of these web pages and articles about the Dragonfly Inn. So I tried that and when I searched the Dragonfly Inn's official page I learned that my mom was the co-owner of it with a lady named Sookie. I also found out that the inn was located in a small town call Stars Hollow. Once I found out all of that I didn't know what I wanted to do all I knew was that I couldn't go to sleep so I decided to search Stars Hollow when I got to their homepage I was surprised at how unofficial it looked. The whole homepage was just a picture of this guy Kirk. What you would do is you would click the mouse at his eyes to see picture of the town, click his ears to see short video clips of the town. And click his mouth to meet town members.

The town looked really cute I decided to click on meet the members to see if by any chance my mom was mentioned. I went through a long list of name I was shocked when I came across 1 'Lorelai Gilmore I wasn't sure if I should click it or not I waited a few day and just let the thought of knowing a little bit more about my mom circle through my head. I also had to talk to my mom we had a long talk and she said that it was OK and natural for me to want to know my mother and she was surprised that I waited until I was 18 to ask more about her. She was so helpful did I mention that she was a psychologist?

After I talked to my mom I decided to watch her introduction I must have watched it 10 times to catch everything she talked so fast just like me. It was only allowed to be 30 seconds according to her, and I must say she sounds like a lot of fun. I still watch it a lot because that is the only way that I can see and hear my mom talk.

"Hi, my name is Lorelai Gilmore. I would talk slower but the stupid Taylor and Kirk said that it couldn't be longer than 30 seconds. Well anyway about me-WOW I just realized that this could be on Youtube!!! I LOVE YOUTUBE!!! That would be so cool!!! OK I need to come back now and I'm on my way." She took a quick break that was only like 3 seconds and then she started up again. "Few ok I'm back now. Well if you do decide to come to Stars Hollow then stay at the Dragonfly Inn and get a cup of coffee and my boyfriend's diner Luke's!!! You will…"

I could tell that it went on but she got cut off while she was talking, and I really wanted to find out more about her so then and there I decided that I was going to go to Stars Hollow and introduce my self.

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