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Author's Notes: Debating whether or not this'll be a one-shot...Er, see the end notes for more details. Oh and enjoy!

Warning/s: Sort of shonen-ai-ish, a punch and sort of denial...Dirty Pair and OshiFuji-implied...But it's GakuHiyo though! Or HiyoGaku?

Fault 1:: Not His Fault

It wasn't Hiyoshi's fault that he had heard the argument between his two senpais.

How could he have known that Hyotei's Doubles 2 were in the clubroom late at night and shouting verbal insults at each other? Or that said doubles pair had great abnormal hearing and had heard him come up to the clubroom and stay to eavesdrop?

Of course, Hiyoshi had denied the accusation. He wasn't eavesdropping. He had been merely going over to the clubroom to get his History book, which he had left earlier. It really wasn't his fault.

They didn't believe him. Gakuto had glared at him, letting out a colorful string of adjectives used to describe him before turning around to wipe any evidence of his tears. Oshitari had taken to scowling and leaving the room.

Hiyoshi didn't really know what to do after that.

After striding across the room to retrieve his book, Hiyoshi turned back to see if Gakuto was stil there and was surprised to see the redhead sitting on one of the benches. Crying.

No, no. Hiyoshi was not good in dealing with people crying. Heck, he wasn't good with dealing in people in general!

But his senpai just stayed on the bench, legs close to his chest, sobbing into his arms. Hiyoshi thought it'd be rude to just leave.

Setting down the History book at a nearby bench, Hiyoshi approached the third-year cautiously.

"Mukahi-senpai?" he said, stopping a few feet away.

Gakuto sniffed and looked up, managing a glare at Hiyoshi. "What, do you want to make fun of me now? Tell me you loved me, play me around then leave me for some guy who looks like his smile's pasted to his face?" he snapped, sullen.

Hiyoshi wanted to back off a step, turn around and dash out the door, but something told him that wasn't a good way to deal with this either.

"Uh…I just…wanted to know if you were OK?" Hiyoshi tried. Gakuto flashed him the 'do-I-look-like-I'm-OK?' look to make the second-year realize the stupidity of the question. "Er…obviously not, that was kinda stupid…But, uh…" Hiyoshi sighed, exasperated.

Gakuto abruptly stood up and stood in front of Hiyoshi, scrutinizing the Hyotei substitute. Then, he raised his arm and aimed a punch at his kouhai.

Hiyoshi reeled back, clutching his left cheek. "What the heck was that, senpai?!"

Gakuto looked away, a thin line of crimson spreading across his face. "For trying to make me feel better, you bastard."

Hiyoshi looked at Gakuto incredulously. "Gekokujou, senpai. Gekokujou."

And maybe this was the start of a very good relationship?

End Notes: OK, so I'm trying to see whether or not this would stay as a one-shot. I've got some ideas for it to be a three-shot (hence, this shot is titled: Fault 1) but if you guys think it's better for it stay as a one-shot instead then I guess it'll stay as one! Yay for GakuHiyo!

Oh and for the Gekokujou ending thing...I'm not really sure if it makes sense with Hiyoshi saying that...but..I dunno...I just had to put it in somewhere? Or something...